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Creed is an American rock band from Tallahasseemarker, Florida that became popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The band disbanded in 2004 after three multi-platinum albums, selling 26 million records in the United States alone, and an estimated 35 million records worldwide. On April 27, 2009, after months of speculation, Creed announced that they had reformed via their official website, which confirmed that plans to record a new album titled Full Circle were underway and was updated with dates for a 2009 reunion tour. The band went on tour in support of the new album, which was released on October 27, 2009.


The Early Years (1995–1996)

Creed formed after Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti, friends at Florida State Universitymarker and high school classmates at Orlando's Lake Highland Preparatory Schoolmarker, decided to form a band, recruiting Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips to complete the quartet in late 1994. The band was originally called Naked Toddler, Marshall later suggested the name Creed after the band he played in named Maddox Creed.

The four members had already written and collaborated three of the songs that would go on to become tracks on their chart-topping debut album My Own Prison. The songs were "One", "Sister" and "What's This Life For".

My Own Prison (1996–97)

Creed's debut album, My Own Prison, was independently released in 1997 and only cost them $6,000 to produce, and distributed to Floridamarker radio stations. This drew the attention of several labels that agreed to see the band, only to pass. Rejected, Creed was playing a small gig when Diana Meltzer from Wind-Up Records heard the group. She had heard their independent album, and after hearing them live, signed the band to her label. After a remix to make it more radio friendly, My Own Prison was re-released by Wind-up Records across the country. The album was a surprise success, reaching the Top 40 on the Billboard Top 200, and spinning off several singles ("My Own Prison", "Torn", "What's This Life For", and "One") that topped the rock radio charts. The band's hit song "My Own Prison" was also featured as a live performance on the charity album Live in the X Lounge. The band covered Alice Cooper's song "I'm Eighteen" for The Faculty soundtrack in 1998.

Human Clay and Marshall's departure (1999–2000)

Their second album, Human Clay, was released in 1999 and debuted on the Billboard 200 album chart at number one, based on the strength of its first single, "Higher", which spent several weeks on the top of the rock radio charts. It wasn't until early 2000 that the single crossed over onto pop radio going to the Top Ten on the Billboard Pop Chart, and Creed became a household name. The follow-up single, "With Arms Wide Open," also hit number one that fall.

Meanwhile, Brian Marshall quit the band, and Brett Hestla (Virgos Merlot, Dark New Day) took over on the Human Clay tour, and subsequent tours. Around that time, Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit bad-mouthed Stapp at New York's Krock 92.3 "Dysfunctional Family Picnic Concert" where they were both performing. In response to this, Scott Stapp invited Fred Durst to an open boxing match.

Weathered (2001–03)

In the fall of 2001, "My Sacrifice", the first single off Creed's third album Weathered, was used in a series of promotional tribute videos made by World Wrestling Entertainment. The song peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart on February 9, 2002, and #1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for 9 consecutive weeks, starting in December 2001. In early 2002, "Bullets" was released as a single, along with a costly, special effects-laden video. The song and video were possibly Creed's least successful since achieving mainstream success. However, Creed rebounded quickly, with one of the summer's biggest hits, "One Last Breath". Weathered was also Creed's first and only album without bassist Brian Marshall. The bass on the album was performed by Tremonti.

Stapp was involved in a car accident in April 2002 and it had seemed that the tour they had planned was not going to happen. However, Stapp recovered in time to appear in the last few shows. "Don't Stop Dancing" was a minor hit for Creed in late 2002/early 2003.

Break-up and subsequent activities (2004–08)

On June 4, 2004, Creed officially announced their break-up. Stapp began recording his debut solo album, The Great Divide with Roadrunner Records recording artist Goneblind. The other band members (including former bassist Brian Marshall) formed a new band, Alter Bridge, with Myles Kennedy. Touring bassist Brett Hestla has since joined the band Dark New Day. On November 22, 2004 Creed released a greatest hits album.

In 2008, Mark Tremonti, along with Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy, appeared as guests on two separate tracks on Sevendust's album Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow. The two also appeared on Fozzy's album All That Remains, and Tremonti later released a guitar instructional DVD titled Mark Tremonti: The Sound & The Story in late 2008. In 2007, Alter Bridge released their second studio album, Blackbird, which included the hits "Rise Today" and "Watch Over You".

In 2009, Creed's song "Higher" from Human Clay was listed at #95 in VH1's list of "100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs".

As the years went by, before the reunion, the three band members involved in Alter Bridge stated that Creed was in their past, and would not reunite in the future. Scott Stapp believed that Creed could reform someday, but in his claims, he too felt that Creed was in the past.

