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International versions of Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is the name of a group of international television series based on the format of the British TV series Strictly Come Dancing, which is distributed by BBC Worldwide - the commercial arm of the BBC. Currently the format has been licensed to more than 30 countries, Australia was the first country to adapt the BBC show, and versions have also been produced in the United Statesmarker with Dancing with the Stars, Argentinamarker, Austriamarker, Belgiummarker, Bosnia and Herzegovinamarker, Brazilmarker, Bulgariamarker, Chilemarker, Chinamarker, Croatiamarker, The Czech Republicmarker, Denmarkmarker, Estoniamarker, Finlandmarker, Germanymarker, India, Israelmarker, Italymarker, Japanmarker, Latviamarker, The Netherlandsmarker, New Zealandmarker, Norwaymarker, Polandmarker, Romaniamarker, Russiamarker, Slovakiamarker, Sloveniamarker, South Africa, Swedenmarker, and Ukrainemarker. As a result, this contest became the world's most popular television program among all genres in 2006 and 2007, according to the magazine Television Business International, reaching the Top 10 in 17 countries.The show pairs a number of celebrities with professional ballroom dancers, who each week compete by performing dances. These are then given scores by a panel of judges. Viewers are given a certain amount of time to place votes on their favorite dancers, either by telephone or (in some countries) by the Internet. The couple with the lowest combined score (judges plus viewers) is eliminated, and continue in the next week. This process continues until there are only two or three couples left, at which point one couple is declared the champion.

Franchise records

Cheryl Burke, Julianne Hough, Raimondo Todaro, Stefano Oliveri and Kelly Kainz made international Dancing With The Stars franchise history by becoming the only professional dancers to win two back-to-back championships. Ms. Burke won her first Dancing With The Stars USA Championship with the 98 Degrees boy band member Drew Lachey in the second season, and she won her second championship with American National Football League star Emmitt Smith in the third season. Julianne Hough won her first championship with the Olympic Speed Skating Gold Medalist Apolo Anton Ohno in the fourth season, and her second championship with the Indianapolis 500marker champion Helio Castroneves in the fifth season. Raimodo Todaro won his first championship in the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars called "Ballando con le stelle" with the former Miss Italy and television hostess Cristina Chiabotto during the show's second season. He won again with the Olympic long jump silver medalist Fiona May during the show's third season. Stefano Oliveri won his first championship on Dancing with the Stars New Zealand with his dance partner Suzanne Paul, an infomercial hostess in New Zealand during Season three, and he won his second title during Season four with the New Zealandermarker netball champion Temepara George. Kelly Kainz won her first championship on the Austrian version of Dancing with the Stars with singer Manuel Ortega in the second season, and she won her second title in season three with singer, comedian and TV host Klaus Eberhartinger.

Mark Ballas and Andy Kainz are the only professional dancers to win two seasons that were not back-to-back. Mark Ballas won in Season six of the American version with his partner Kristi Yamaguchi, and he won in Season eight with his partner Shawn Johnson. Mark also has had the distinction of being the only male professional dancer to win in any two seasons. Andy Kainz, the husband of Kelly Kainz, won in the first season of the Austrian version of Dancing with the Stars with musical singer Marika Lichter, and he won again in season five with journalist and TV host Claudia Reiterer. Together, Andy and Kelly Kainz won four out of five championships in Austria.

In New Zealand, Carol-Ann Hickamore is the only female professional dancer to win. She won in the Season two with the former rugby player Norm Hewitt. Ms. Hickamore later became a dancing judge for Seasons three and four after the Season one judge Donna Dawson had to leave the program. In Austria, Andy Kainz is the only male professional dancer to win.

Julianne Hough became the youngest professional dancer in Dancing with the Stars in the United States when she danced with the speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno during Season four at the age of 18.

Shawn Johnson became the youngest contestant on Dancing with the Stars in the United States in Season eight at the age of 17. She went on to become the youngest-ever winner of the dance contest.

Kym Johnson, Tobias Karlsson, Ingrid Thompson, Stefano Olivieri, Hayley Holt, Brian Fortuna, Kimberley Smith, Csaba Szirmai and Natalie Lowe have appeared on two different versions of Dancing with the Stars. Ms. Johnson has danced on the American and the Australian versions of the show, while Tobias Karlsson has appeared in both the Danish and the Swedish versions. Ingrid Beate Thompson appeared in the Norwegian and the Swedish versions of the show. Csaba Szirmai and Stefano Olivieri appeared in both the Australian and the New Zealander versions. Hayley Holt appeared in the New Zealander version of Dancing with the Stars and also in "Strictly Come Dancing" in Great Britain. Kimberley Smith appeared in both the Belgian and the Dutch versions. Brian Fortuna danced one season in the United States, and he has next signed up to compete in Strictly Come Dancing. Natalie Lowe took part in Dancing with the Stars Australia 2004-2008 but is now dancing with Ricky Whittle in Strictly Come Dancing UK. Brendan Cole is a judge in the New Zealand TV series, and he is a professional dancer in the British version of the show, Strictly Come Dancing. There, he won the first series with the British TV news announcer, Natasha Kaplinsky. Kym Johnson is the only professional dancer to win on 2 different versions of Dancing with the Stars.

Edyta Sliwinska is the only professional dancer in Dancing with the Stars to appear in every one of the American seasons. In the original British version of the TV program, Strictly Come Dancing, Anton du Beke, Erin Boag, and Brendan Cole have danced in each season.

