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The Connecticut House of Representatives is the lower house in the Connecticut General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Connecticutmarker. The house is composed of 151 members representing an equal amount of districts, with each constituency containing nearly 22,600 residents. Representatives are elected to two-year terms with no term limits.The House convenes within the Connecticut State Capitolmarker in Hartfordmarker.

Leadership of the House

The Speaker of the House presides over the House of Representatives. The Speaker is elected by the majority party caucus followed by confirmation of the full House through the passage of a House resolution. In addition to presiding over the body, the Speaker is also its chief leadership position, and controls the flow of legislation and committee assignments. Other House leaders, such as the majority and minority leaders, are elected by their respective party caucuses relative to their party's strength in the chamber.

The current Speaker is Democrat Christopher Donovan of the 54th House District (Meridenmarker). The Majority Leader is Denise W. Merrill of the 54th House District (Chaplinmarker, Mansfieldmarker). The Minority Leader is Republican Lawrence F. Cafero of the 142nd House District (Norwalkmarker).

Position Representative District
Speaker Christopher G. Donovan 84
Majority Leader Denise Merrill 54
Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero 142

2009-2010 make-up of the House of Representatives

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 107 44 151 0
Begin 114 37 151 0
Latest voting share 75.5% 24.5%

Listing of members

District Name Party Hometown First Elected Towns Represented
1 Kenneth Green Democratic Hartfordmarker 1994 Hartford (part), Bloomfield marker
2 Jason Bartlett Democratic Bethelmarker 2006 Bethel marker, Danbury marker, Redding (part)
3 Minnie Gonzalez Democratic Hartfordmarker 1996 Hartford (part)
4 Kevin Roldan Democratic Hartfordmarker 2006 Hartford (part)
5 Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey Democratic Hartfordmarker 1994 Hartford (part)
6 Hector Robles Democratic Hartfordmarker 1996 Hartford (part)
7 Douglas McCrory Democratic Hartfordmarker 2004 Hartford (part)
8 Joan Lewis Democratic Coventrymarker 2002 Columbiamarker, Coventry, Vernon marker
9 Jason Rojas Democratic East Hartfordmarker 2008 East Hartford (part), Glastonbury marker, Manchester marker
10 Henry Genga Democratic East Hartfordmarker 2006 East Hartford (part)
11 Tim Larson Democratic East Hartfordmarker 2008 East Hartford (part), South Windsor marker
12 Ryan Barry Democratic Manchestermarker 2002 Manchester (part)
13 John Thompson Democratic Manchestermarker 1986 Manchester (part)
14 Bill Aman Republican South Windsormarker 2004 South Windsor (part)
15 Dave Baram Democratic Bloomfieldmarker 2009 Bloomfield (part), Windsor marker
16 Linda Schofield Democratic Simsburymarker 2006 Simsbury
17 Timothy LeGeyt Republican Cantonmarker 2008 Avon marker, Canton
18 Andrew Fleischmann Democratic West Hartfordmarker 1994 West Hartford (part)
19 Beth Bye Democratic West Hartfordmarker 2006 Avon (part), Farmington marker, West Hartford (part)
20 David McCluskey Democratic West Hartfordmarker 1998 West Hartford (part)
21 Demetrios Giannaros Democratic Farmingtonmarker 1994 Farmington (part)
22 Elizabeth Boukus Democratic Plainvillemarker 1994 Bristol marker, New Britain marker, Plainville
