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For the album by Styx, see Cyclorama ; for the theatrical backdrop, see Cyclorama
Pleven Panorama from the inside
Pleven Panorama from the outside
cyclorama is a panoramic painting on the inside of a cylindrical platform, designed to provide a viewer standing in the middle of the cylinder with a 360° view of the painting. The intended effect is to make a viewer, surrounded by the panoramic image, feel as if they were standing in the midst of a historic event or famous place.

Panoramas were invented by Irishman Robert Barker, who wanted to find a way to capture the panoramic view from Calton Hillmarker in central Edinburghmarker, Scotlandmarker. He subsequently opened his first cyclorama in Edinburgh in 1787.

Cycloramas were very popular in the late 19th century. The most popular traveled from city to city to provide local entertainment — much like a modern movie. As the viewers stood in the center of the painting, there would often be music and a narrator telling the story of the event depicted. Sometimes dioramas were constructed in the foreground to provide additional realism to the cyclorama. Circular and hexagonal-shaped buildings were constructed in almost every major US and European city to provide a viewing space for the cycloramas, and hundreds of cycloramas were produced during their heyday. However, only about thirty survive.

Some notable cycloramas still in existence include:

An extension of this concept into motion pictures was pioneered with the invention of the Cinéorama that debuted at the 1900 Paris Exposition, and modern versions can be seen today at places like EPCOT Centermarker's China Pavilion using Circle-Vision 360°marker.

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