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Crossing Jordan is an Americanmarker television crime/drama series that aired on NBC from September 24, 2001 to May 16, 2007. It stars Jill Hennessy as the crime-solving medical examiner, Jordan Cavanaugh. The show uses an ensemble cast approach featuring a group of Jordan's co-workers, members of the Bostonmarker Medical Examiner's Office and police detectives assigned to the various cases. It was created by Tim Kring. The title refers to both the name of the main character and the biblical metaphor of the ancient Hebrews crossing the Jordan Rivermarker, commonly used in spiritual songs to represent death and passage to the afterlife.

During the first two seasons, the series used a gimmick whereby Jordan and her retired police detective father (Ken Howard) role-play the events leading up to that week's murder, which were depicted by showing Jordan playing the part of the victim or suspect in a recreation of the scene, the idea being that such role-playing would help Jordan to figure out the circumstances of the crime, like a criminal profiler. This element of the series was mostly dropped when Howard left the series as a regular; however, there were instances of Jordan role-playing with other characters, such as Woody and Macy.

After 6 seasons and 117 episodes, on May 14, 2007, the series was canceled by NBC.

Cast and characters

Season Medical Examiner Chief Medical Examiner Medical Examiner Grief Counselor Forensic / Technican Senior Detective Junior Detective
1 Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh

(Jill Hennessy)
Dr. Garret Macy

(Miguel Ferrer)
Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijay

(Ravi Kapoor)
Dr. Trey Sanders

(Mahershalalhashbaz Ali)
Lily Lebowski

(Kathryn Hahn)
Nigel Townsend

(Steve Valentine)
Lt. Max Cavanaugh

(Ken Howard)
Det. Woody Hoyt

(Jerry O'Connell)*
2 Dr. Elaine Duchamps

(Lorraine Toussaint)
3 Dr. Peter Winslow

(Ivan Sergei)
4 Vacant Det. Woody Hoyt

(Jerry O'Connell)
5 Det. Tallulah "Lu" Simmons

(Leslie Bibb)
6 Dr. Kate Switzer

(Brooke Smith)*
* Denotes character who hasn't appeared in opening credits, yet commonly appeared on the show