23 Marilyn Giuliano Republican Old Saybrookmarker 2002 Lymemarker, Old Lymemarker, Old Saybrook (part), Westbrook marker
24 Tim O'Brien Democratic New Britainmarker 2002 New Britain marker, Newington marker
25 John Geragosian Democratic New Britainmarker 1994 New Britain (part)
26 Peter Tercyak Democratic New Britainmarker 2003 New Britain (part)
27 Sandy Nafis Democratic Newingtonmarker 1998 Newington (part)
28 Russell Morin Democratic Wethersfieldmarker 2006 Wethersfield (part)
29 Antonio Guerrera Democratic Rocky Hillmarker 2001 Newington (part), Rocky Hill, Wethersfield (part)
30 Joe Aresimowicz Democratic Berlinmarker 2004 Berlin (part), Southington marker
31 Thomas Kehoe Democratic Glastonburymarker 2006 Glastonbury (part)
32 Jim O'Rourke Democratic Cromwellmarker 1991 Cromwell, Middletown marker, Portland
33 Joseph Serra Democratic Middletownmarker 1992 Middletown (part)
34 Gail Hamm Democratic East Hamptonmarker 1998 East Hampton, Middletown (part)
35 Brian O'Connor Democratic Westbrookmarker 2000 Clinton marker, Killingworthmarker, Westbrook (part)
36 James Field Spallone Democratic Essexmarker 2000 Chestermarker, Deep Rivermarker, Essex, Haddammarker
37 Ed Jutila Democratic Nianticmarker 2004 East Lymemarker, Salemmarker
38 Elizabeth Ritter Democratic Waterfordmarker 2004 Montville marker, Waterfordmarker
39 Ernest Hewett Democratic New Londonmarker 2004 New London (part)
40 Edward Moukawsher Democratic Grotonmarker 2002 Groton (part), New London (part)
41 Elissa Wright Democratic Grotonmarker 2006 Groton (part)
42 Tom Reynolds Democratic Ledyardmarker 2004 Ledyardmarker, Montville (part), Prestonmarker
43 Diana Urban Democratic North Stoningtonmarker 2000 North Stonington, Stoningtonmarker
44 Mae Flexer Democratic Killinglymarker 2008 Killingly marker, Plainfield marker, Sterlingmarker
45 Steve Mikutel Democratic Griswoldmarker 1992 Griswold, Lisbonmarker, Plainfield (part), Voluntownmarker
46 Melissa Olson Democratic Norwichmarker 2002 Norwich (part)
47 Christopher Coutu Republican Norwichmarker 2008 Canterburymarker, Norwich (part), Scotlandmarker, Spraguemarker
48 Linda Orange Democratic Colchestermarker 1996 Colchester, East Hamptonmarker
49 Susan Johnson Democratic Windhammarker 2008 Windham
50 Mike Alberts Republican Woodstockmarker 2004 Brooklynmarker, Eastfordmarker, Hamptonmarker, Pomfretmarker, Woodstock
51 Shawn Johnston Democratic Putnammarker 1994 Killingly (part), Putnam, Thompsonmarker
52 Penny Bacchiochi Republican Somersmarker 2002 Somers, Staffordmarker, Unionmarker
53 Bryan Hurlburt Democratic Tollandmarker 2006 Ashfordmarker, Tolland, Willingtonmarker
54 Denise W. Merrill Democratic Mansfield Centermarker 1994 Chaplinmarker, Mansfieldmarker
55 Pamela Sawyer Republican Boltonmarker 1992 Andovermarker, Bolton, Hebronmarker, Marlboroughmarker
56 Claire Janowski Democratic Vernonmarker 2000 Vernon (part)
57 Ted Graziani Democratic Ellingtonmarker 1998 East Windsormarker, Ellington
58 Kathleen Tallarita Democratic Enfieldmarker 1998 Enfield (part)
59 Karen Jarmoc Democratic Enfieldmarker 2006 Enfield (part)
60 Peggy Sayers Democratic Windsor Locksmarker 1998 Windsor (part), Windsor Locks
61 Matthew Conway Democratic Suffieldmarker 2008 East Granby marker, Suffieldmarker, Windsor (part)
62 Annie Hornish Democratic Granbymarker 2008 Barkhamsted marker, East Granby (part), Granbymarker, New Hartfordmarker
