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The Congregation of Holy Cross or Congregatio a Sancta Cruce (C.S.C.) is a Roman Catholic congregation of priests and brother founded in 1837 by Blessed Father Basil Anthony-Marie Moreau, CSC, in Le Mansmarker, Francemarker.

Father Moreau also founded the Marianites of Holy Cross, now divided into three independent congregations of sister. The Congregations of women who trace their origins to Father Moreau are the Marianites of Holy Cross (Le Mans, Francemarker), the Sisters of the Holy Cross, (Notre Dame, Indianamarker), and the Sisters of Holy Cross, (Montreal, Canadamarker).

Holy Cross founded as a religious association

Basile Antoine-Marie Moreau, born at Laigné-en-Belinmarker, near Le Mansmarker, Francemarker, on February 11, 1799, founded the Congregation of Holy Cross. Basile Moreau saw a visible image of the Holy Family in this Congregation of Holy Cross which he had conceived as an Association of religious men and women working together on equal footing for the building of the reign of God. He intended that this Congregation, composed at its origins of three distinct Societies, namely, Sisters, Priests, and Brothers, be an apostolic institute. As Father Moreau stated in one of his letters, he envisioned that: “Holy Cross will grow like a mighty tree and constantly shoot forth new limbs and new branches which will be nourished by the same sap and endowed with the same life.”

Congregation of Holy Cross approved — Marianites Separated

In 1856, Rome approved the constitutions of Holy Cross for the men. Doubting the propriety of a mixed congregation of men and women, Rome separated the women into an independent community at that time. Fr. Moreau, in his role as their founder, continued to work for Rome's approval of the sisters' constitution. In 1865, Rome approved the constitutions of the Marianites of Holy Cross, granting them the status of "congregation" within the Church.

New missions in the 20th century

Notable members

Superiors General

  1. Fr. Basil Moreau, CSC (1837–1866)
  2. Fr. Pierre Dufal, CSC (1866–1868)
  3. Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC (1868–1893)
  4. Fr. Gilbert Francais, CSC (1893-1926?)
  5. Fr. James Wesley Donahue, CSC (1926-1938)
  6. Fr. Albert Cousineau, CSC (1938-1950)
  7. Fr. Christopher O'Toole, CSC (1950-1962)
  8. Fr. Germain-Marie Lalande, CSC (1962-1974)
  9. Fr. Tom Barrosse, CSC (1974–1986)
  10. Fr. Claude Grou, CSC (1986–1998)
  11. Fr. Hugh Cleary, CSC (1998–2010)


Holy Cross Priests and Brothers can be found across the globe, including these countries (date of first appearance in parentheses):

Holy Cross institutions

Higher education

Waldschmidt Hall, formerly West Hall, at the University of Portland.

Secondary schools


The Holy Cross Catholic Girls School ( New Malden, London, England )


United States








East Africa


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