Reunion, Full Circle, and live DVD (2009–present)

On November 3, 2008, reported that a Creed reunion could materialize in 2009. According to Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, Alter Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy was rumored to replace Robert Plant for a Led Zeppelin reunion tour in 2009. Blabbermouth states that "if Kennedy should take the job with the Zeppelin offshoot, the sources have indicated that there are already "significant dollars" on the table for a Creed reunion." On December 2, Rolling Stone reported that an announcement of a Creed reunion was "imminent". However, Kennedy himself denied the rumor that he would be fronting "Led Zeppelin or any offshoot of Led Zeppelin," but also said that he did indeed jam with the instrumental members of the band. It was later stated by Jimmy Page's manager that there will be no Led Zeppelin reunion and that Myles Kennedy will remain in Alter Bridge to record the band's third album. Because of this, a Creed reunion appeared unlikely. However, on March 17, 2009 a teaser trailer for a possible tour was leaked, pulled, and then on April 2 re-published on the re-launched Creed website,, which states "coming summer 2009".

On April 27, Creed's website announced the band's reunion tour and plans for a new album. According to Tremonti, "We're all very excited to reconnect with our fans and each other after six long years." He later added that being in Creed again was "the last thing [he] expected." Phillips also stated: "Our career as Creed came to a very abrupt and unforeseen ending. After reflecting on some of the greatest personal and professional moments of our lives, we've come to realize that we are still very capable of continuing that career and our friendship on a grander scale than ever before." Bassist Brian Marshall also confirmed he would rejoin his former band, following his departure prior to the recording of Creed's third album Weathered. Marshall says of the reunion: "This is a development we are all happy about. It has been a long time since the four of us have taken the stage together, and without hesitation or reservation this is something all of us are in to. The anticipation to get back out there is electrifying." Singer Scott Stapp concluded on the band's official press release that "it's amazing how life can change and bring you full circle. Time gave us all a chance to reflect, grow and gain a deeper appreciation of our friendships, artistic chemistry, passion for music, and sincere love for our fans! It's rare in life to get a second chance to make a first impression and we embrace the opportunity. We all believe the best is yet to come."

In an interview for, Stapp elaborated on the reunion, saying, "We never felt like we weren't together. We're not looking at this as a reunion. It's more of a rebirth." According the article, it was Stapp who pushed for the reunion to take place and spoke to the other 3 members saying, "I love you and if I've ever caused you any pain in your life, forgive me," and then went on to say that "they said the same things right back." Stapp also confirmed the band were "jamming" and "not trying to stay in a certain place or conform to where we left off. The music is fresh, edgy, raw, passionate, honest, and it rocks." Stapp discussed how he and guitarist Tremonti reconnected, thanks to the Champs Sports Bowl, according to Rolling Stone. According to Stapp, "[they] exchanged family pictures and within 20 minutes, [they] were jamming on acoustic guitars and talking about new songs." All four original members then sat down in a meeting, their first since 2000. "At that meeting, we were collectively saying, 'Hey, man, I’m sorry if I hurt you or my choices did anything to cause you any pain. I have nothing but love and forgiveness for you and I hope you can forgive me.' It’s all part of the process of reflection and not looking back at the six months out of 10 years that were trying,” says Stapp. They recorded the album, to be titled Full Circle in Nashville during June and July 2009. Stapp elaborated on the title, which is also the name of a track to appear on the upcoming album: "It really defines and articulates, melody-wise and lyrically, what’s happened with us. We’ve come full circle and it’s a great place to be. Stapp has confirmed that the reformation of Creed will put work on his second solo album on indefinite hiatus.

Meanwhile, Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips, Brian Marshall, and Alter Bridge's publicist, Mark Tremonti's brother Michael, all stress that Creed's reunion will not affect Alter Bridge in any way and that they will go back into the studio after the Creed tour to record their upcoming third album. Tremonti also stated that, in spite of this, both bands will co-exist, so it is expected that Tremonti, Phillips, and Marshall will "switch off" between the two bands while Scott Stapp and Myles Kennedy work on solo material while the other band is touring and recording. A blog was posted on Alter Bridge's MySpace page stating that Alter Bridge by no means has plans of breaking up as a band.

During June 2009, Stapp, Tremonti, Marshall, and Phillips performed together for the first time in 10 years on AOL Sessions, showing the band playing "Higher", "With Arms Wide Open", "My Own Prison", and "My Sacrifice". In addition, the band performed live on Fox & Friends on June 26, 2009.

The new album entitled Full Circle came out on October 27, 2009.

The first single from Full Circle, "Overcome", was posted on the band's official website on August 19, the same day the radio premiere started along with its release as a digital download on August 25. The second single, "Rain", hit radio on September 23 and became available on October 6 as another digital download.

The Creed 2009 Reunion Tour kicked off on August 6, 2009 and concluded on October 20, one week before the release of the album. However, on October 24, it was confirmed by Scott Phillips that Creed was to go on a World Tour in March 2010, starting with another US tour, followed by Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Europe. This will be a tour in support of the new album. It was also confirmed that Creed has more albums to come after Full Circle.