In the New Zealander version, Rebecca Nicholson is the only professional dancer to have appeared in every season.

Jill Halfpenny and Darren Bennett were the first couple ever to receive a "perfect forty" score in the contest in Strictly Come Dancing in the Season two finale.

Three competitors have also hosted a season of the TV show. The winner of Season one of Strictly Come Dancing, Natasha Kaplinsky, stood in for the hostess Tess Daly, who was on maternity leave during Season two. Also the winner of Season two of Dancing with the Stars, Drew Lachey, filled in for the hostess Samantha Harris, who was also on maternity leave for Season five. In Austria, the winner of season three, Klaus Eberhartinger, replaced the host Alfons Haider during season four who was a judge in this season. In season five, he was back as host while Klaus Eberhartinger filled in for him as a judge.

The lowest score that has ever given by a judge in the Dancing with the Stars franchise history was a one, which was giving to Rodney Hide, and to Nikki Webster of Australia in 2005. It is an open question of whether a zero score is allowed.

Kym Johnson is the only professional to win two mirror-bal trophies on two series (Autralian and American versions).


Bailando por un Sueño

Based on the format of the program Mira quién baila! Spain or Dancing with the Stars in the U.S., the format was first held in Mexico, where he was commercially successful, so it was decided to adapt it to the Argentine market. Mexican format in Argentina was also adapted to other genres, such as singing (Singing for a Dream), figure skating (Skating for a Dream), musicals (Musical Comedy for a Dream), which also were issued in Showmatch. Until the year 2009 have been performed 5 complete editions and will be sixth in 2009.

In competition, a "dreamer" anonymous (male or female) should also be an amateur dancer, is accompanied by a celebrity in a dance contest, where, week after week, the couple must prove their dancing skills at different rates musical, which in Argentina until today are: Disco, Cha Cha Cha, Hip Hop, Salsa, Milonga, Rock And Roll, Chamamé, Jazz, Waltz, Ax, Merengue, Swing, Charleston, Lambada, Mambo, Reggaeton, Pole dance, Striptease, Cumbia, Cuarteto, Jive, Beat, Arabic, Video, Pop Latino, Rumba Flamenca, Dancing In The Rain, Samba, Ballroom, Country, Adagio, Adagio Latino, Flamenco, Chacarera, Aero Dance, Music Telenovelas, Paso Doble Kids, Aquadance, Cabaret, Dancing under the Snow, Pop, Rock Nacional, Double Cano. The three couples who obtained the fewest points by the jury and be sentenced to either the public who their SMS text messages), or telephone calls, vote which couple should be followed in the program, thanks to this program gives significant gains for each message sent.

Jurors in the various editions are celebrities from the art scene in Argentinamarker. They have been Carmen Barbieri, Zulma Faiad, Jorge Lafauci, Moria Casan, Reina Reech, Graciela Alfano, Gerardo Sofovich, Laura Fidalgo, Florencia de la V, Antonio Gasalla, Samuel Gelblung.

Editions of Bailando por un sueño

Cantando por un Sueño

Singing for a dream is a television singing contest program of Showmatch Argentine. There have been two editions: one in 2006 and one more in 2007. It is hosted by Marcelo Tinelli and broadcast by Channel 13 of Buenos Aires.

Editions of Cantando por un Sueño

Patinando por un Sueño

Skating for a Dream is a contest in figure skating, was telecast in 2007 and 2008. The celebrity ice skates with a professional skater to fulfill the dream of a foundation. They are evaluated by a jury of four judges from television and radio. The format is the same as for "Dream Dancing" and "Singing for a Dream".

Editions of Patinando por un Sueño

Bailando por un Sueño Kids

Kids Dancing for a Dream, better known as Dancing Kids, was an Argentine dance contest where couples made up of children involved (ages 7 to 12 years), which are judged by a jury. The driver was Marcelo Tinelli (during the first three weeks) and then was Jose Maria Listorti (during the next four). It premiered on Thursday, 7 May 2009 and has been criticized by some quarters for what they view as handling of child actors, ending on 19 June of that year

Editions of Bailando por un Sueño Kids

El Musical de Tus Sueños

The Music of Your Dreams is a television program where CONTEST 1 famous together with 5 dancers, this group of 6 people is directed by its choreographer and manager. Musicals do every week where they sing and dance and act. The jury is responsible for rating and the 3 couples with the lowest score or more are sentenced, and the day of the elimination dance again, so the jury saves all the best couples danced until there are 2 and the public is who decides who remains in the competition by voting via SMS to 9009. Each week 1 couple is being eliminated until semifinalists are the 4 pairs of partners there are the 2 finalists, perform a series of rhythms and the jury vote for the couple you like most, which has more vote takes 1 point or maybe a tie. The winning couple will fulfill his dream production.

Editions of El Musical de Tus Sueños

  • 1ª Editión, 2009: Issuing


Dancing with the Stars has aired on the Seven Network since late 2004 and is hosted by Daniel MacPherson and Sonia Kruger. In late 2007, previous host Daryl Somers left the series after seven seasons. For the first seven seasons, there were four judges: Before the eighth season aired, Paul Mercurio was dropped from the judging panel.

The series has won the prestigious Logie Award, and has been named one of the most successful television programs to air on Australian television. The show averages around 2 million viewers a week nationally across Australia. The program was made by the BBC in conjunction with Granada but since season eight, has been produced by Freehand. The most recent season commenced mid 2009.



