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Cory in the House is an American television comedy show, which had premiered on January 12, 2007 on the Disney Channel and is a spin-off from the Disney show That's So Raven. The show focuses on Cory Baxter, who moved from San Francisco, Californiamarker to Washington, D.C.marker, after Victor Baxter gets a new job in the White Housemarker as the official head chef. The series marks a Disney Channel first, as it is the channel's first spin-off.


The first episode on January 12, 2007 was a sneak peek. The show was created by Marc Warren and Dennis Rinsler, who first produced Full House, then, since 2005, produced That's So Raven. Cory in the House began filming on July 18, 2006 at Hollywood Center Studiosmarker (where The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and That's So Raven were filmed), and uses a studio audience in some scenes. Reruns of Cory in the House still air on Disney Channel. J-4 teen magazine has reported that it has been offically confirmed by a Disney Channel spokesperson that production has wrapped on Cory In The House, but, "We still have episodes that will air." No new episodes have been announced as of 2009.

Much like Hannah Montana, many of the episode titles are parodies of popular songs. For example, "We Built This Kitty on Rock and Roll" comes from "We Built This City", "Mall of Confusion" from "Ball of Confusion", "Smells Like School Spirit" from "Smells Like Teen Spirit", and "Ain't Miss Bahavian" from "Ain't Misbehavin'".


Season Ep # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1 21 January 12, 2007 September 21, 2007
Season 2 13(1 unaired) November 17, 2007 September 13, 2008


The show centers upon Cory Baxter (Kyle Massey), who had moved from San Francisco, Californiamarker to Washington, D.C.marker, after his father Victor Baxter (Rondell Sheridan) gets a new job in the White Housemarker as the official head White Housemarker chef. Cory's best friends are Newt Livingston (Jason Dolley), the son of the Chief Justice and a U.S. senator, and Meena Paroom (Maiara Walsh), daughter to the Bahavian Ambassador. Thus, Cory begins a new life.

He quickly develops a short-phased crush on Meena, created a band (DC3) and meets the pest of the plot, Jason "Stickler"(Jake Thomas), the CIA's top spy's son who stalks in the shadow of Meena. Cory is often irritated by the President's daughter, Sophie Martinez (Madison Pettis), and he's also often disciplined by the President's assistant, Samantha Samuels (Lisa Arch), but he gets along well with the President, Richard Martinez (John D'Aquino), while dealing with his new-found everyday challenges.



Actor Character Status Season 1 Season 2
Kyle Massey Cory Baxter 2007 - Present 21 13
Maiara Walsh Meena Paroom 2007 - 2008 20 12
Jason Dolley Newt Livingston 2007 - 2008 20 9
Madison Pettis Sophie Martinez 2007 -Present 17 12
Rondell Sheridan Victor Baxter 2007 - Present 21 13
John D'Aquino President Richard Martinez 2007 -Present 15 8


Actor Character Episodes
Lisa Arch Samantha Samuels 13
Jake Thomas Jason Stickler 11
Jordan Puryear Candy Smiles 9
Zolee Griggs Tanisha 9

Guest Stars

Actor Character
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Himself
Raven-Symoné Raven Baxter
Brittany Finamore Jennifer Covington
Bobbe' J. Thompson Stanley
Michael Steger Juan Carlos
Madison Pettis Kimberly (voice)
Dan Mott The Juicer
Jarron Vosburg Craig Berkowitz
Chris Coppola Carl
Mary Chris Wall Professor Bushwick

Theme song and opening sequence

The theme song to "Cory in the House", was written and produced by Matthew Gerard and Robbie Nevil, and performed by Kyle Massey and Maiara Walsh (though the closing credits of the show credit the performance of the theme song only to Massey). An alternate theme song "Rollin' to D.C." is also sung by Massey and Walsh and was used in the music video to promote the series.

Unlike the live-action sitcoms on Disney Channel that were made from 2003 to 2006, the opening credits of Cory in the House did not use clips from the show in the sequence and also were not updated for the second season, instead keeping the same credits as those used in the first season. Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens also used the same opening credit sequence for both of their series runs, and those series along with recent series Wizards of Waverly Place, JONAS and Sonny with a Chance also do not include clipsfrom the show in the opening credits. It is also the first Disney Channel sitcom to include the Disney logo above the series title logo (until 2007, only Disney Channel's animated series only included the logo above the title logo), which was added to the title after the first few episodes (however, all Disney Channel series that do this leave out the "'s" at the end of the Disney logo, so if the title is read in its entirety it would be read as Disney Cory in the House instead of Disney's Cory in the House).

DVD releases

All-Star Edition

(released on August 7, 2007)
  • Episodes:
    • Air Force One Too Many
    • Just Desserts
    • Never The Dwayne Shall Meet
    • That's So In the House
  • Special Features:
    • Raven In The House; behind the scenes of That's So In The House.
    • Rock In The House; behind the scenes of Never The Dwayne Shall Meet.

Wish Gone Amiss

(released on November 27, 2007)

Newt and Improved

(released on May 27, 2008)
  • Episodes:
    • The Presidential Seal
    • Through the Roof
    • Peace Love and Misunderstanding
    • Lip Service
  • Special features
    • Breakin' down: Get the inside scoop on how an episode is made from start to finish.


Country Network Series Premiere Date
United Statesmarker Disney Channel January 12, 2007
Canadamarker Family|VRAK.TV January 12, 2007
United Kingdommarker Disney Channel UKDisney XD January 28, 2007September 5, 2009
Portugalmarker Disney Channel Portugalmarker March, 2007
Francemarker Disney Channel France April 24, 2007
Polandmarker Disney Channel Poland April 13, 2007
Germanymarker Disney Channel Germany March 24, 2007
Asia, Australia and Pacific Island Disney Channel Asia & Disney Channel Australia April 27, 2007
Scandinavia Disney Channel Scandinavia April 13, 2007
Italymarker Disney Channel Italy May 16, 2007
South Asia Disney Channel India June 9, 2007, November 3, 2008
Middle East Disney Channel Middle East 2007
Israelmarker Disney Channel Israel 2007
Japanmarker Disney Channel Japan 2007
Brazilmarker Disney Channel and SBT July 8, 2007/May 4, 2009
Latin America Disney Channel Latin America June 10, 2007
Irelandmarker RTÉ Two January 2009


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