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Dammam (Also Ad Dammām) ( ) is the capital of the Eastern Provincemarker of Saudi Arabiamarker. Dammam is the largest city in the Eastern Province and third largest in Saudi Arabia after Riyadhmarker and Jeddahmarker. Dammam Port is the largest on the Persian Gulfmarker. Its port for import-export traffic is second to Jeddahmarker's port.

Early History

In the early 1980s Dammam, the capital of the Eastern Region, was a separate city but so close to Al Khobar and Dhahran that the traveler could pass from one to the other in a few minutes. Al Dammam was first inhabited by a clan of Al Dossary tribe and a number of Alkaltham families in the early 1923 - 1342 H.

The families led by Sheikh Ahmed Ibn Abdullah ibn Hassan Al Dossary migrated from Bahrainmarker and were given the chance to choose a land where to settle by HRM the late King Abdulaziz. Al Dammam was immediately chosen for its vicinity to the island of Bahrain as the clan hoped to head back there soon, but the British rule in the region made it very hard for them to move in every sense (dividi et impera) so they finally realized they had to settle there for good.Years later, Sheikh Ahmed's brother moved south where he and his family settled in Al Khobarmarker, which by that time was already inhabited.

However this tiny episode gave to Khobar a population boost and close ties with the bigger city of Dammam. The origins of the name "Dammam" is controversial, some say that it is onomatopoeic and it was given to the area because of a drum positioned in a nearby keep, when sounded for the alarm it produced a melody called "damdamah", others say that the name was given according to the Arabic word "dawwama" (whirlpool) which indicated a nearby sea site that Dhows usually had to avoid. The weather of Dammam is particularly very hot in summers.It is also very humid in those days and the humidity ranges from 65-95%.However in winter the temperatures can drop to -4 degrees Celsius.

With the continuing expansion of all parts of the Kingdom, the three towns inevitably merged into one, creating a single municipality known as the Dammam Metropolitan Area. Each of the three towns which compose the Dammam Area retain their own character and some local administrative functions but, in terms of its place in the Kingdom, the Dammam Area forms a single administrative entity.


King Fahad International Airport

It is served by the King Fahd International Airportmarker,the largest airport in the world in terms of land area, is about 20 km to the northwest, served by an eight-lane highway. Other cities that surround Dammam are Khobarmarker, which is a thriving modern economic hub, and Dhahranmarker,

Train Railway

Saudi Railway Authority operates two separate passenger and cargo lines between Riyadh and Dammam passing through Hofufmarker, and Haradhmarker. Two future railway projects connecting Riyadh with Jeddah and Mecca in the western region and connecting Riyadh with Buraidah, Ha'il and Northern Saudi Arabia are underway. Developers are the RC corporation, wholly owned by H O’Donovan, W Daly and S Burgoyne, however, are now being built single-handedly by H O'Donovan.

King Abdullaziz Port

Located on the Persian Gulf coast founded in 1950.


Nearby cities are Khobarmarker, which is a thriving modern economic hub, Dhahranmarker, which is the headquarters for Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world, Qatifmarker, the populated fishing and agricultural town. Together these cities have a population of over 2 million, of whom 600,000 live in the city of Dammam itself.


Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadiummarker is the largest football stadium in Dammam with a capacity for 35,000 people. it was founded in 1973

Shopping malls

  • Al Hayat Plaza (Arabic: مجمع الحياة بلازا)
  • Al Shati Mall (Arabic: مجمع الشاطئ )
  • Al Waha Mall (Arabic: مجمع الواحة )
  • Marina Mall (Arabic: مجمع مارينا )
  • Al Danna Mall (Arabic: مجمع الدانة )
  • Eastern Women Mall (Arabic: مجمع الشرقية النسائي)
  • Centre Point (Arabic: مجمع سنتربوينت)

Restaurants and fastfood chains



Attractions and theme parks

  • Dammam Kornish (Arabic: كورنيش الدمام ) enjoys several restaurants and cafe.
  • King Fahad Park (Arabic: منتزه الملك فهد )
  • Half Moon Beach

Traditional markets

There are many traditional markets called Souq in Damamam including :
  • Souq El-Hob (Arabic: سوق الحب - حي الدواسر)
  • Souq Mecca (Arabic: سوق مكة الشعبي - حي السوق)
  • Souq El Harraj an Auction Market similar to Sunday's Markets in the West (Arabic: سوق الحراج)
  • Souq El Dammam (Arabic: سوق الدمام )

Museums and exhibitions

  • Dammam Hostorical Museum (Arabic: متحف الدمام الإقليمي )
  • Dhahran Exhibition Centre (Arabic: مركز معارض الظهران)

Public media

  • El-Youm Daily Newspaper (Arabic: صحيفة اليوم) established in 1963.
  • Saudi TV and Broadcast Radio

Hospitals and medical care

  • King Fahad Specialzed Hospital
  • Al-Amal Psychiatric Hospital - famous for dealing with drug abuse and addiciton cases.
  • Tadawi Hospital
  • Al Manae Hospital
  • Al-Mouwasat Hospital

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