Reception and musical style

Creed was one of the most commercially successful rock bands of the late 90s and early 2000s, having sold an estimated 35 million records worldwide. Their first three studio albums, My Own Prison, Human Clay, and Weathered, have all gone multi-platinum in the United States, selling 6 million, 11 million, and 6 million copies respectively. The band won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song for the song "With Arms Wide Open" in 2001. For many years, Creed collaborated with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), allowing many of their songs to be played for promotions. In addition, many of the band's songs have been featured in film and television soundtracks.

Despite enormous commercial success, Creed was poorly received by professional critics such as Robert Christgau, Rolling Stone magazine, and Allmusic. The band is often criticized for being too derivative of the band Pearl Jam. Rolling Stone stated, "Creed resembled a ham-handed version of early Pearl Jam", while SPIN magazine stated that "Creed was an unremarkable, plodding muscle-bound reworking of Pearl Jam, with all of that older band's warmth and psychological intensity replaced by chest-beating bravado and blandly messianic lyrics". Apparently fed up with these comparisons, bassist Brian Marshall angrily attacked Eddie Vedder, claiming Scott Stapp is a better songwriter, and criticized Pearl Jam's recent albums for "having songs without hooks". Stapp later distanced the band from Marshall's comments, and stated, "Yes, we get tired of the PJ question, but there is no excuse for the arrogance and stupidity [of Marshall]. I ask you all not to judge Creed as a band, because the statements made were not the band's feelings, they were Brian's. I'm sorry if Brian offended anyone, and he has already apologized for his comments". Marshall was fired from Creed soon after the controversy, however Stapp has stated his firing was unrelated to the incident. Other sources state that Marshall left the band on his own free will due to personal issues with Stapp.

In an interview with PopMatters, Jerry Cantrell, guitarist for the band Alice in Chains, described being on tour with Creed as "stale". Cantrell stated, "I was on tour with them for fuckin' ever and I still hadn't even met em'. When you spend two months together, you generally find some time to fuckin' say hello or whatever. It was really kinda weird in that respect. I'd never been on a tour that was that fuckin' stale on a personal level." Interviewer Michael Christopher derided Creed's neglect of Cantrell throughout the tour, stating that "the arena rockers owe a major part of their existence to the influence of Alice in Chains."

Due to the influence of Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam, Creed's music is generally considered to be post-grunge. Ann Powers of Rolling Stone magazine notes guitarist Mark Tremonti's delicate, minimal technique is influenced by Jerry Cantrell's style. Allison Stewart describes singer Scott Stapp as having Eddie Vedder-like mannerisms such as "the great, emotive growl, and the hair-tossing solemnity". Stewart also notes Creed's music has "Zeppelin-style riffage married to melodic Top 40 hooks". In addition to Eddie Vedder, Scott Stapp's vocals have also been influenced by the late Jim Morrison of The Doors. Andrew Leahey and Steve Huey of Allmusic describe Creeds music as hard rock, alternative pop/rock, and post-grunge.

Creed is sometimes labeled a Christian rock band due to the fact that their first three albums focus on questions of faith, Christianity, and eternity. The band was never signed to a contemporary Christian music label, nor did it perform in Christian music venues or get any widespread regular play on Christian radio. However, the band's name itself denotes a popular Christian theological concept, of absolute individual belief, usually monotheistic. Also, themes within their musical titles such as "Higher", "My Sacrifice", "What's This Life For", "My Own Prison", "With Arms Wide Open", and "One Last Breath" contain allusion to Christian theology, though it hasn't been confirmed that the songs were meant to be Christian songs. The band, however, rejects this label.

Creed was sued in 2003 by four concert goers who claimed Scott Stapp "was so intoxicated and/or medicated that he was unable to sing the lyrics of a single Creed song" at a December 29, 2002 concert in Chicagomarker. The lawsuit was later dismissed.

Scott Stapp contemplated committing suicide sometime in 2003 after drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel'smarker whiskey. According to Rolling Stone he was convinced that anyone involved with Creed wanted him dead so he would become a "Kurt Cobain martyr-type" and increase record sales. "I had crazy thoughts going through my head," he said.

In a 2004 Guitar World reader's poll, Creed was voted second worst band of the year.

Band members

Current members

  • Scott Stapp – lead vocals, occasional guitar (1995–2004, 2009–present)
  • Mark Tremonti – guitars, backing vocals, bass on Weathered (1995–2004, 2009–present)
  • Scott Phillips – drums, percussion, keyboards (1995–2004, 2009–present)
  • Brian Marshall – bass (1995–2000, 2009–present)

Touring members

  • Eric Friedman – rhythm guitar & backing vocals (2009–present)
  • Brett Hestla – bass & backing vocals (2000–2004)
  • Brian Brasher – rhythm guitar (1995)

Session members



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