The first season of "Dancing Stars" started airing in Autumn of 2005 on ORF1, the second season started in Spring 2006, the third season in Spring of 2007, the fourth season in 2008 and the fifth season in 2009.

Dancing Stars hosts:

In Season 1, 2 and 3 the show was hosted by Alfons Haider (Main Host) and Mirjam Weichselbraun (Backstage and Interviews).In Season 4 Mirjam Weichselbraun replaced Alfons Haider and winner of Season 3 Klaus Eberhartinger took her place. In Season 5, Mirjam Weichselbraun was the main host while Alfons Haider took Klaus Eberhartingers place.


In the first season, the dancers were judged by professional dance sport judges Hannes Nedbal and Nicole Burns-Hansen, dance school owner Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer and former musical actress, singer and dancer Dagmar Koller. In the second season, Harald Serafin, operetta singer and theater manager, filled in for Dagmar Koller. In the third season, Guggi Löwinger, actress, singer and dancer, took his place. In the fourth season, Klaus Eberhartinger replaced Alfons Haider as a host who therefore joined the judging panel. In the fifth season, the two men switched places again with Klaus Eberhartinger judging beside Hannes Nedbal, Nicole Burns-Hansen and Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer who were judges in all five seasons.

Season 1

In the first season, no couple had to leave the first show and only two pairs were left in the final show.In all other seasons, one couple had to leave the first show and three pairs were left in the final show. In the fourth season, the final show was split on two evenings. In the fifth season, men and women were split for the first two shows (qualification rounds).

  • Mat Schuh (Singer and Entertainer) with Kelly Kainz (8th place)
  • Arabella Kiesbauer (Host) with Balázs Ekker (7th place)
  • Peter Rapp (ORF Host) with Julia Polai (6th place)
  • Patricia Kaiser (Miss Austria 2000 and track and field athlete) with Alexander Kreissl (5th place)
  • Stefano Bernardin (Actor) with Christina Auer (4th place)
  • Barbara Rett (ORF Host) with Manfred Zehender (3rd place)
  • Toni Polster (Ex soccer player) with Michaela Heintzinger (2nd place)
  • Marika Lichter (Musical actress) with Andy Kainz (winner)

Season 2

  • Gerda Rogers (Astrologer) with Andy Kainz (10th place)
  • Ulrike Beimpold (Actress and Comedian) with Manfred Zehender (9th place)
  • Edi Finger jun. (Radio-sportscaster) with Nicole Kuntner (8th place)
  • Barbara Karlich (Talkshow Host) with Alexander Zaglmaier (7th place)
  • Gregor Bloéb (Actor) with Michaela Heintzinger (6th place)
  • Simone Stelzer (Singer) with Alexander Kreissl (5th place)
  • Hans Georg Heinke (Journalist and Newscaster) with Elke Gehrsitz (4th place)
  • Nicole Beutler (Actress) with Balázs Ekker (3rd place)
  • Andreas Goldberger (Ex Ski jumper) with Julia Polai (2nd place)
  • Manuel Ortega (Singer) with Kelly Kainz (winner)

Season 3

  • Timna Brauer (Singer and Artist) with Manfred Zehender (10th place)
  • Hera Lind (bestselling author) with Alexander Kreissl (9th place)
  • Stephanie Graf (Ex Runner) with Andy Kainz (8th place)
  • Michael Konsel (Ex soccer player) with Nicole Kuntner (7th place)
  • Harry Prünster (Host) with Michaela Heintzinger (6th place)
  • Nina Proll (Actress) with Balázs Ekker (5th place)
  • Michael Tschuggnall (Starmania-Winner 2002) with Alice Guschelbauer (4th place)
  • Zabine Kapfinger (Singer) with Alexander Zaglmaier (3rd place)
  • Peter L. Eppinger (Ö3-Host) with Julia Polai (2nd place)
  • Klaus Eberhartinger (Singer, EAV-Frontman) with Kelly Kainz (winner)

Season 4

  • Claudia Stöckl (Ö3-Host) with Alexander Kreissl (10th place)
  • Peter Tichatschek (Host) with Michaela Heintzinger (9th place)
  • Oliver Stamm (Beach volleyball player) with Julia Polai (8th place)
  • Christine Reiler (Miss Austria 2007) with Manfred Zehender (7th place)
  • Marc Pircher (Singer) with Kelly Kainz (6th place)
  • Jeannine Schiller (Charity-lady) with Balázs Ekker (5th place)
  • Hans Kreuzmayr (Waterloo & Robinson) with Alice Guschelbauer (4th place)
  • Elke Winkens (Actress) with Andy Kainz (3rd place)
  • Elisabeth Engstler (ORF Host) with Alexander Zaglmaier (2nd place)
  • Dorian Steidl (ORF Host) with Nicole Kuntner (winner)

Season 5

  • Christoph Fälbl (actor and comedian) with Julia Polai (12th place)
  • Marie-Christine Friedrich (Actress) with Alexander Zaglmaier (11th place)
  • Andy Lee Lang (singer and pianist) with Nicole Kuntner (10th place)
  • Gerhard Zadrobilek (Ex cyclist) with Alice Guschelbauer (9th place)
  • Maggie Entenfellner (columnist) with Gerhard Egger (8th place)
  • Vincent Bueno (winner of ORF casting show Musical!) with Christina Auer (7th place)
  • Gitta Saxx (Playmate of the century) with Balázs Ekker (6th place)
  • Sandra Pires (singer) with Alexander Kreissl (5th place)
  • Tini Kainrath (singer) with Manfred Zehender (4th place)
  • Udo Wenders (singer) with Babsi Koitz (3rd place)
  • Ramesh Nair (Testimonial and choreographer) with Michaela Heintzinger (2nd place)
  • Claudia Reiterer (Journalist and TV host) with Andy Kainz (winner)

Special Episodes

After the final of the second and third season a "Dancing Stars Best of" was aired and after the "Best of" of Season 3 there was a special episode called " Dancing Stars - Die Traumhochzeit" (Dancing Stars - The Dream Wedding) in which the professional ballroom dancers Balázs Ekker and Alice Guschelbauer got married.Another "Best of" was aired before the start of season 5.