Main characters

  • Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy) – a medical examiner from Boston who solves crimes during the course of investigations. Jordan is emotionally scarred by her mother's murder when she [Jordan] was a child, indicated by significant trust issues that, until recently, severely limited her relationships with men. At the end of the sixth and final season, Jordan told Detective Hoyt that she loved him. She attended Boston Universitymarker and Tufts University School of Medicine.
  • Dr. Garret Macy (Miguel Ferrer) – the Chief Medical Examiner, Jordan's boss. Macy must deal with Jordan's erratic behavior as well as his confused family (he has a teenage daughter, Abby, but is divorced from his wife) and his own personal demons (Macy is an alcoholic). Garret has an affinity for jazz. He's been known to have had romantic entanglements with grief counselor Lily Lebowski, ADA Renee Walcott, Charlie Davis, and, obviously, his one-time wife, Maggie Warner. Garret has admitted to a drinking problem, after finding out his daughter, Abby, had become addicted to heroin upon dropping out of college and becoming involved with a heroin dealer.
  • Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijayaraghavensatyanaryanamurthy (Mahesh Vijay) (Ravi Kapoor) – a brilliant but shy forensic entomologist from Liverpoolmarker. He has feelings for Lily which, until the final episode of Season 5, were not reciprocated. In the beginning of Season 6, with the cancellation of Lily's wedding, his relationship with Lily is beginning to move forward. However, things may be complicated by Lily's unexpected pregnancy with her once to be husband, Jeffery. Bug has since taken it upon himself to make Lily move in with him and support her and the baby. In an episode called "Post Hoc", near the end of the final season, Bug disappears without a trace, to the great consternation of his colleagues. Dr. Macy makes inquiries and learns that Bug is being held incommunicado by the Department of Homeland Securitymarker, on suspicion of being a terrorist. He is finally released after an interrogation (not seen) that apparently included waterboarding, and is left deeply shaken by the experience.
  • Lily Lebowski (Kathryn Hahn) (Season 1 EP 2-8 recurring, Season 1 EP 9–Season 6 regular); the good-hearted grief counselor working in the medical examiner's office. Lily and Garret used to be romantically involved, but their developing relationship ended when Garret went back to his ex-wife for a brief period. Lily and Garret remained friends ever since. As season 2 rolled around Lily appeared to finally be over Garret only to have to deal with Bug. To complicate matters (for Bug—who’s still got feelings for Lily), the insensitive Detective Matt Seely appears to be trying to win Lily over (at times it seems he’s succeeding too). Lily’s mother died in April 2005 after being run down by a car. Bug thought Lily was adopted because her blood type differed from her newly deceased mother. Garret recently revealed the woman Lily thought to be her mother was really her aunt. In "Mysterious Ways", she tendered her resignation and accepted her boyfriend's marriage proposal. She eventually canceled the wedding (because she finally realized her feelings for Bug). Soon after, Lily received the surprising news that she was pregnant with Jeffery's baby, Madeleine. At the end of season 6, she moved in with Bug, after he wanted her and the baby to live with him.
  • Dr. Nigel Townsend (Steve Valentine) (Season 1 EP 1-9 recurring, Season 1 EP 10–Season 6 regular); a wise-cracking Britishmarker criminologist with leftist politics and an ambiguous personal life. He claimed to like girls ("Digger"), and had a girlfriend ("Forget Me Not"), yet there was some speculation that he might be bisexual. Often known for his dry humor and knowledge of everything from coffee to textiles. Nigel ran away from the Royal Navy, where he was a counter-intelligence officer. Nigel is sometimes thought to have feelings for Jordan, because of willingness to do whatever she asks despite the possibility of his losing his job as consequence. He was also not on speaking terms with his father, who still lives in Englandmarker, until some time before the episode "Murder in the Rue Morgue", in which he mentioned to Jordan he was glad he and his father are back in touch and he regrets having had no contact with him for so long. Relations with his father continue to be very rocky, however. In one episode early into the series it was mentioned that he had a tattoo of Betty Boop on his left buttock, but this was never later confirmed or denied. He is known for his technical savvy, and his use of the computer often leads to important clues.
  • Detective Woody Hoyt (Jerry O'Connell) (Seasons 1–3 recurring, 4–6 regular) – a police detective from Wisconsinmarker who often works with Jordan on her cases. Woody is also known to harbor romantic feelings for Jordan, who resists, preferring friendship because she believes it to be safer. On Jordan's birthday ("Embraceable You", Season 4), Woody gave her a diamond ring, a gesture that, according to Nigel, shows that Woody wants more from their relationship, but Jordan declined the ring. Premiered in the episode "Wrong Place, Wrong Time", he became a regular in Season 4. On the final episode of Season 4 ("Jump Push Fall"), Woody was shot by a cop killer and nearly died in the hospital, an event that prompted Jordan to confess her love. Many fans considered this a big step in the right direction for their relationship, but a recovering Woody turned her down, believing her declaration of romantic feelings to be motivated by pity. When a case took him to Las Vegasmarker, he started a flirtatious relationship with Sam Marquez (from sibling TV series Las Vegas). Based on events which happened in Season 4 episode of Las Vegas "History of Violins", the relationship seems to be off although he was apparently invited by Sam to Delinda Deline's wedding. He has a younger brother, Calvin (played by O'Connell's real-life brother Charlie O'Connell), a former alcohol and drug addict always getting into trouble.

Former characters

  • Max Cavanaugh (Ken Howard) (Season 1–3, Recurring Season 4); Jordan's father, an ex-cop-turned-bar-owner, who disappeared in the finale of Season 3 and reappeared in the episode "It Happened One Night." Ken Howard's appearance in the show was changed from regular cast to guest star.
  • Dr. Trey Sanders (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali) (Season 1) – a rather conservative medical examiner working on a grant, who left after the first season. Although his departure was not explained, it was assumed his grant either expired or was completed, and he had simply left for other work.
  • Dr. Elaine Duchamps (Lorraine Toussaint) (Season 2) – a medical examiner who joined the team in Season 2, often butting heads with Jordan and Garret as it appeared she was there to take over management of the Coroner's office from Macy. After finally developing a good working relationship with the staff, she died of E. coli in the episode "Perfect Storm", after saving Peter's life.
  • Dr. Peter Winslow (Ivan Sergei) (Season 1 one episode - Season 2 recurring, Season 3 Regular) – a recovering drug addict medical examiner who appeared in Seasons 2 and 3 and simply disappeared without explanation. Nigel makes a reference to Peter covering his shift in Thin Ice. So we can assume he's still on the payroll...suggesting Peter Winslow never left his job at the morgue and has simply been unseen for the last few seasons.
  • Detective Tallulah "Lu" Simmons (Leslie Bibb) (Season 5 regular; Season 6 recurring) – first appeared in Season 2, when she was assigned to work with Detective Hoyt on some of the psychological issues he endured while serving on the force. Since then, Lu became a frequent collaborator with the ME's office on cases and struck up a relationship with Hoyt; it's unknown how she dealt with Woody's long distance relationship with Sam Marquez. In the episode "33 Bullets" (6x03), she was killed after being shot during a Boston riot.

