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Cowboy Mouth is a rock band based in New Orleans, Louisianamarker. Their name was taken from the title of a play co-written (and acted) by Sam Shepard and Patti Smith, although the phrase was used five years prior to the play by Bob Dylan in the song "Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands". The nucleus of the band formed in the 1990s, and they have become a powerhouse live act whose performances have been likened to "a religious experience."

Some of their most popular songs include "Love Of My Life" "Everybody Loves Jill" (where the audience throws red spoons on stage), "Easy," "Disconnected," "How Do You Tell Someone," and "Jenny Says.". They also perform a version of "Born to Run" on the Light of Day tribute album to Bruce Springsteen, a version of "The Pusher" on the soundtrack to Half Baked, and several of their own songs on the soundtrack to the 1995 film The Underneath (two of which they perform onscreen in the film). Their single "This Much Fun" from their 2006 album "Voodoo Shoppe" is featured in the trailer for the Disney animated feature Meet the Robinsons.

They maintain a very active touring schedule, primarily through the United States. The album Voodoo Shoppe is in part a tribute to city of New Orleans, Louisianamarker in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. In particular, the tracks "Home" a defiant vow to rebuild the city and "The Avenue", an emotional plea for the continued vibrance of the city. "The Avenue" features the lyrics "Because the marching bands will roll/I'll find my city in my soul/Because I plan on growing old on the avenue," a reference to watching Mardi Gras parades on New Orleans' famed St. Charles Avenue. A portion of the album was recorded with producer Mitch Allan and features engineers, Stewart Cararas and Danny Kadar at their studio Paradigm Park Studios in New Orleans. Unfortunately just seven months after the record's completion the studio suffered the wrath of Hurricane Katrina. They performed "The Avenue" on Mardi Gras Day 2006 live on the Ellen DeGeneres Show) The album also features the song "Joe Strummer", a semi-tribute to the late Clash frontman. The band released its first full length live DVD The Name of the Band Is Cowboy Mouth on November 20, 2007. The DVD, which was recorded in front of a packed house at the Roxy On Sunset in Hollywoodmarker, CA during the summer of 2007 features much of the band's classic material like Light it on Fire as well as some songs to be released on the band's new album, "Fearless" in September 2008. Among the new songs of the DVD set,"Kelly Ripa" was released in a very different studio version as a single on Itunes in early March 2008 followed by an appearance and performance on the Live with Regis and Kelly television show on March 13, 2008.

Band Members

Current members

Founding member. Formerly of Baton Rougemarker/New Orleansmarker based power trio Dash Rip Rock and the Backbeats.

Founding member. Formerly of the Red Rockers, purveyors of the 1980s hits, "China" and "Good As Gold" as well as subsequent tourmates with U2, the Go-Go's, and Men at Work. Born in Texasmarker, Griffith's family lived in various parts of the US while John and his sister were growing up, eventually settling in the West Bank of New Orleans.

Formerly the singer/bassist for Los Angelesmarker band Méchant.

  • Jonathan Pretus (rhythm guitar, vocals) the third guitarist the band has had.
Formerly the singer/guitarist for New Orleansmarker based band The Garden District.
Former singer/guitarist for Weezer cover band, called "Tweezer".

Former members

  • Sonia Tetlow - bass player. (fifth bass player), and vocals - left in 2007)
  • Paul Sanchez - founding member-guitar and vocals-left in 2006)
Formerly of New Orleans band The Backbeats.

  • Paul Clement bass guitar, (first bass player), and original member)
With the band for six months prior to Walters, and has played with many New Orleans area bands including Woodenhead.

  • Steve Walters - bass guitar (second bass player)
Formerly of The Backbeats and The Normals.

  • Rob Savoy - bass guitar, (third bass player)
Past member of Louisiana Cajun rock group The Bluerunners.

  • Mary LaSang - bass guitar, (fourth bass player)
Of Dingo 8 fame.

Credits include New Orleans band The Cold and The Backbeats, television writer and producer, former correspondent of The Daily Show, and brother of Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres played with Cowboy Mouth from December 2006 through September 2007, when he left to pursue additional television projects

List of albums

Studio albums

Live albums and EPs

  • Mouthin' Off (Live & More) • 1993
  • Mouthin' Off (Live & More) (Remastered) • 1997
  • Cowboy Mouth Live! (limited edition 5-song EP issued with Mercyland) • 1998
  • Live in the X Lounge "Jenny Says" • 1998 & 2001
  • All You Need Is Live • 2000
  • Live in the X Lounge "Easy" • 2000
  • Uh Oh (5-song Preview EP) • 2003
  • Live at the Zoo • 2004



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