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Kvarner Bay
The Croatian Littoral ( , , ) is a geographical term that refers to the narrow coastal strip (littoral) along the Adriatic Seamarker in Croatiamarker extending from east the city Rijekamarker south to Karlobagmarker. The coast from Karlobag southward is usually considered part of Dalmatia.

Along the Croatian Littoral are numerous tourist destinations such as Bakarmarker, Kraljevicamarker, Crikvenicamarker, Bribir, Novi Vinodolskimarker, Susakmarker and Senjmarker. Adjacent to the continental coastal region is the Kvarner Baymarker which is usually considered part of the Croatian Littoral and includes the largest islands of Croatia: Krkmarker, Cresmarker, and Rabmarker (see also list of Croatian islands). The Kvarner Bay is often included in the Croatian Littoral but can also be grouped with Istriamarker as the Northern Croatian Littoral (Sjeverno hrvatsko primorje).

The high mountains of the region help the coast maintain a milder Mediterranean climate relative to inland areas. The area is also known for the Bora, a type of katabatic wind.


The term Croatian Littoral developed after Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich of 1867, when Hungary attained large measure of autonomy Cisleithanian Austria. Unlike Istriamarker and Dalmatia which were crown lands (Kronland) of the Austrian Emperor, the Littoral was part of the Hungarian-ruled Kingdom of Croatia and Hungarian authorities saw the area as the Hungarian gateway to the Adriatic. Just as the Cisleithanian Austrian coast (including Istria) was called the Austrian Littoral, the Hungarians termed their possession the Hungarian Littoral (Magyar partvidék).

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