After the fourth season, there was a special episode called "Dance for Europe" in which the couple to represent Austria at the Eurovison Dance Contest 2008 was selected. The couples to participate in this episode were:

  • Julia Polai with Peter L. Eppinger
  • Alexander Kreissl with Simone Stelzer
  • Alice Guschelbauer with Michael Tschuggnall
  • Balázs Ekker with Nicole Beutler
  • Michaela Heintzinger with Gregor Bloéb
  • Manfred Zehender with Christine Reiler
  • Alexander Zaglmaier with Zabine Kapfinger
  • Nicole Kuntner with Dorian Steidl

Andy and Kelly Kainz who represented Austria in the Eurovision Dance Contest 2007 (5th place) did not participate in this special episode due to conflicting schedules.The winners were Nicole Kuntner and Dorian Steidl who later came second last at the Dance Contest in Glasgow.

Before the start of season four, ORF aired the reality show "Dance with Me" in which the private life of the professsional dancers was shown.

During season five, a dance course was aired in which the professional dancers taught the viewers basics of Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba, Paso Doble, English Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstepp, Tango and Viennese Waltz.


Andy and Kelly Kainz, who together won four out of five seaons of Dancing Stars are married since 2001, Alice Guschelbauer and Balázs Ekker got married after the finale of season three. Balázs was once the dance partner of Julia Polai while Alice was dancing with Gerhard Egger. Now, Julia Polai and Gerhard Egger are a professional dance couple.

Manfred Zehender and Michaela Heintzinger were a professional dance couple as well as a couple out of dancing. They split after season one because Michaela got into an affair with her celeb partner Toni Polster. Same goes for Alexander Kreissl and Christina Auer (Alexander is now married to his partner from season 2, Simone Stelzer) as well as Alexander Zaglmaier and Nicole Kuntner (Alexander married his dance partner from season three, Zabine Kapfinger; they have two sons).


See: Dancing Stars
The first season of the show started on 22 September 2008, it is called Dancing Stars and is aired on bTV. The show is hosted by Radost Draganova and Todor Kolev. The show airs from Monday to Thursday with two live shows - on Monday (main show) and Thursday (results show) and two background episodes on Tuesday and Wednesday. Dancing Stars proved to be a huge success reaching an average audience share over 40%, beating Nova Television's Big Brother 4.


Vladimir Bozhilov

Galena Velikova

Neshka Robeva


Anya Pencheva (born 12 September 1957) - Actress

Niki Kunchev (born 26 December 1960) - TV host

Alisia - Pop-folk singer

Galena - Pop-folk singer

Bojidar Iskrenov (born 1 August 1962) - Former football player

Kalki (born 9 December 1962) - Singer

Violeta Markovska (born 24 April 1987) - Actress

Neti (born 14 September 1975) - Actress and singer

Andrei Batashov (born 10 September 1965) - Actor

Georgi Mamalev (born 5 August 1952) - Actor

Iliana Raeva - Ex gymnast (born 15 March 1963)

Georgi Kostadinov (born 20 September 1979) - Winner of Survivor BG 2

Orlin (born 23 April 1979) - Pop singer

Elena Yoncheva (born 27 May 1964) - Journalist

Official Site


El Baile en TVN ("The Ball on TVN") is aired in Televisión Nacional de Chile since October 16, 2006. It's hosted by Rafael Araneda and Karen Doggenweiler.

Season 1

Since October 16, 2006.The winners of this season were Juvenal Olmos and Claudia Miranda.

Season 2

Since March 5, 2007.The winners of this season were Cristian Arriagada and Paz Bustos.

Season 3

Since August 22, 2007.The winners of this season were Francisco Reyes and Irene Bustamante.

  • Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain (Argentine Top Model, partnered by Diego Heilig)
  • Maria Eugenia Larrain "Kenita Larrain" (Chilean Top Model, partnered by Rodrigo Escobar)
  • Amaya Forch (Chilean Singer and Actress, partnered by William Orrock)
  • Catalina Palacios (Entertainer of Infantile televising programs, partnered by Darwin Ruz)
  • Adrea Tessa (Chilean singer, partnered by Alfredo Araya)
  • Gianella Marengo (ex-reality show participant, partnered by Emilio Rubilar)
  • Leandro Martínez (Chilean singer and member of the televising program "Rojo Fama Contrafama", partnered by Maria Isabel Sobarzo)
  • Francisco Reyes (Chilean actor of the national television network TVN, partnered by Irene Bustamante)
  • Juan Pablo Matulic (ex-reality show participant, partnered by Francini Amaral)
  • Eliseo Salazar (Chilean Automovilistic Runner, partnered by Claudia Miranda)
  • Hotuiti Teao (Chilean model from Easter Island, partnered by Monica Valenzuela)
  • Carlos von Mühlenbrock (Chilean Chef and entertainer of Chilean televising programs, partnered by Viví Rodriguez

Season 4

The winners of this season were Fernando Godoy and Paz Bustos.

