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For the Americanmarker infomercial channel, see Corner Store TV.

Cornerstone TeleVision Network is a Christian broadcast and satellite television network based in Wall, Pennsylvaniamarker, United Statesmarker. Its founder and CEO is Russ Bixler. The network has 44 full-power and 56 low-power affiliate stations, and it is on the Glorystar satellite service.


In the late 1970s, Norma Bixler claimed to receive a vision from God during a visit to the Christian Broadcasting Network. The vision was for her and her husband, Russ Bixler, to build a Christian television station near their home in Pittsburghmarker. Despite many potential hurdles—financial, legal, personal, and logistical—Russ eventually came to share the vision.

The Bixlers were helped along with way with prominent leaders such as Pat Robertson, Loren Cunningham, and Jim Bakker. With the support of many volunteers and the talents of professionals such as Bill Freeman, Oleen Eagle, Stan Scott, and Eleanor Clarke, the vision of a Christian television station in Pittsburgh became a reality.

That signal was first broadcast on Easter Sunday, April 15, 1979.


Cornerstone Television Network broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Programming includes preachers, teachers, international leaders, movies, documentaries, music, and holiday specials for people of all ages.

The show "Origins" is a popular show on Cornerstone Television. It focuses on creation science, disputes commonly accepted scientific principles, and attempts to present scientific evidence supporting a young earth.

List of Affiliates

Call letters City and state Channel Meaning or notes
WPCB-TVmarker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniamarker 40 flagship station
WKBS-TV Altoona, Pennsylvaniamarker 47 satellite of WPCB
W45BT Brookville, Pennsylvaniamarker 45 satellite of WPCB
W12CA Elliottsburg, Pennsylvaniamarker 12 satellite of WPCB
W29CO Sharon, Pennsylvaniamarker/Youngstown, Ohiomarker 29 satellite of WPCB
W18BC Middleburg, Pennsylvaniamarker 18 satellite of WPCB
W35BT Harrisburg, Pennsylvaniamarker 35 satellite of WPCB
KRHP-LP The Dalles, Oregonmarker 14
K61CC Salem, Oregonmarker 61
K26GJ Portland, Oregonmarker 26
K27EC Lake Havasu City, Arizonamarker 27
K25HD Bullhead City, Arizonamarker/Needles, Californiamarker 25 relays K27EC
KVBI-LP Grangeville, Idahomarker 42
K39CT Lewiston, Idahomarker 39
KTMWmarker Salt Lake Citymarker/Ogden, Utahmarker 20
KMAH-LPmarker Cheyenne, Wyomingmarker 39
KPAH-LP Laramie, Wyomingmarker 24
KVBA-LP Alamogordo, New Mexicomarker 19
KCHFmarker Santa Fe, New Mexicomarker 11
KSCEmarker El Paso, Texasmarker 38
KGLR-LP Lubbock, Texasmarker 40
KGEBmarker Tulsa, Oklahomamarker 53
K31DY Muskogee, OKmarker 31
K51EK McAlester, Oklahomamarker 51
K15DA Sapulpa, Oklahomamarker 15
K21DC Lawton, Oklahomamarker 21
K53EG Sioux Falls, South Dakotamarker 53
K61GJmarker Aurora, Missourimarker 61
KNJD-LPmarker Branson, Missourimarker 19
K54DH Eureka Springs, Missouri 54
K36DF Joplin, Missourimarker 36
K64FQ Lebanon, Missourimarker 64
K68EL Marshfield, Missourimarker 68
KNLJmarker Jefferson City, Missourimarker 25
K44DO Osage Beach, Missourimarker 44
KNLCmarker St. Louis, Missourimarker 24
K39CI Springfield, Missourimarker 39
KCGI-CAmarker Cape Girardeau, Missourimarker 45
KVTN Pine Bluffmarker/Little Rock, Arkansasmarker 25
KVTH Hot Springs, Arkansasmarker 26 satellite of KVTN
KVTJ Jonesboro, Arkansasmarker 48 satellite of KVTN
KSBN-TV Springdale, Arkansasmarker 57
WCBZ-LPmarker Baton Rouge, Louisianamarker 07
KAGN-LP Crowley, Louisianamarker 65
KAJN-LP Lafayette, Louisianamarker 40
KFAM-LP Lake Charles, Louisianamarker 58
KMCT-TVmarker West Monroe, Louisianamarker 39
WVCY-TVmarker Milwaukee, Wisconsinmarker 30
WTJRmarker Quincy, Illinoismarker 16
WLFGmarker Grundy, Virginiamarker/Kingsportmarker-Johnson City, Tennesseemarker 68
WSCP-CA Bellefonte, Pennsylvaniamarker 13
W13CS Grenada, Mississippimarker 13
W49AY Birmingham, Alabamamarker 49
W15AZ Birmingham, Alabamamarker 15 relays W49AY
WYAM-LP Decatur, Alabamamarker 56
WFRZ-LP Montgomery, Alabamamarker 34
WLCB-TVmarker Orlando, Floridamarker 45
WBPI-CA Augusta, Georgiamarker 49
WATCmarker Norcross, Georgiamarker 57
WBTWmarker (Cable 21) Bassett, Virginiamarker
WTLU-CA Lynchburg, Virginiamarker 50
W59BP Ashland, Ohiomarker 59
WTLWmarker Lima, Ohiomarker 44
WLMBmarker Perrysburg, Ohiomarker 40
WGGN-TVmarker Sandusky, Ohiomarker 52
W21CJ Clarksburg, West Virginiamarker 21
WBPH-TVmarker Allentown, Pennsylvaniamarker 60
W52CQ Auburn, New Yorkmarker 52
W40BJ DeWitt, New Yorkmarker 40
W15BR Oneida, New Yorkmarker 15
WMBQ-CAmarker New York, New Yorkmarker 46
WTVU-LP Syracuse, New Yorkmarker 22
WONO-CA Syracuse, New Yorkmarker 11


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