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DCDC2 is a gene that has been identified with the development of dyslexia. Precisely how it contributes to the disorder remains unclear. It is thought that the gene may affect the migration of nerve cells in the brain as it evolves.

Youth psychologists at the universities of Marburgmarker and W├╝rzburgmarker analysed blood samples taken from families with dyslexic children in order to locate the cause of the disorder. They eventually located the gene in the region of Chromosome 6, which had already been indicated by scientists from the United States of Americamarker and Englandmarker in connection with reading and spelling disabilities. The Germanmarker-Swedishmarker team went even further, identifying within the region a single gene which, as found among German children, is apparently an important factor in the emergence of dyslexia.

Changes in the DCDC2 gene were frequently found among dyslexics. Altered alleles often occurred among children with reading and writing difficulties. The gene appears to have a strong linkage with the processing of speech information when writing. Locating this gene may provide researchers with part of the reason why dyslexia occurs. The discovery of the gene and its function may lead to early and more accurate diagnoses and more effective educational programs to address the unique needs of people with dyslexia.

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