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The culture of Akronmarker is shaped by the rubber industry, immigration, the city's location and variety, history, and notable natives. Many major American cultural movements first emerged in the city. As the rubber industry was booming, so was the city's population, drawing worldwide immagrants. Akron became a melting pot in the early 20's, descendents from different racial groups significantly help define the worldwide cuisine. Ferdinand Schumacher aka The Oatmeal King, before founding the German Mills American Oatmeal Company and creating the first breakfast cereal also co-founding the Quaker Oats Company, would serve oatmeal around Akron from his bike. The Menches Brothers, who invented the waffle ice cream cone and caramel corn, are also disputed inventors of the hamburger, which has become a common global food. Aside from the North Hill neighborhood of Akron's history in jazz during the early 1900s, for decades Akron has produced musicians in many of genres. Major artist from Akron include Howard Hewett, Chrissie Hynde (who owns The VegiTerranean restaurant in the Northside Lofts), Devo, James Ingram (whose younger brother is Phillip Ingram), Buckner & Garcia, Rubber City Rebels, The Black Keys, and Chino Nino. Another mainstream performer was rap group V.E.C. whose highest rated song dubbed the city with the nickname "AK-Rowdy".NBA Superstar, Lebron James, stated that he had always wanted to put Akron on the "map" since he was a kid. After becoming a successful basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron went on to design shoes with Akron origin, such as the map, school colors, and the skyline being featured on various locations of the shoes. Chris Bryant, another Akron native, designed Jump Man along with Nike in 2009. The same year becoming MVP, Lebron James starred in More Than a Game, directed by native Kristopher Belman and features local St. Vincent–St. Mary High Schoolmarker basketball team largely filmed in Akron. Akron has served as the setting for several major films, episodes of television series, books, announced as the birthplace of many fictional characters , served as the setting for a video game, and has inspired a pizza shop in a comic strip.


The city is the birthplace of former Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress Rita Dove, whose book Thomas and Beulah largely took place in Akron, and make references to landmarks such as, the All-America Bridge, Quaker Square silos, and the constant smell of burned rubber and oats, deemed the Perfume of Akron. The city is also the hometown of Former literary editor of Esquire, Adrienne Miller, who wrote the novel, The Coast of Akron.

Comic Books

The local pizza shop in Akron, Luigi's, is the inspiration for the pizza shop, Montoni's, in the comic strip Funky Winkerbean, written by native comic strip creator Tom Batiuk. In the Flaming Carrot Comics, Iron City, where the Carrot lives, was made similar to Akron and another working-stiff town, Pittsburgh.

Video Games

In the award winning first-person-shooter PC platform video game, No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way, main character, Cate, heads to Akron in search of clues at the former residence of Melvin Blitzny. The stage is set in South Akron, where she fights female ninjas during a tornado.

Popular Music

Akron has also produced a diverse range of popular musical artists, such as:

Movie and television series appearances

  • Scenes from ...All the Marbles (reissued as The California Dolls) were shot mostly on Akron's eastside by the Goodyear factory and downtown at the Akron wrestling arena.
  • In Animal Planet 's Animal Miracles Season 1 episode 10 Hospital Pony, Petie is a miniature pony-cross who lives at a therapeutic riding academy in Akron, Ohio.
  • The CBS comedy "Im in Hell" is the story of a Wall Street corporate exec. who dies in a car crash, but because hell is at full capacity, he is reassigned to Hell on Earth which is Akron, Ohio.
  • In Katt Williams American Hustle on his comedy tour he travels through Akron while in the state of Ohio.
  • In the Bewitched episode 88, hoping to show up Gladys Kravitz's nephew, Flash, Samantha offers a helping hand to young soapbox racer Johnny Mills during the Akron, Ohio Soapbox Derby.
  • In the 2008 movie Blackout main character CJ was killed for an Akron born Lebron James number 23 jersey near the end of the movie. On Aug. 14, FirstEnergy 's 550-megawatt, coal-fired Eastlake power plant in Ohio stopped running at 2 p.m. In response, FirstEnergy began to pull roughly 20 percent of its load of electricity out of Michigan to meet its needs. This transfer overloaded several transmission lines, causing them to trip. Non-FirstEnergy plants in Ontario, Canada, began supplying energy to the underpowered Michigan market, which then led to overload on those transmission lines. This movement of power in Canada deprived New Yorkmarker of power it had relied on, which led to the blackouts there.
  • During the three-hour long MTV's Busted Live, which aired October 4, Tony Yayo broadcasted live from MTV’s Times Square studio, as MTV cameras joined police patrols in Calvert County, Maryland and Akron, Ohio.
  • In CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode 9.02 - The Happy Place, lab results show that Scott and Paula didn’t share any DNA markers. Lexi, however, is Scott and Paula’s child. Records show that Paula worked in Akron, Ohio, until 2 years before.
  • Gilmore Girls episode The Ins and Outs of Inns, during the requisite Friday night dinner, Emily and Rory discuss the fact that poor Richard is on business in Akron, Ohio and he had to actually eat in a diner the other night.
  • History Detectives Season 1 episode 2 The Mid West Sears Home The Place: Akron, Ohio, the History Detectives investigate whether or not Sears & Roebuck could have built this home during the industrial boom.
  • In the 1999 film In Too Deep, based on a true story, the main character, Officer Cole, goes undercover posing as a drug dealer named J. Reid from Akron.
  • In the television series Jake 2.0 Season 1 episode 4 Arms and the Girl, in the last scene when Jake is talking about where he is from, he say he is from Akron, Ohio.
  • In Mickey Mouse Club C-049—Young Soap Box racers Chris Noyes and Diane Mills are featured in a Mouseketeer Adventure Special all about racing in the Soap Box Derby at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio.
  • The MYOB is about a girl named Riley Veatch who was adopted, then orphaned, and has grown up in the foster care system. At age 16 she leaves Akron, Ohio and sets out in search of her birth mother in California.
  • 1989 movie My Name is Bill W. is set in Akron, Ohio, in the 1930s, is based on the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • My Own Worst Enemy episode 1.01: Breakdown, Edward heads into the elevator at Janus to make his switch to Henry Spivey, his alter personality, before entering the AJ Sun offices. The personality switch is triggered in the elevator where memories from Henry's fake trip are transplanted to seem authentic. Edward goes "to sleep" and wakes up as Henry. Henry is greeted by his assistant at the AJ Sun elevato after returning from a conference in Akron, Ohio.
  • In Stephen King 's movie and novel Needful Things, the supernatural mysterious Mr. Leland Gaunt claims to be from Akron, Ohio and has had ran a business there.
  • Monica Wilder in thhe Nip Tuck episode Monica Wilder is a college student who applies for a job as Juila and Sean's night nurse. Who then after an affair with Sean decides to return back to Akron.
  • Fictional character Jiminy Glick played by Martin Short from Primetime Glick is from Akron, Ohio.
  • On the Prison Break episode The Message Bellick informs the Agent that the quotes used by Michael are chapter titles in the Alcoholics Anonymous book, by analysing the chapters in the book, Mahone quickly discovers that Michael is planning to rendezvous with Sara at the St. Thomas Hospitalmarker in Akron, Ohio.
  • Private Practice Past Tense Episode 13, Coop tells a little about himself, he's from Akron, Ohio he worked at a camp in Indiana which is where he realized he liked working with kids.
  • Remote Planet episode 072 The Night Shift
  • Rescue 911 Season 7 episode 12, documentary follows premature baby's stay at the neo-natal intensive care unit at Children's Hospital November 15, 1994 Akron, Ohio.
  • In the Robot Chicken episode "Badunkadunk, in the Where Are They Now segment of "Toy Meets Girl," Beast Man is currently dodging child support payments while living under an assumed name in Akron, Ohio.
  • In the Rugrats season 3 episode 25 "Cradle Attraction/Moving Away" it reveals that Stu, Didi, and Tommy moved from Akron to where they're living now.
  • Native of Akron, Ohio, Mark Mothersbaugh Devo did the music for every episode of the Rugrats . He was joined with Denis M. Hannigan for the first 65 shows and Bob Mothersbaugh and Rusty Andrews for all shows since 1996.
  • The best of SCTV Special 1: Indira, live at the Akron Arena (4/1-2).
  • In the Seinfeld episode "The Comeback", after discovering that Riley was let go from the Yankees and now works for Firestone, George flies to Akron, Ohio, sets up a meeting, and brings a tray of shrimp just to try out the jerk store line.
  • In the television series Shark Season 1 episode 22 Wayne's World 2: Revenge of the Shark, Sebastian Stark: Wayne Callison was born at All Saints Hospital in Akron, Ohio, February 8, 1961.
  • The true crime television series Snapped Season 6 episode #609 Cynthia George, the former beauty queen and Akron socialite Cynthia George.
  • The 1983 movie "The Instructor" about Bendell's self-defense school in Akron Ohio who is going against a school run by his rival.
  • In the NBC television show The Office, the fictional business Dunder Mifflin has an office located in Akron, Ohio.
  • In the Venture Bros. Season 1 episode 4 The Incredible Mr. Brisby Brock and Molotov Cocktease speak of an encounter they had in Akron, Ohio at a Laser Zeppelin show.
  • The television series "The Virgin of Akron, Ohio" is set in Akron.
  • A fact in the Virginia, Ohio, Idaho, Alabama, North Dakota episode of The States on History Channel stated "The Gravity Grand Prix" has been an annual event in Akron, Ohio, since the 1930s and today draws 500 young entrants from around the nation and also had the first polise patrol automobile.
  • On the MTV show The Real Real World episode July 17 Leviticus' return Location: Akron, Ohio Occupation: Strippers.

Murder&Mystery shows

  • American Justice episode 186 - Who Killed Hannah Hill? is the story of 18-year-old Hannah Hill of Akron, Ohio.
  • In the HBO series Autopsy episode 6: Secrets of the Dead The Margo Prade Story, November 26, 1997 in Akron, OH.
  • In the television series City Confidential season 4 the episode titled Akron: Brother Against Brother takes place in the city.
  • Cold Case Files episode 120 (Abandoned Houses / A Son's Memory) occurred in the city of Akron.
  • In the television series Murder by the Book season 2 episode 2 is the story of the murder of Jeff Zack of Akron, Ohio.
  • On tru TV 's Psychic Detective "Officer Down" season 3 episode 19, narcotic officer Gary Yost of Akron, Ohio is shot dead.
  • The Sensing Murder episode "Missing Teens" on Discovery Channel August 24 1979, high school sweethearts 17-year-old Mary Leonard and 19-year-old Ricky Beard of Akron, Ohio vanishes.


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