Recurring characters

  • DA Renee Walcott (Susan Gibney) – the district attorney who constantly clashed with Jordan. She also had a romantic relationship with Garret Macy, but it ended when she had an affair with her ex-husband and became pregnant (coinciding with Gibney's real-life pregnancy). She returned later in Season 4.
  • Det. Matt Seely (David Monahan) – a somewhat misogynistic detective who is the son of a newspaper mogul. He has the tendency to be insensitive and not to think before he speaks, subsequently annoying the characters in the show. He had shown particular interest in Lily Lebowski, and the relationship was being tentatively explored, but Seely was seen less and less in season 5, as Lily's relationship with Brandau grew (coinciding with another project Monahan was working on).
  • Doctor Howard Stiles (Wallace Shawn) – the resident psychiatrist who checks up on everyone's sanity from time to time (usually once every season), especially Jordan's. He flirts with Jordan, but seems to understand her commitment and abandonment issues very well, and is extremely gentle when counseling her.
  • Det. Roz Framus (Sandra Bernhard) – a recent acquisition to the recurring character list. She calls Bug "Buggles", which Bug hates, and often teases him for being a "Trekkie" and about him previously owning "Spock ears".
  • Emmy (Emy Coligado) – works as an assistant in the Medical Examiner's office. Emy has appeared in over 20 episodes of the show, starting with "Born to Run," the fourth episode of the first season.
  • ADA Jeffrey Brandau (Ethan Sandler) – a new member (as of Season 5) of the DA's office who began a romantic relationship with Lily, creating a love triangle of sorts between the two of them and Bug. Lily leaves him at the altar when she finally realizes she has feelings for Bug. He asks her to marry him again after he finds out that she's pregnant with his daughter, Madeleine, but she refuses.
  • Kate Switzer (Brooke Smith) – a new medical examiner, and the latest in a long line of antagonists to join the rest of the team in the morgue. Though she has learned to work better with her colleagues, her relationships with the staff, especially Jordan and Garret, remain strained at best. Although they tend to annoy each other, she sometimes appears to have feelings for Nigel. She has a Dandy Dinmont Terrier named Binky, and often threatens to feed people's kidneys to him.
  • James Horton (Michael T. Weiss) – James is Jordan’s half-brother. He is six years older than Jordan. Their mother had an affair with another police officer—Detective Malden. Max gave up James, and James was a criminal—his fingerprint was found at the scene of Jordan's mother's death. He is presumed dead after he jumped into the Charleston River, though his body was never recovered.
  • Dr. Devan Maguire (Jennifer Finnigan) (recurring role) – a pathology resident who appeared in 10 episodes, including one in which Jordan did not appear. Though she and Jordan butted heads and often gave the impression they didn’t like each other, Devan considered Jordan her friend. Devan was just beginning to develop a close relationship with Woody when she apparently died in a plane crash between Washington D.C.marker and Boston in the episode "Fire From the Sky."
  • Detective Annie Capra (Arija Bareikis) (recurring role) – a female detective partnered with Woody throughout Season 3.
  • Abby Macy (Alex McKenna (Recurring role) — Dr. Garret Macy's daughter, who became addicted to heroin upon dropping out of college and becoming involved with a heroin dealer.
  • Dr. Sidney Trumaine (Eugene Byrd) (recurring role) – a new medical examiner who clashed with Bug over power issues. Sidney also disappeared after Season 5's opener "There’s No Place Like Home II." Like Peter above, his name has been mentioned, leading to the assumption he is still working, albeit unseen, at the morgue.
  • J.D. Pollack (Charles Mesure) (recurring role) – a sometimes oily reporter who dated Jordan early in Season 5. Their relationship, which had at first mostly just been sexual, got serious enough that J.D. considered proposing, but things were off after Jordan slept with Woody in the episode "Loves Me Not." J.D. was found murdered at the end of Season 5.
  • William Ivers (Jeffrey Donovan) (recurring role) – a creepily charming attorney hired in Season 6 by the governor's office to investigate any questionable behavior within the morgue, aiming directly at Macy, although Jordan was a brief potential suspect. He disappointingly finds nothing wrong and later targets the morgue's current spending as an open door to major disaster, enforcing a new, strict budget depriving the morgue of much-needed equipment. This loss causes many problems in two important cases (Night of The Living Dead (6x06) and, especially, Isolation (6x08)), with the latter resulting in the new budget being revoked and Ivers' exit. He briefly returns in Dead Again (6x15), teaming up with Jordan when a woman presumed murdered from a case Ivers was prosecuting attorney 6 years prior somehow ends up dead in the morgue.
  • Det. Lois Carver (Amy Aquino) – a no-nonsense detective seen throughout season 1. She doesn't appear as frequently in season 2, is not seen at all in season 3, and only appears in two season 4 episodes ("Deja Past" and "Necessary risks").
  • Det. Eddie Winslow (DW Moffet) (Season 1) – This detective first appeared in early season 1, and it was clear that there was tension between him and Jordan. Gradually we find out why - Winslow was Max Cavanaugh's last partner on the force, who "ratted him out" leading to Max being kicked off the force. Eventually both Max and Jordan make their peace with Eddie, and he was set to be a strong character. Then he kind of tapered off near the end of Season 1.