63 John Rigby Republican Colebrookmarker 2002 Barkhamsted (part), Canaanmarker, Colebrook, Hartlandmarker, Norfolkmarker, North Canaanmarker, Winchestermarker
64 Roberta Willis Democratic Salisburymarker 2000 Cornwallmarker, Goshenmarker, Salisbury, Sharonmarker, Torrington marker
65 Michelle Cook Democratic Torringtonmarker 2008 Torrington (part)
66 Craig Miner Republican Litchfieldmarker 2000 Bethlehemmarker, Litchfield (part), Morrismarker, Warrenmarker, Woodbury marker
67 Clark Chapin Republican New Milfordmarker 2000 New Milford (part)
68 Sean Williams Republican Watertownmarker 2003 Watertown, Woodbury (part)
69 Arthur O'Neill Republican Southburymarker 1988 Bridgewatermarker, Roxburymarker, Southbury (part), Washingtonmarker
70 Rosa Rebimbas Republican Naugatuckmarker 2009 Naugatuck (part)
71 Anthony D'Amelio Republican Waterburymarker 1996 Middleburymarker, Waterbury (part)
72 Larry Butler Democratic Waterburymarker 2006 Waterbury (part)
73 Jeffrey Berger Democratic Waterburymarker 2000 Waterbury (part)
74 Selim Noujaim Republican Waterburymarker 2002 Waterbury (part)
75 David Aldarondo Democratic Waterburymarker 2004 Waterbury (part)
76 John Piscopo Republican Thomastonmarker 1988 Burlingtonmarker, Harwintonmarker, Litchfield (part), Thomaston
77 Christopher Wright Democratic Bristolmarker 2008 Bristol (part)
78 William Hamzy Republican Terryvillemarker 1994 Bristol (part), Plymouthmarker
79 Frank Nicastro, Sr. Democratic Bristolmarker 2006 Bristol (part)
80 John "Corky" Mazurek Democratic Wolcottmarker 2002 Wolcott, Southington (part)
81 Bruce Zalaski Democratic Southingtonmarker 2002 Southington (part)
82 Emil "Buddy" Altobello Democratic Meridenmarker 1994 Meriden (part)
83 Catherine Abercrombie Democratic Meridenmarker 2005 Berlin (part), Meriden (part)
84 Christopher G. Donovan Democratic Meridenmarker 1992 Meriden (part)
85 Mary Mushinsky Democratic Wallingfordmarker 1980 Wallingford (part)
86 Vincent Candelora Republican North Branfordmarker 2006 East Haven marker, North Branford, Wallingford (part)
87 Steve Fontana Democratic North Havenmarker 1994 North Haven
88 J. Brendan Sharkey Democratic Hamdenmarker 2000 Hamden (part)
89 Vickie Orsini Nardello Democratic Prospectmarker 1994 Bethanymarker, Cheshire marker, Prospect
90 Mary Fritz Democratic Yalesvillemarker 1986 Cheshire (part), Wallingford (part)
91 Peter Villano Democratic Hamdenmarker 1992 Hamden (part)
92 Patricia Dillon Democratic New Havenmarker 1984 New Haven (part)
93 Toni Walker Democratic New Havenmarker 2000 New Haven (part)
94 Gary Holder-Winfield Democratic New Havenmarker 2008 New Haven (part)
95 Juan Candelaria Democratic New Havenmarker 2002 New Haven (part)
96 Cameron Staples Democratic New Havenmarker 1994 Hamden (part), New Haven (part)
97 Robert Megna Democratic New Havenmarker 2000 New Haven (part)
98 Patricia Widlitz Democratic Guilfordmarker 1994 Branford marker, Guilford (part)
99 Michael P. Lawlor Democratic East Havenmarker 1986 East Haven (part)
100 Matt Lesser Democratic Middletownmarker 2008 Durham, Middlefieldmarker, Middletown (part)
101 Deborah Heinrich Democratic Madisonmarker 2004 Guilford (part), Madison
102 Lonnie Reed Democratic Branfordmarker 1996 Branford (part)
103 Elizabeth Esty Democratic Cheshiremarker 2008 Cheshire (part), Hamden (part), Wallingford (part)
104 Linda Gentile Democratic Ansoniamarker 2004 Ansonia (part), Derby marker
105 Theresa Conroy Democratic Beacon Fallsmarker 1996 Ansonia (part), Beacon Falls, Seymour marker
