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Crescent Valley is an unincorporated community in Eureka Countymarker, Nevadamarker, United Statesmarker. It is the site of Crescent Valley Elementary School, Crescent Valley Fair Grounds, and Crescent Valley Community Park.

Crescent Valley is part of the Elkomarker Micropolitan Statistical Area.


While the only school in town is an elementary school, students who attend middle high school are bussed to the Battle Mountain Junior and Senior High Schools in Battle Mountainmarker.

Crescent Valley


The town itself is calculated to be about 1 mile in length and width with houses and streets on the outskirts reaching as far as 2 miles south and .6 miles north.

Recreation and Holidays

The park in crescent valley is a small area consisting of two pavilions, a large area for picnicking complete with barbecues, a bathroom, a baseball field for the CVES youth baseball teams, a playground, a basketball court, and a horseshoe tossing area. It's also the local hangout for the teens of crescent valley as it is peaceful, quiet, and a nice place to just sit back and talk. The dirt hills and ditches on the outskirts of crescent valley are the perfect type of terrain to enjoy some dirt biking, which is the common interest between the younger kids and teens.

The town celebrates all holidays at the fairgrounds, also known as the community center, including "Founder's Day" near the end of June. Founders day is the celebration of the town itself with games such as horseshoe tossing near the park and pig chasing at the fairgrounds. Other holidays usually are celebrated by special events and dinners at the fairgrounds. Easter is celebrated with an Easter Egg Hunt and a Raffle for prizes at The Ranch House bar and grill on the north side of town. Trick-or-treaters can be found all throughout the town on halloween and every year a special "Christmas Carol" Hayride is organized for christmas. People of all ages can participate in the hayride to sing along to joyous tunes while enjoying the snow covered fields that come with winter time in crescent valley.


The spring time is a combination of hot and cold with lots of rain and thunderstorms. The thunderstorms are the torment of the townspeople as it may cause rolling blackouts and loss of reception. Most families find it in their best interest to acquire a generator.

The Summer time is very hot sometimes getting up into the high 90's and low 100's. There is still a lot of wind and clouds, however, so it is not good weather to swim in. The most common source of cooling down in crescent valley is to use a swamp cooler, or have one installed into your house.

Fall is a cold time of year and this is when the snow showers tend to start. The mix of hot and cold has stopped and has mostly turned to being in the low 60s.

Winter is an extremely cold time of year sometimes getting into the negative teens and ranges anywhere from 1-2 feet of snow. Although they keep the roads plowed, ice is still a serious danger on the roads in and out of crescent valley.

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