Minor characters

  • D.A. Jay Myers (Brian Stokes Mitchell) – a district attorney whom Jordan briefly becomes involved with in Season 1. He first appears in "For Harry, With Love and Squalor" (1x19) in Max's bar as Jordan questions her love life & begins a (mainly) sexual relationship with him, not knowing his name or who he really is (and vice versa) until Jordan (as a witness) is questioned by Myers during trial. He reappears in "Someone to Count On" (1x21), as he comes asking for Jordan's help in prosecuting a 14 year old girl suspected of killing her mother.
  • Herman Redding (Jack Laufer) – an institutionalized triple-murderer who claimed to have knowledge of who killed Emily Cavanaugh, despite the fact that Emily had long since left the Hospital by the time he was transferred to. Redding left clue after clue about Emily for Jordan in "Secrets & Lies, Pt 1" (1x22), while investigating a series of murders staged to look like suicide, including an envelope with the same phantom fingerprint found in the original investigation. He later breaks his silence (after 10 years) to make a deal with Jordan. Get him out of there and prove his innocence in exchange for what Jordan wants from him.
  • Det. Luisa Santana (Camille Guaty) – a rising detective in the Boston Police Department who appears in the episode "Blue Moon" and again briefly in "Family Affair." Presumably, she is still with the force.
  • Oliver Titleman (Brian Kimmet) – a self-imagined forensics prodigy who fascinates himself with creating the perfect murder and stages elaborate killings to deceive the investigators. He has an unusual obsession with personally beating Dr. Macy at his own game. Oliver appears in episodes "Devil May Care" and "There's No Place Like Home II."
  • Calvin "Cal" Hoyt (Charlie O'Connell) – Woody's younger brother. He is first seen in the "Sunset Division" spinoff episode (2x20). Cal is reintroduced mid-way into season 4, with a backstory that paints him as a very charming, but equally troubled young man with a history of drug abuse, among other things, frequently saddling Woody with the responsibility. Cal not-so-coincidentally shows up in "Skin and Bone" (4x16), just as a mass grave full of mobsters is uncovered.
  • Arlene Lebowski (Lesley Ann Warren) – Lily's adoptive mother. She first appears in "Don't Look Back" (2x08), as it is apparent that she and Lily do not have the best of relationships. Arlene reappears in "Locard's Exchange" (4x17), visiting Lily yet again, but the visit is short-lived as Lily orders her out of her life and moments later, she is mortally wounded in a hit-and-run. As a result, Lily turns over a new leaf, even petitioning the justice system to make sure that the person who hit Arlene, a woman who believed she was her husband's mistress, gets due justice.
  • Det. Elliot Chandler (Boris Kodjoe) – A new detective who pops up for 2 episodes in Season 6.

