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The current Constitution of Serbiamarker was approved by a constitutional referendum held in 2006 during October 28 and October 29. It was officially proclaimed by the Parliament of Serbia on 8 November 2006, replacing the Constitution of 1990. Previous Serbian constitutions were adopted during the Principality and Kingdommarker periods in 1835, 1838, 1869, 1888, 1901 and 1903, and, for the Socialist Republic of Serbia, in 1947, 1963 and 1974.


In the preamble, Kosovomarker is defined as an "integral part of Serbiamarker with substantial autonomy"; the first article then defines Serbia as a "state of the Serbian people and all citizens". It also defines Serbia as an independent state for the first time since 1918.

Among the constitution's two hundred other articles are guarantees of human rights, including minority rights and the banning of capital punishment and human cloning. It also grants a form of self-rule and economic autonomy for the province of Vojvodinamarker. It assigns Cyrillic as the only alphabet for official use, while making provisions for the use of minority languages at local levels.

Among the differences between the new constitution and its 1990 predecessor:
  • Only private, corporate and public property is acknowledged; social assets cease to exist and shall be transferred to private.
  • Foreign citizens are permitted to own property.
  • Reappointment of judges
  • The President is the Commander in Chief of the army.
  • The constitution mentions "European values and standards" for the first time.
  • Full independence is granted to the National Bank of Serbia.
  • As part of a process of decentralization, the granting of municipal properties' ownership rights to local municipalities.
  • Vojvodinamarker is granted economic autonomy.
  • The adoption of an official Serbian anthem, Bože pravde.
  • Special protection for the rights of consumers, mothers, children and minorities.
  • Greater freedom of information.
  • Marriage is defined as the "union of a man and a woman"

Kosovo in the Constitution

Constitution defines Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohijamarker as the integral part of Serbia, but with substantial autonomy.

Under the opinion of the Venice Commission in respect to substantial autonomy of Kosovo, an examination of the Constitution makes it clear that this fundamental autonomy is not at all guaranteed at the constitutional level, as the Constitution delegates almost every important aspect of this autonomy to the legislature.

Language in the Constitution of Serbia

Under the previous Constitution of the Republic of Serbia (1990–2006) the official language was Serbo-Croatian, and both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets were in official use. The new Constitution brought back Serbian language, and the only alphabet in official use now is Cyrillic alphabet.

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