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Daddy's Little Girls is a 2007 romantic drama film written and directed by Tyler Perry and produced by Reuben Cannon and Roger Bobb. Filming began June 19, 2006, in Atlantamarker. This film was released on February 14, 2007 by Lions Gate Entertainment.


Monty James (Idris Elba) is a respected and hard-working mechanic who has three daughters: China (China Anne McClain), Lauryn (Lauryn Alisa McClain), and Sierra (Sierra Aylina McClain). He has dreams of owning his own shop someday. Monty's children have been cared for by their maternal grandmother for many years. However, he realizes she is dying from lung cancer and she dies within a few weeks. His ex (Tasha Smith), Jennifer, disrupts the tranquility of the service and demands that her daughters live with her. Jennifer later tells Monty that she is suing for custody. Strapped for cash and hoping to make his dream reality, Monty accepts help from Maya (Malinda Williams), an employment agency worker. Maya recommends Monty as a driver for Julia Rossmore (Gabrielle Union), an attorney in Atlanta.

Julia’s friends, Brenda (Terri J. Vaughn) and Cynthia (Tracee Ellis Ross), set Julia up on a blind date with Byron (Craig Robinson), who is very loud and obnoxious. When Monty and Julia meet, she is uptight, pushy, and insists on having everything done on schedule. Monty also finds out his eldest daughter accidentally started a fire in his home. Social Services were notified and the children were sent to live with their mother and her boyfriend, Joe (Gary Sturgis). Julia, sitting in the car, goes into the hospital to demand Monty take her home, but sees Social Services sending his children to live with Jennifer. Monty returns to his day job as a mechanic and finds the owner Willie (Louis Gossett Jr.) has been injured in a robbery attempt. Willie offers to sell the shop to Monty for a $10,000 deposit. Monty later goes to Julia for help, but she refuses, leaving Monty to defend himself. However, during the court case, Julia walks in and defends him.

The next evening, Monty goes to see Julia, who is astonished to see that Monty has provided for his daughters their entire lives. Julia finishes Monty’s case preparation and Monty walks Julia out of the office to her car. Monty discovers it is her 32nd birthday and takes her to his favorite jazz club. Eventually, Julia dances with Monty. As they are traveling home, Julia kisses Monty and asks him to spend the night. Monty is willing but Julia is too drunk and vomits. Julia changes her mind and tells Monty to go home. Over the next few weeks, Julia begins to feel confused. Monty is a decent guy, but she is a successful woman trying to find a successful man. She goes to see Monty and his daughters. There, one of Julia’s girlfriends confronts her – reminding Julia that she has to be conscious of decisions which impact her career. Monty overhears Julia’s friend and is hurt.

The child custody hearing date arrives. Julia arrives and asks the judge to award custody to Monty since it would be in the best interest of the children. Jennifer’s lawyer says that Monty is irresponsible due to an earlier conviction of statutory rape. Julia feels betrayed because she didn’t hear this information from Monty earlier. Consequently, she leaves the courtroom and refuses to see Monty again. Julia tells Monty that custody will be awarded to Jennifer. Monty returns home distraught. Early one morning, he hears a knock on his door. His daughters have come to tell him that they were physically abused. All of the neighbors know Joe is a thug but they have been intimidated so they will not testify against him for drug activities. Monty hugs all of his daughters and puts them to bed. Monty gets in his car to drive and coincidentally, Jennifer and Joe are in their car on an intersecting road. After Monty's Chevy Monte Carlo crashes into Jennifer and Joe's Chrysler 300C, Monty goes over to their car and begins to beat Joe senseless. Meanwhile, the neighbors arrive at the intersection to see what is happening. When Joe’s thugs attack Monty, the neighbors hold them back. The car collision and aftermath make the local news. Monty is identified as "the high-school basketball star who was falsely accused of rape" and Julia realizes she misjudged him.

Monty, Joe, Jennifer, and all of the neighbors are in court. Joe and Jennifer are on trial because the police arrived at the scene and found a large stash of drugs in the trunk of Joe’s car and in his compound. When the judge states they won't face trial because there are no witnesses, the entire neighborhood stands up in court, causing them to go to jail. Monty stands before the judge next. Again, Julia arrives just in time. Julia asks for a moment with her client. She apologizes to Monty for not hearing his side of the story. Julia asks if Monty will accept her help and Monty agrees, as long as he can get the custody of his children. Julia defends Monty in court for battery charges. The judge asks for witnesses and none of the neighbors recall seeing Monty hit Joe. Monty is released from police custody. Monty and Julia return to the auto shop and are met by the entire neighborhood to celebrate. They find that the auto shop no longer belongs to Willie, but it now named "MONTY’S."


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Daddy's Little Girls was released on Blu-ray Disc and DVD.


Atlantic Records released Music from the motion picture: Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls, in stores and online on January 16, 2007. Among the highlights of the album is "Family First," the first-ever recording by the Houston Family -- Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, and Cissy Houston. The song "Cant let You Go" by Anthony Hamilton is not on the soundtrack.

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