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For the Bauhaus album, see Crackle - The Best of Bauhaus. For the fifth derivative of the position vector with respect to time, see Crackle .

Crackle is country-limited multi-platform web television network and studio, administrated by Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) and formerly known as Grouper. Crackle distributes original, digital content using production techniques used in TV and films, and is also a platform for distributing Sony's library of television and films in the United States.

In January 2004 Grouper Networks, Inc., was founded in San Franciscomarker, by Josh Felser, Aviv Eyal, Dave Samuel and Mike Sitrin. The company was created to create a new way to share personal media files on the United States internet using p2p networking technology. Grouper was released as a desktop application for the Windows platform in May 2005.

In August 2006, SPE acquired Grouper Networks, Inc., under the terms of the $65 million deal.

Under Sony, Grouper released a screensaver that allows watching of Internet video on Sony Vaio computers, developed a service that allows for direct video downloads to the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and a service that allows watching of Internet video on Internet-enabled Sony BRAVIA TVs.

In July 2007, SPE announced that Grouper would be re-branded and re-purposed as Crackle, a multi-platform video entertainment network and studio. In October 2008, Sony moved Crackle to its Culver City base.

In March/April 2009, Crackle commenced blocking access by anyone outside its home country, the United States.


Crackle Originals

In February 2008, Crackle was airing Penn Says with Penn Jillette, Mr. Deity, and was about to launch The Roadents.

In September in 2008, Crackle announced its fall season, to begin on September 15. These shows included The Groundlings, Michael Stahl-David: Behind the Star, season two of Gaytown with Owen Benjamin, Long Distance Relationship with Dan Levy, season two of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, Take-Away Shows directed by Vincent Moon, Signature Series with Marc Horowitz, American Dreamers, The Jace Hall Show, and Afterworld.

"The Marc Horowitz Signature Series" chronicled Marc's journey across America as he drove along the shape of his signature. During the trip, Marc made 19 stops to improve the lives of the citizens he encountered, albeit in his own unconventional way. For one of the stops, he started an "Anonymous Semi-nudist Colony" in Nampa, Idahomarker. He stopped in Craig, Coloradomarker to bury people's problems in a public park plot. Marc also stopped in Memphismarker, TN to simply ask the citizens "Whaddaya love?" as part of the series. For his last stop on the series, Marc stopped at Wrightsville Beachmarker where he froze a briefcase in the middle of a 7-foot tall patriotic ice sculpture challenged passers-by to guess when they think the ice will melt. The winner was awarded the suitcase and the goodies inside.

In early December 2008, Crackle unveiled a 13-week season of web television programming. These shows were: Star-ving, Angel of Death (written by Ed Brubaker), The Jace Hall Show, Anytime with Bob Kushell, The Babydick with Mark Feuerstein, The Groundlings, and Owen Benjamin Presents.

In mid-March 2009, Crackle debuted another 13-week season of web television programming. These shows were: Charlie Murphy's Crash Comedy, True Colors, and the second seasons of Anytime with Bob Kushell and The Jace Hall Show.

Crackle Television

Shows owned by Sony that are available to people within the United States for viewing: Astro Boy, Battle Dome, The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, The Dana Carvey Show, Forever Knight, Spider-Man, The Tick, The Larry Sanders Show, Married With Children, S.W.A.T., NewsRadio, and Dilbert.

Crackle Movies

Crackle currently offers several movies for viewing that are owned by Sony.

The Minisode Network

Crackle and The Minisode Network are both owned by Sony. Crackle offers a platform for many Minisode episodes.

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