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Cream ale is a style of beer which describes an American beer resembling a K├Âlsch, as well as a beer served with nitrogen.

BJCP beer style

A Cream ale or also referred to as a "creamer," is related to American lagers. They are generally brewed to be light and refreshing with a straw to pale golden color. Hop and malt flavor is usually subdued but some breweries give them a more assertive character. The most notable example being Genesee Cream Ale (made by Genesee Brewing Company of Rochester, NYmarker).

While cream ales are top-fermented ales, they typically undergo an extended period of cold-conditioning or lagering after primary fermentation is complete. This reduces fruity esters and gives the beer a cleaner flavor. Some examples also have a lager yeast added for the cold-conditioning stage or are mixes of ales and lagers. Adjuncts such as maize and rice are used to lighten the body and flavor although there are all-malt examples available.

Smooth flow

Smooth flow (also known as "cream flow" or just "smooth") is the name brewers give to beers pressurised with nitrogen; either from a can or bottle with a widget, or from a pressurised keg.

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