The contestants of this season are :

Sebastian Ferrer (Stylist & panelist of T.V show "Pollo en conserva")

Mario Guerrero (Singer)

Sandra O Ryan (Actress)

Reinaldo González (Military instructor of reality shows "Pelotón")

Cristian Riquelme (Actor)

Denisse Malebrán (Singer)

Fernando Godoy (Actor, comediant & T.V host)

Mariana Derderian (Actress, singer & T.V host)

Sergio Vargas (Ex - football player)

Paola Camaggi (Model & T.V host)

Raquel "KEL" Calderón (Young actrees, singer, model & Panelist of TV shows)

Iván Torres ("The Weather man")

Rosita Parsons (Model)

China (including Hong Kong)

The Chinese version is a co-production between Hong Kong's TVB and the mainland's Hunan TV under licence from the BBC. It is available free-to-air in Hong Kong on TVB Jade. In mainland China it is aired on Hunan Satellite Television, which is free-to-air in Hunanmarker, and available in urban areas throughout the rest of mainland China through widespread cable systems.

The Chinese title ( ) is difficult to translate, but could be rendered as Miracle Dancing or "Miracles of Dance Moves". The official English title is Strictly Come Dancing.

Each broadcaster provides five male and five female dancers, for a total of twenty. Pairs were determined by audience SMS votes.

The programme began airing in late 2007, in order to mark the anniversary of the 1997 handover of Hong Kong from the UK to the People's Republic of China.


Hosted by Barbara Kolar and Duško Čurlić.

  • Elio Bašan
  • Milka Babović
  • Dinko Bogdanić
  • Davor Bilman

Official Site

Season 1

The first season of Ples sa zvijezdama (Dancing with the Stars) started airing on December 2, 2006 on HRT1marker.The contestants were:
  • Zrinka Cvitešić (actress) with Nicolas Quesnoit (Winners)
  • Rene Bitorajac (actor) with Mirjana Žutić (runner-up)
  • Maja Šuput(singer) with Ištvan Varga (6th eliminated)
  • Žarko Radić (actor) with Ivana Antinac (5th eliminated)
  • Zoran Vakula (meteorologist) with Ksenija Plušćec (4th eliminated)
  • Sandra Bagarić (opera singer) with Leon Ajtlbez (3rd eliminated)
  • Dubravko Šimenc (water polo player) with Tamara Despot (2nd eliminated)
  • Zdenka Kovačićek (singer) with Hrvoje Kraševac (1st eliminated)

Highest score of the season (40):
  • Zrinka & Nicolas (Jive - 3rd episode)
  • Zrinka & Nicolas (Slowfox - 4th episode)
  • Maja & Ištvan (Paso Doble - 4th episode)
  • Maja & Ištvan (English Waltz - 6th episode)
  • Zrinka & Nicolas - total - 80 points (English Waltz & Paso Doble - 7th episode)
  • Maja & Ištvan (Slowfox - 7th episode)
  • Zrinka & Nicolas - total - 120 points (English Waltz, Samba & Freestyle - final episode)
  • Rene & Mirjana (Freestyle - final episode)

Lowest score of the season:
  • Žarko & Ivana - 16 points (Samba - 5th episode)

Season 2

The second season of Ples sa zvijezdama ("Dancing with the Stars") started airing on November 3, 2007 on HRT1marker.The contestants were:
  • Luka Nižetić (singer) with Mirjana Žutić (Winners)
  • Lana Jurčević (singer) with Hrvoje Kraševac (runner-up)
  • Davor Gobac (singer) with Tamara Despot (6th eliminated)
  • Nikolina Pišek (TV hostess) with Ištvan Varga (5th eliminated)
  • Danijela Martinović (singer) with Nicolas Quesnoit (4th eliminated)
  • Iva Majoli (tennis player) with Marko Herceg (3rd eliminated)
  • Damir Markovina (actor) with Ana Herceg (2nd eliminated)
  • Mirko Fodor (TV host) with Žana Alerić (1st eliminated)

Highest score of the season (40):
  • Luka & Mirjana (Paso Doble - 6th episode)
  • Lana & Hrvoje - total - 80 points (Quickstep & Paso Doble - 7th episode)
  • Luka & Mirjana - total - 80 points (Tango & Cha-cha-cha - 7th episode)
  • Luka & Mirjana (Paso Doble & Freestyle - final episode)

Lowest score of the season:

  • Davor & Tamara - 20 points (Samba - 5th episode)

Season 3

The third season of Ples sa zvijezdama ("Dancing with the Stars") started airing on October 25, 2008 on HRT1marker.The contestants were:
  • Mario Valentić (actor, model and former Mister Croatia) with Ana Herceg (Winners)
  • Zlata Mück (TV and radio hostess) with Ištvan Varga
  • Daniela Trbović (TV hostess) with Nicolas Quesnoit
  • Martina Zubčić (bronze olympic medal in taekwondo) with Robert Schubert
  • Antonija Šola (singer) with Hrvoje Kraševac
  • Goran Grgić (actor) with Sara Stojanović
  • Luka Vidović (magician and actor) with Mirjana Žutić
  • Nikša Kaleb (handball player) with Tamara Despot

