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Cypriot Maronite Arabic (also known as Cypriot Arabic, Maronite, or Sanna) is one of the most divergent of Arabic varieties, spoken in Cyprusmarker, especially by the Maronite community. Most speakers are situated in the capital, Nicosiamarker, but others are located in Kormakitimarker and Limassolmarker. The majority of speakers are over 30 years of age, as many in the younger generations only speak Cypriot Greek, partially because of inter-marriage with Greek-speaking Cypriots. The language was first introduced to the island by Arab Maronites fleeing Lebanonmarker or Syriamarker in the 8th century. The dialect of Arabic has been very heavily influenced by Greek in both phonology and vocabulary, while retaining certain unusually archaic features in other respects.



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