Guest stars

Show information

Crossing Jordan premiered in 2001 on NBC; originally scheduled to debut on September 11, its launch was pushed back due to the terrorist attacks on that date. It has aired on Monday, Friday and then Sunday, its air date throughout the 2005–2006 season. For the 2006–2007 season, NBC had planned to move it back to Fridays at 8 pm beginning in October but replaced it with 1 vs. 100. NBC claimed that Crossing Jordan was such a strong show that it could be used anywhere in the schedule, yet only ordered 17 new shows for the new season, instead of the standard 22 or 23 shows that would constitute a "full" season order. NBC returned the show to its original time slot of 10 pm on Sundays starting on January 14, 2007, but changed to Wednesdays at 9 pm as of March 7, 2007.

The scientific aspects of the show are comparable to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, but come with a rock and roll sensibility owing to Jordan's psychological Sturm und Drang. The show is also less graphic than the CSI shows, and more character-driven.

In the first season, Hennessy was the only cast member to be shown in the opening credits, which featured a rewritten version of Bad Haggis' "REELS Part Two: My Love is In America" (from the CD "Trip") performed by bagpiper Eric Rigler. Starting with the second season, the show adopted more clinical credits where all of the major players were pictured, along with a more rock-like, less Irish-sounding opening theme.

The show was put on hiatus for the 2003–2004 season to accommodate Hennessy's real-life pregnancy, not returning to the airwaves until March 9, 2004. The previous cliffhanger plotline was dropped in a new episode, which featured a humorous subplot that paid homage to Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 film Rear Window.

Crossing Jordan was created by Tim Kring and was produced by Tailwind Productions in association with NBC Universal. Singer-songwriter duo Wendy and Lisa scored the music for the show. Eric Rigler's pipes and whistles can be heard in most episodes.

The inability of NBC to secure music rights has prevented the show, which relies heavily on pop music in its soundtrack, from being released on DVD. However on the blog, it was announced that this problem may soon be resolved.

The show was cancelled on May 14, 2007, after finishing the sixth season. Reruns air on A&E Monday through Friday at 7 a.m. and again at 2 p.m. Eastern Time.

Las Vegas crossover

Crossing Jordan is set in the same fictional universe as fellow NBC series Las Vegas. In the Season 4 episode "What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston", a case takes Jordan and Woody to Las Vegasmarker, where Woody got very well-acquainted with Montecito's host Sam Marquez (Vanessa Marcil), and the long-distance relationship lasted for a while. O'Connell appeared in five episodes of Las Vegas. Vanessa Marcil also appeared as Sam in two Crossing Jordan episodes.

Episode list

Season 1: 2001–2002

  • 1. [1-01] Pilot (24 September 2001)
  • 2. [1-02] The Dawn of a New Day (1 October 2001)
  • 3. [1-03] The Ties That Bind (8 October 2001)
  • 4. [1-04] Born to Run (15 October 2001)
  • 5. [1-05] You Can't Go Home Again (22 October 2001)
  • 6. [1-06] Believers (29 October 2001)
  • 7. [1-07] Sight Unseen (12 November 2001)
  • 8. [1-08] Digger (1) (19 November 2001)
  • 9. [1-09] Digger (2) (26 November 2001)
  • 10. [1-10] Blue Christmas (10 December 2001)
  • 11. [1-11] Wrong Place, Wrong Time (7 January 2002)
  • 12. [1-12] Blood Relatives (14 January 2002)
  • 13. [1-13] Miracles & Wonders (21 January 2002)
  • 14. [1-14] Four Fathers (28 January 2002)
  • 15. [1-15] Acts of Mercy (4 February 2002)
  • 16. [1-16] Lost and Found (25 February 2002)
  • 17. [1-17] Crime & Punishment (4 March 2002)
  • 18. [1-18] With Honor (18 March 2002)
  • 19. [1-19] For Harry, with Love and Squalor (8 April 2002)
  • 20. [1-20] The Gift of Life (15 April 2002)
  • 21. [1-21] Someone to Count On (29 April 2002)
  • 22. [1-22] Secrets & Lies (1) (6 May 2002)
  • 23. [1-23] Secrets & Lies (2) (13 May 2002)