Highest score of the season:
  • Zlata & Ištvan- 40 points (Tango - final episode)
  • Mario & Ana - 40 points (Freestyle - final episode)

Lowest score of the season:

  • Goran & Sara - 17 points (Jive - 3rd episode)


Couple Average EP 1 EP 2 EP 3 EP 4 EP 5 QF SF F
Mario & Ana 34.8 33 32 34 36 32 32+31=63 35+36=71 39 + 38 + 40 = 117
Zlata & Ištvan 31.9 23 22 29 30 27 31+33=64 39+33=72 40 + 38 + 38 = 116
Daniela & Nicolas 35.8 25 30 37 39 37 38+38=76 39+39=78
Martina & Robert 30.7 29 29 31 31 26 33+36=69
Antonija & Hrvoje 31 20 32 35 39 29
Goran & Sara 21 20 22 17 25
Luka & Mirjana 21.3 20 23 21
Nikša & Tamara 19.0 18 20

Bold numbers indicate the couples with the highest score for each week.
Italic numbers indicate the couples with the lowest score for each week.
indicates the couples eliminated that week.
indicates the returning couple that finished in the bottom two.
Dances are:
Paso doble

Season 4

The fourth season of Ples sa zvijezdama ("Dancing with the Stars") started airing on October 31, 2009 on HRT1marker.The contestants are:
  • Vedran Mlikota (actor) with Marija Šantek
  • Franka Batelić (singer) with Ištvan Varga
  • Ana Ugarković (TV chef) with Nicolas Quesnoit
  • Gordan Kožulj (swimmer) with Ana Herceg
  • Iva Šulentić (TV hostess) with Damir Horvatinčić
  • Frano Lasić (singer) with Mirjana Žutić
  • Vanessa Radman (actress) with Robert Schubert
  • Sandi Cenov (singer) with Gabriela Pilić

Highest score of the season:
  • Iva & Damir - 40 points (Jive - third episode)

Lowest score of the season:

  • Ana & Nicolas - 20 points (Cha-cha-cha - 1st episode)


Couple Average EP 1 EP 2 EP 3 EP 4 EP 5 QF SF F
Vedran & Marija 24.25 21 26 24 26
Franka & Ištvan 36 34 36 38 36
Ana & Nicolas 22.75 20 23 25 23
Gordan & Ana 30.75 30 27 33 33
Iva & Damir 34.5 30 33 40 35
Frano & Mirjana 24 21 21 28 26
Vanessa & Robert 25.3 24 28 24
Sandi & Gabriela 21.5 22 21

Bold numbers indicate the couples with the highest score for each week.
Italic numbers indicate the couples with the lowest score for each week.
indicates the couples eliminated that week.
indicates the returning couple that finished in the bottom two.
Dances are:
Paso doble

Czech Republic

Named "StarDance ... When the Stars are Dancing" and aired (so far) 3 seasons by Czech Televisionmarker. Hosted by Tereza Kostková & Marek Eben.


Season 1 (2006)

The contestants were:

Season 2 (2007)

The contestants were:

Season 3 (2008)

The contestants were:


The first season of Vild med dans ("Mad about Dancing") was aired on the Danishmarker TV-channel TV 2 in 2005 and the contestants were:

Season 1 (Spring 2005)

Season 2 (Autumn 2005)

  • David Owe (actor) and Vickie Jo Ringgaard (winners)
  • Eskild Ebbesen (Olympic-winning oarsman) and Marianne Eihilt (2nd)
  • Sisse Fisker (TV hostess) and Steen Lund (3rd)
  • Peter Mygind (actor) and Mie Moltke
  • Zindy Laursen (singer) and Tobias Karlsson
  • Bettina Aller (magazine editor) and René Christensen
  • Kim Milton Nielsen (soccer referee) and Ann Wilson
  • Allan Olsen (actor) and Soffie Dalsgaard
  • Mayianne Dinesen (radio hostess) and Lars Christensen

Birthe Kjær (folk singer) had to withdraw due to health problems.

Season 3 (2006)

  • Christina Roslyng (Olympic-winning handballplayer) and Steen Lund (winners)
  • Simon Mathew (singer) and Viktoria Franova (2nd)
  • Nikolaj Christensen (singer) and Soffie Dalsgaard (3rd)
  • Anna David (singer) and René Christensen
  • Ole Olsen (speedway racer) and Marianne Eihilt
  • Master Fatman (TV DJ) and Mie Moltke
  • Annette Heick (singer/TV hostess) and Thomas Evers Poulsen
  • Liv Corfixen (actress) and Mads Vad
  • Gert Bo Jacobsen (boxer) and Vickie Jo Ringgaard
  • Lærke Winther Andersen (actress) and Klaus Kongsdal

Season 4 (2007)

  • Robert Hansen (actor) and Marianne Eihilt (winners)
  • Vicki Berlin (comedian/actress) and Steen Lund/Jesper Dalsgaard (2nd)
  • Rikke Hørlykke (Olympic-winning handball player) and Mads Vad (3rd)
  • Lai Yde (actor) and Mie Moltke
  • Lisbeth Østergård (TV-hostess) and Thomas Evers Poulsen
  • Anne Louise Hassing (actress) and Michael Olesen
  • Said Chayesteh (actor) and Mette Georgio
  • Paula Larrain (TV hostess) and René Christensen
  • Nicolai Moltke-Leth (military man) and Soffie Dalsgaard
  • Benedikte Hansen (actress) and Bo Loft Jensen

Joachim Boldsen (handball player) had to withdraw due to an injury.

