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The Crna Legija (Black Legion) was the name given to the 1st and 5th UstaŇ°e Brigades during World War II. The units were named as such due to the fact that their uniforms were coloured black, unlike other UstaŇ°e units. These units drew their recruits largely from survivors of chetnik massacres in Eastern Bosnia and represented the most elite units in the NDHmarker army of the period.[171503].

The Crna Legija unit commanders were Colonel Jure Francetińá and Major Rafael Boban . While Boban remained in command of the unit to the very end of the war, Francetińá was killed in action in 1942 and was succeeded by Colonel Ivo Stipkovińá and then Major Franjo Sudar. With the loss of its commander, the Legion was broken up. The main body became the I Pokretni UstaŇ°ki sdrug (I Mobile UstaŇ°a Brigade), while the Boban Battalion was used to form the cadre for the newly formed V UstaŇ°a Brigade in Podravina. Former members of the Black Legion continued to wear the black uniform right up to the end of the war, probably as a sort of honorary mark of distinction. Lastly, at least 120 former Black Legion men were executed by the Partisans at Sisakmarker in May 1945.

The Black Legion was especially notorious and feared for showing no quarter and expecting none.

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