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Codex Dublinensis designated by Z or 035 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), ε 26 (von Soden), is a Greek uncial manuscript of the Gospels, dated paleographically to the 6th century.


The codex contains a portions of the text of Gospel of Matthew, on 32 parchment leaves (27 cm by 20 cm). Written in one column per page, 21 lines per column, in a large, attractive, and very precise uncial. It is a palimpsest. The upper text is a patristic written in a minuscule hand, John Chrysostom contributing has the largest share. The codex contains the Ammonian Sections, but there is no Eusebian Canons. No breathings or accents. Old Testament quotations indicated by >. Letter "mu" is very peculiar, it looks like inverted Π.

Itacistic errors present, e.g. αι with ε confused, and ι with ει.

In the Lord's Prayer it does not contain doxology: (Matthew 6:13) as in codices א B D 0170 f1.

In it does not contain (and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with), as in codices Sinaiticus, B, D, L, Θ, 085, f1, f13, it, syrs, c, copsa.


Matt. 1:17-2:6, 2:13-20, 4:4-13, 5:45-6:15, 7:16-8:6, 10:40-11:18, 12:43-13:11, 13:57-14:19, 15:13-23, 17:9-17, 17:26-18:6, 19:4-12, 21-28, 20:7-21:8, 21:23-30, 22:16-25, 22:37-23:3, 23:15-23, 24:15-25, 25:1-11, 26:21-29, 62-71.


The Greek text of this codex is a representative of the Alexandrian text-type, with many allien readings. The Alexandrian text is familiar to the Codex Sinaiticus. Aland placed it in Category III.


The codex was discovered by John Barrett in 1787, under some cursive writing. Barrett published its text in 1801, but with errors. The codex was exposed to chemicals by Tregelles, and was deciphered by him in 1853. Tregelles added about 200 letters to the text of Barrett.

The codex is located now in the Trinity College, Dublinmarker (K 3.4).

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