Christmas Gala 2007

  • Simon Mathew and Viktoria Franova (winners)
  • David Owe and Vickie Jo Ringgaard
  • Mia Lyhne and Thomas Evers Poulsen
  • Christina Roslyng and Steen Lund
  • Robert Hansen and Marianne Eihilt
  • Master Fatman and Mie Moltke

Season 5 (2008)

  • Joachim B. Olsen (shot put olympic medalist) and Marianne Eihilt (winners)
  • Tina Lund (European show jumping champion) and Tobias Karlsson (2nd)
  • Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis (actress) and Michael Olesen (3rd)
  • Anne-Mette Rasmussen (kindergarten teacher and Prime Minister's wife) and Thomas Evers Poulsen
  • Hans Pilgaard (TV presenter) and Mie Moltke
  • Szhirley Rasmussen (singer) and Silas Holst
  • Kenneth Carlsen (tennis player) and Katrine Bonde
  • Søren Bregendal (singer/actor) and Ashli Williamson
  • Jette Torp (singer) and Mads Vad
  • Oliver Bjerrehuus (model) and Viktoria Franova

Season 6 (2009)

  • Casper Elgaard (racing driver) and Vickie Jo Ringaard (winners)
  • Malena Belafonte (model) and Silas Holst
  • Pernille Højmark (actress/singer) and Thomas Evers Poulsen
  • Lisa Lents (model/European taekwondo champion) and Michael Olesen
  • Lotte Friis (European swimming champion) and Mads Vad
  • Noam Halby (singer) and Katrine Bonde
  • René Dif (singer/actor) and Luise Crone Dons
  • Line Baun Danielsen (TV presenter) and Morten Kjeldgaard
  • Basim Moujahid (singer) and Claudia Rex
  • Sven-Ole Thorsen (retired actor/stuntman) and Mie Moltke

The show features four judges. Anne Laxholm, Britt Bendixen, and Jens Werner have been featured in all seasons.The 1st season (2004) featured Kim Dahl as the fourth judge. In season 2 (2005), he was replaced by Thomas Evers Poulsen.Since season 3 (2006- ), Allan Tornsberg has been the fourth judge.


The show is called Tantsud tähtedega (Dances with the stars) and is aired on Kanal 2. The 3rd season is hosted by Mart Sander and Gerli Padar.

Season 1

Hosts Mart Sander and Kristiina Heinmets-Aigro.Judges: Ants Tael, Merle Klandorf, Kaie Kõrb, Jüri Nael

# Mikk Saar (singer) and Olga Kosmina
  1. Gerli Padar (singer) and Martin Parmas
  2. Erki Nool (athlete, Olympic gold medalist) and Ave Vardja
  3. Aivar Riisalu (businessman, singer) and Kristina Tennokese
  4. Vilja Savisaar (politician) and Veiko Ratas
  5. Ingrid Tähismaa (journalist) and Aleksandr Makarov
  6. Reet Linna (singer, TV-presenter) and Eduard Korotin
  7. Indrek Tarand (director of museum) and Kaisa Oja

Season 2

Hosts Mart Sander and Merle Liivak.Judges: Ants Tael, Merle Klandorf, Kaie Kõrb, Jüri Nael

# Koit Toome (singer) and Kerttu Tänav
  1. Luisa Värk (singer) and Martin Parmas
  2. Peep Vain (top-instructor) and Olga Kosmina
  3. Andrus Värnik (athlete, World Championship gold medalist) and Kaisa Oja
  4. Dag Hartelius (Swedish ambassador to Estonia) and Kristina Tennokese
  5. Kristiina Ojuland (politician) and Aleksandr Makarov
  6. Katrin Karisma (actress) and Veiko Ratas
  7. Beatrice (model) and Eduard Korotin

Season 3

Hosts Mart Sander and Gerli Padar.Judges: Ants Tael, Merle Klandorf, Riina Suhotskaja, Märt Agu

  • Maarja-Liis Ilus (singer) and Veiko Ratas - Runner-ups
  • Piret Järvis (singer) and Mairold Millert, third eliminated
  • Erika Salumäe (politician, athlete, 2 times Olympic gold medalist) and Kristjan Kuusk, second eliminated
  • Evelyn Sepp (politician) and Marko Kiigajaan, fifth eliminated
  • Lauri Pedaja (actor, hairdresser) and Kristina Tennokese, sixth eliminated
  • Henrik Normann (actor) and Kaisa Oja, fourth eliminated
  • Arne Niit (designer) and Olga Kosmina, first eliminated
  • Argo Ader (bodybuilder) and Helena Liiv - Winners


Season 1

The series (titled Tanssii tähtien kanssa (Dances with Stars); a pun on the title of the film Dances with Wolves, Tanssii susien kanssa) aired in spring 2006, featuring

Season 2

(spring 2007) featured
  • Mariko (musician) partnered by Aleksi Seppänen, eventual winners
  • Sari Siikander (actress) partnered by Mikko Ahti, runners-up
  • Sami Sarjula (actor) partnered by Sanna Hirvaskari, sixth eliminated
  • Eppu Salminen (actor) partnered by Anna Sainila, fifth eliminated
  • Jani Sievinen (swimmer) partnered by Helena Ahti-Hallberg, fourth eliminated
  • Vanessa Kurri (model, Miss Finland 1999) partnered by Marko Keränen, third eliminated
  • Roman Schatz (TV personality, writer) partnered by Saara Huovinen, second eliminated
  • Pirkko Arstila (journalist, writer) partnered by Vesa Anttila, first eliminated

Singer Kirill Babitzin was to take part in the competition, but he suddenly died on January 31. His place was taken by Schatz.