Season 2: 2002–2003

  • 24. [2-01] There's No Place Like Home (23 September 2002)
  • 25. [2-02] Bombs Away (30 September 2002)
  • 26. [2-03] The Truth Is Out There (7 October 2002)
  • 27. [2-04] Pay Back (14 October 2002)
  • 28. [2-05] As If by Fate (21 October 2002)
  • 29. [2-06] One Twelve (11 November 2002)
  • 30. [2-07] Scared Straight (18 November 2002)
  • 31. [2-08] Don't Look Back (2 December 2002)
  • 32. [2-09] Prisoner Exchange (9 December 2002)
  • 33. [2-10] Ockham's Razor (6 January 2003)
  • 34. [2-11] Family Ties (13 January 2003)
  • 35. [2-12] Perfect Storm (27 January 2003)
  • 36. [2-13] Strangled (3 February 2003)
  • 37. [2-14] Wild Card (10 February 2003)
  • 38. [2-15] John Doe (24 February 2003)
  • 39. [2-16] Conspiracy (17 March 2003)
  • 40. [2-17] Cruel and Unusual (31 March 2003)
  • 41. [2-18] Fire and Ice (7 April 2003)
  • 42. [2-19] Dead Wives Club (14 April 2003)
  • 43. [2-20] Sunset Division (21 April 2003)
  • 44. [2-21] Pandora's Trunk (1) (28 April 2003)
  • 45. [2-22] Pandora's Trunk (2) (5 May 2003)

Season 3: 2004

  • 46. [3-01] Devil May Care (7 March 2004)
  • 47. [3-02] Slam Dunk (12 March 2004)
  • 48. [3-03] 'Til Death Do Us Part (14 March 2004)
  • 49. [3-04] Is That Plutonium in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me? (19 March 2004)
  • 50. [3-05] Dead or Alive (21 March 2004)
  • 51. [3-06] Second Chances (28 March 2004)
  • 52. [3-07] Missing Pieces (4 April 2004)
  • 53. [3-08] Most Likely (18 April 2004)
  • 54. [3-09] All the News Fit to Print (25 April 2004)
  • 55. [3-10] Revealed (9 May 2004)
  • 56. [3-11] He Said, She Said (16 May 2004)
  • 57. [3-12] Dead in the Water (23 May 2004)
  • 58. [3-13] Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? (6 June 2004)

Season 4: 2004–2005

  • 59. [4-01] After Dark (26 September 2004)
  • 60. [4-02] Out of Sight (3 October 2004)
  • 61. [4-03] Intruded (10 October 2004)
  • 62. [4-04] Deja Past (17 October 2004)
  • 63. [4-05] Justice Delayed (24 October 2004)
  • 64. [4-06] Blue Moon (31 October 2004)
  • 65. [4-07] What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston (7 November 2004)
  • 66. [4-08] Fire from the Sky (14 November 2004)
  • 67. [4-09] Necessary Risks (21 November 2004)
  • 68. [4-10] A Stranger Among Us (2 January 2005)
  • 69. [4-11] Murder in the Rue Morgue (9 January 2005)
  • 70. [4-12] Family Affair (30 January 2005)
  • 71. [4-13] You Really Got Me (13 February 2005)
  • 72. [4-14] Gray Murders (13 March 2005)
  • 73. [4-15] It Happened One Night (20 March 2005)
  • 74. [4-16] Skin and Bone (27 March 2005)
  • 75. [4-17] Locard's Exchange (10 April 2005)
  • 76. [4-18] Sanctuary (24 April 2005)
  • 77. [4-19] Embraceable You (1 May 2005)
  • 78. [4-20] Forget Me Not (8 May 2005)
  • 79. [4-21] Jump Push Fall (15 May 2005)

Season 5: 2005–2006

  • 80. [5-01] There's No Place Like Home II (25 September 2005)
  • 81. [5-02] Luck Be a Lady (2 October 2005)
  • 82. [5-03] Under the Weather (9 October 2005)
  • 83. [5-04] Judgement Day (16 October 2005)
  • 84. [5-05] Enlightenment (23 October 2005)
  • 85. [5-06] Total Recall (30 October 2005)
  • 86. [5-07] Road Kill (27 November 2005)
  • 87. [5-08] A Man in Blue (4 December 2005)
  • 88. [5-09] Death Goes on (11 December 2005)
  • 89. [5-10] Loves Me Not (8 January 2006)
  • 90. [5-11] The Elephant in the Room (15 January 2006)
  • 91. [5-12] Code of Ethics (22 January 2006)
  • 92. [5-13] Dreamland (29 January 2006)
  • 93. [5-14] Death Toll (12 March 2006)
  • 94. [5-15] Blame Game (19 March 2006)
  • 95. [5-16] Someone to Watch Over Me (26 March 2006)
  • 96. [5-17] Save Me (9 April 2006)
  • 97. [5-18] Thin Ice (16 April 2006)
  • 98. [5-19] Mysterious Ways (23 April 2006)
  • 99. [5-20] Mace vs. Scalpel (30 April 2006)
  • 100. [5-21] Don't Leave Me This Way (7 May 2006)

