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Cott Corporation ( ) is a leading supplier of private label carbonated soft drinks distributing to Canadamarker, the United Statesmarker, Mexicomarker, the United Kingdommarker, and Europe. In addition to producing many private-label beverages for retailers, Cott also has a large and growing portfolio of its own brands. These brands include Cott, RC (excluding North America), Ben Shaws, Stars & Stripes, Vintage and Vess soft drinks. Recently, Cott has been expanding its product line into ready-to-drink teas, sparkling and flavoured waters, sports and energy drinks, juice drinks and smoothies. These newer Cott brands include Orient Emporium, GL-7, Red Rain Energy and After Shock Energy.


Cott began as a Canadian company importing bottled and canned carbonated beverages into Quebecmarker from the United States in 1952 and afterwards began to bottle and can beverages in the city of Laval, Québec. From 1976 to 1991, Cott expanded its distribution throughout Canada and into the United States and Europe. During the 1970s, labels of its products were printed with the punning slogan "It's Cott to be good". Vess Beverage assets and division, Vess Specialty Packaging Company, was purchased in 1994.

From 1992 to 1996, Cott was headed by Heather Reisman, founder of Indigo Books & Music.

In October 2000, Concord Beverages, with its Vintage brand seltzer water, is acquired from Honickman Group.In April 2007, Cott was said to be considering a bid for Cadbury Schweppes soft drinks business.In 2007, in conjunction with the premier of the The Simpsons Movie, Cott partnered with 7-Eleven to produce "Buzz Cola", a fictional soda found in the The Simpsons television series. In late February 2008, Cott was served notice by its key customer, Wal-Mart, that shelf space for some soft drinks made by Cott for the world's largest retailer would be cut back. Nearly a year later in January 2009, Wal-Mart informed Cott it was terminating a 10-year-old pact under which Cott had been supplying the company with store-branded soft drinks.


Red Rooster is a mixed fruit flavour energy drink brand that is produced by Cott. It was introduced in to compete with Red Bull and has seemingly worked as it is still in production. It is packaged in slim 250 ml cans or in 1 litre bottles. It is significantly less expensive than Red Bull. It is available for purchase in the United Kingdommarker (UK) in Morrisons, Total S.A., Farmfoods, Asda and the Co-op UK, in Mace, Dunnes Stores in Irelandmarker, and in Match supermarkets in Hungarymarker.

Cott's 24, The Series is the name given to the 440 ml and 500 ml can version of the product. It is sold mostly in UK discount stores. The name of the drink comes from the Americanmarker television series 24. The drink's advertising slogan is "Every second counts!", which ties into the real-time nature of the television series. It is formulated with 32 milligrams of caffeine per 100 milliliters. A diet version is now being introduced in some UK stores.

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Subsidiary state of incorporation holdings
Cott Holdings Inc. Delaware & Nova Scotia 100%
Cott USA Corp. Georgia 100%
Cott Beverages Inc.* Georgia 100%
Northeast Retailer Brands LLC Delaware 51%
Cott Vending Inc. Delaware 100%
Cott International Trading, Ltd. Barbados 100%
BCB International Holdings Cayman Islands 100%
BCB European Holdings Cayman Islands 100%
Cott Retail Brands Limited United Kingdom 100%
Cott Europe Trading Limited United Kingdom 100%
Cott Beverages Limited United Kingdom 100%

Cott Beverages Inc.

Subsidiary state of incorporation holdings
Interim BCB, LLC Delaware 100%
Northeast Retailer Brands LLC Delaware 51%
Cott Vending Inc. Delaware 100%

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