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Cut and similar may refer to:
  • A type of wound, usually a laceration or incision into the skin
  • Cut , removal of soil or rock, as opposed to fill
  • Cut , an immediate transition to a new shot
  • Cut , a 2000 novel
  • Cut , an Australian film starring Molly Ringwald and Kylie Minogue
  • Cut , a 2009 advertisement for the charitable organisation Women's Aid
  • Cut , dividing a deck of cards for randomness before dealing
  • Cut , a garment's style, as opposed to its fabric or trim
  • Cut , a "negative" archaeological context representing the removal of part of the archaeological record at the time of the cut's creation
  • Cut , the finishing process applied to a rough gemstone
  • Weight cutting, the practice of rapid weight loss prior to a sporting competition
  • The act of circumcision, or having been circumcised



  • Cut, Albamarker, a commune in Alba County, Romania
  • Cut River, a river in Michigan, United States


  • cut , a command to read only certain parts of lines
  • Cut , a way to indicate that further solutions need not be checked

In music

  • Cut , a certain repetition in African American music
  • The cut drum, a Grenadan folk drum
  • Cut , 1979
  • Cut , 1982
  • Cut , 1992
  • Cut , 1998
  • Cut , 2000
  • "Cut"
  • "Cut", a song by The Cure on their album Wish

Illegal drugs

Phrases starting with "cut"


  • Cuts, a television series on UPN

As an acronym

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