Season 6: 2007

  • 101. [6-01] Retribution (14 January 2007)
  • 102. [6-02] Shattered (21 January 2007)
  • 103. [6-03] 33 Bullets (28 January 2007)
  • 104. [6-04] Crazy Little Thing Called Love (11 February 2007)
  • 105. [6-05] Mr. Little and Mr. Big (18 February 2007)
  • 106. [6-06] Night of the Living Dead (25 February 2007)
  • 107. [6-07] Hubris (7 March 2007)
  • 108. [6-08] Isolation (14 March 2007)
  • 109. [6-09] Seven Feet Under (21 March 2007)
  • 110. [6-10] Fall From Grace (28 March 2007)
  • 111. [6-11] Faith (4 April 2007)
  • 112. [6-12] Sleeping Beauty (11 April 2007)
  • 113. [6-13] Post Hoc (18 April 2007)
  • 114. [6-14] In Sickness & In Health (25 April 2007)
  • 115. [6-15] Dead Again (2 May 2007)
  • 116. [6-16] D.O.A. (9 May 2007)
  • 117. [6-17] Crash (16 May 2007)

2006–2007 season

Ratings per episode

  • [6-01] "Retribution": 6.8 million viewers
  • [6-02] "Shattered": 7.6 million viewers
  • [6-03] "33 Bullets": 7.9 million viewers (41st place)
  • [6-04] "Crazy Little Thing Called Love": 8.1 million viewers
  • [6-05] "Mr. Little and Mr. Big": 7.0 million viewers (65th place)
  • [6-06] "Night of the Living Dead": 6.7 million viewers
  • [6-07] "Hubris": 8.0 million viewers
  • [6-08] "Isolation": 7.4 million viewers
  • [6-09] "Seven Feet Under": 6.1 million viewers
  • [6-10] "Fall From Grace": 7.0 million viewers
  • [6-11] "Faith": 7.6 million viewers
  • [6-12] "Sleeping Beauty": 6.2 million viewers
  • [6-13] "Post Hoc": 6.9 million viewers
  • [6-14] "In Sickness & In Health": 6.4 million viewers
  • [6-15] "Dead Again": 5.9 million viewers
  • [6-16] "D.O.A.": 5.3 million viewers
  • [6-17] "Crash": 6.4 million viewers

Originally, the show was going to appear on Sunday nights after the football season ended in January, but it was then scheduled to premiere on October 20, 2006 and to be on Friday nights with Medium being put into the after-football Sunday night slot. It was scheduled to air at 8 pm Eastern/Pacific and 7 pm Central/Mountain, but NBC decided to avoid showing scripted programming at that hour. The season premiere was preempted in favor of 1 vs. 100, a game show hosted by Bob Saget.The season premiere ran on January 14, 2007 at 10 pm Eastern/Pacific and 9pm Central.A crossover episode of Las Vegas in which the Crossing Jordan cast appears was aired on November 17, 2006. Beginning March 7, 2007, the show moved to a new time slot, Wednesday 9/8C.

Series finale

Originally, the finale for the sixth season was promoted as a cliff-hanger. A plane crash which left all of the main characters (with the exception of Lily) stranded atop a mountain with little hope of being discovered was reported to end with no resolution, as the story would pick up at the onset of a subsequent season. But, once NBC decided against renewing Crossing Jordan for a seventh year, fans were treated to a different ending. Medical examiner Jordan ultimately confronted her held-in feelings for police detective Woody and finally professed her love. Furthermore, all of the characters were rescued in the final moments of the series. The ending provided fuel to rumors that producers recorded two endings to the finale: one in case the series would be renewed, and another in case the series would not be.

DVD release

On May 6, 2008, Universal Studios Home Entertainment released the first season of Crossing Jordan on DVD in Region 1.

DVD name Release date Ep # Additional information
The Complete First Season May 6, 2008 23
  • Featurette: A Conversation With Tim Kring and Allan Arkush
  • Featurette: Jill Hennessy and Allan Arkush talk about Jordan
  • Commentary on Select Episodes
  • Deleted Scenes


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