106 Christopher Lyddy Democratic Newtownmarker 2008 Newtown marker
107 David Scribner Republican Brookfieldmarker 1999 Bethel (part), Brookfield
108 Mary Ann Carson Republican New Fairfieldmarker 1998 Kentmarker, New Fairfield (part), New Milford (part), Shermanmarker
109 Joseph Taborsak Democratic Danburymarker 2006 Danbury (part)
110 Bob Godfrey Democratic Danburymarker 1988 Danbury (part)
111 John H. Frey Republican Ridgefieldmarker 1998 Ridgefield
112 Debra Lee Hovey Republican Monroemarker 2002 Monroe, Newtown (part)
113 Jason Perillo Republican Sheltonmarker 2007 Shelton (part)
114 Themis Klarides Republican Derbymarker 1998 Derby (part), Orange marker, Woodbridge marker
115 Stephen Dargan Democratic West Havenmarker 1990 West Haven (part)
116 Louis Esposito Democratic West Havenmarker 1992 West Haven (part)
117 Paul Davis Democratic Orangemarker 2004 Milford (part), Orange (part), West Haven (part)
118 Barbara Lambert Democratic Milfordmarker 2008 Milford (part)
119 Richard Roy Democratic Milfordmarker 1992 Milford (part)
120 John Harkins Republican Stratfordmarker 1996 Stratford (part)
121 Terry Backer Democratic Stratfordmarker 1992 Stratford (part)
122 Lawrence Miller Republican Stratfordmarker 1990 Shelton (part), Stratford (part)
123 T.R. Rowe Republican Trumbullmarker 1998 Trumbull (part)
124 Charles Clemons Democratic Bridgeportmarker 2003 Bridgeport (part)
125 John Hetherington Republican New Canaanmarker 2002 New Canaan (part), Wilton marker
126 Christopher Caruso Democratic Bridgeportmarker 1991 Bridgeport (part)
127 John Hennessy Democratic Bridgeportmarker 2004 Bridgeport (part)
128 Andres Ayala, Jr. Democratic Bridgeportmarker 2006 Bridgeport (part)
129 Auden Grogins Democratic Bridgeportmarker 2008 Bridgeport (part)
130 Ezequiel Santiago Democratic Bridgeportmarker 2008 Bridgeport (part)
131 David Labriola Republican Naugatuckmarker 2002 Naugatuck (part), Oxfordmarker, Southbury (part)
132 Thomas Drew Democratic Fairfieldmarker 2004 Fairfield (part)
133 Kim Fawcett Democratic Fairfieldmarker 2006 Fairfield (part), Westport marker
134 Tony Hwang Republican Trumbullmarker 2008 Fairfield (part), Trumbull (part)
135 John Stripp Republican Westonmarker 1992 Eastonmarker, Redding (part), Weston
136 Joe Mioli Democratic Westportmarker 2004 Westport (part)
137 Chris Perone Democratic Norwalkmarker 2004 Norwalk (part)
138 Janice Giegler Republican Danburymarker 2002 Danbury (part), New Fairfield (part)
139 Kevin Ryan Democratic Montvillemarker 1992 Bozrahmarker, Franklinmarker, Lebanonmarker, Montville (part)
140 Bruce Morris Democratic Norwalkmarker 2006 Norwalk (part)
141 Terrie Wood Republican Darienmarker 2008 Darien, Norwalk (part)
142 Lawrence F. Cafero Republican Norwalkmarker 1992 Norwalk (part)
143 Antonietta Boucher Republican Wiltonmarker 1996 Norwalk (part), Wilton (part)
144 Jim Shapiro Democratic Stamfordmarker 2004 Stamford marker
145 Patricia Miller Democratic Stamfordmarker 2008 Stamford (part)
146 Gerald Fox Democratic Stamfordmarker 2004 Stamford (part)
147 William Tong Democratic Stamfordmarker 2006 New Canaan (part), Stamford (part)
148 Carlo Leone Democratic Stamfordmarker 2002 Stamford (part)
149 Livvy Floren Republican Greenwichmarker 2000 Greenwich (part), Stamford (part)
150 Lile Gibbons Republican Greenwichmarker 2000 Greenwich (part)
151 Fred Camillo

Republican Greenwichmarker 2008 Greenwich (part)

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