Season 3

(spring 2008) featured
  • Maria Lund (singer, actress) partnered by Mikko Ahti, eventual winners
  • Nicke Lignell (actor) partnered by Susa Matson, runners-up
  • Tuuli Matinsalo (athlete) partnered by Aleksi Seppänen, eighth eliminated
  • Antti Kaikkonen (member of Parliament) partnered by Satu Markkanen, seventh eliminated
  • Joonas Hytönen (TV personality) partnered by Kati Koivisto, sixth eliminated
  • Vappu Pimiä (TV and radio personality) partnered by Jani Rasimus, fifth eliminated
  • Merja Larivaara (actress) partnered by Janne Talasma, fourth eliminated
  • Jimi Pääkallo (singer, actor) partnered by Anna Sainila, third eliminated
  • Jyrki Anttila (tenor) partnered by Satu Suomi, second eliminated
  • Sikke Sumari (TV personality, restaurateur) partnered by Daniel Ylimäki, first eliminated

Season 4

(spring 2009) featured
  • Satu Tuomisto (Miss Finland 2008, model) partnered by Janne Talasma eventual winners
  • Pirkko Mannola (actress) partnered by Mika Jauhiainen, runners-up
  • Rosa Meriläinen (writer, ex-politician) partnered by Sami Helenius, eighth eliminated
  • Wilson Kirwa (long distance runner) partnered by Susa Matson, seventh eliminated
  • Kim Herold (musician, ex-model) partnered by Sanni Siurua, sixth eliminated
  • Miia Nuutila (actress) partnered by Vesa Anttila, fifth eliminated
  • Bettina Sågbom (TV reporter) partnered by Jani Rasimus, fourth eliminated
  • Mato Valtonen (musician, actor) partnered by Janica Mattsson, third eliminated
  • Rolf Nordström (plastic surgeon) partnered by Nitta Kortelainen, second eliminated
  • Simo Frangén (comedian) partnered by Satu Markkanen, first eliminated


The series is called Let's Dance. Season 1 aired in April 2006 on RTL. Season 2 aired in May 2007. Both seasons have been hosted by Hape Kerkeling & Nazan Eckes.

Contestants season 1

Contestants season 2

Further information : Let's Dance






Four season of the show, called Ballando con le Stelle, have been aired on Rai Uno. All the series have been hosted by Milly Carlucci. Singer and TV presenter Amanda Lear has been part of the judging panel in series 1,2,4 and 5

The first series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2004, featuring:

The second series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2005, featuring:

The third series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired Autumn 2006, featuring:

The fourth series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2007, featuring:

The fifth series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in January 2009, featuring:

The Netherlands

Series one was shown in Summer/Autumn 2005. It featured

Jim Bakkum was eventually declared the winner.

Series two is shown in Winter/Spring 2006. It features:

The finale will be aired 13-05-2006. The two contestants who got this far are Barbara de Loor and Winston Post. The winner was declared Barbara de Loor, who got the highest amount of points from the jury, and most votes as well.

On New Year's Eve 2005, a New Year's special was shown. It featured:

This was won by Tatjana Šimić and Koen Brouwers

Special Christmas and New Year's Eve 2006, with

Do and Koen Brouwers won this special.

On March 31 2007 the third season started. This featured:

This season was won by Helga van Leur and Marcus van Teijlingen

Scoring charts

indicates the couple was in the bottom 3.
indicates the couple in the bottom 2.
indicates the winning couple.
indicates the runner-up couple.
indicates the third place couple.

Team Place 1 2 1+2 3 4 5 6 7
Jim & Julie 1 29 30 59 36 26 36 28+35=63
Irene & Marcus 2 24 31 55 31 35 33 33+38=71
Inge B & Remco 3 32 31 63 35 29 31 30+34=64 38+30=68
Joris & Euvgenia 4 25 19 44 24 32 27 21+25=46
Koert-Jan & Charissa 5 21 31 52 26 34 28
Inge I & Koen 6 23 32 55 27 26
Rudolph & Roemjana 7 27 25 52 28
Ans & Peter 8 27 26 53

Team Place 1 2 1+2 3 4 5 6 7
Barbara & Marcus 1 27 28 55 35 30 33 38+36=74 37+32=69
Winston & Euvgenia 2 30 30 60 29 38 35 33+37=70
Frits & Julie 3 32 27 59 33 31 31 32+40=72 29+36=65
John & Roemjana 4 23 27 50 25 29 22 31+25=56
Lieke & Remco 5 30 32 62 27 33 31
Edsilla & Peter 6 30 24 54 32 32
Myrna & Koen 7 24 21 45 24
Mike & Charissa 8 20 23 43

Team Place 1 2 1+2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Helga & Marcus 1 27 30 57 31 30 33 33+29=62 31+28=59 33+36=69
Christophe & Ilse 2 32 31 63 35 37 38 40+34=74 34+36=70 39+36=75
Nikkie & Peter 3 29 25 54 30 31 36 34+39=73 28+33=61 40+36=76
Bob & Euvgenia 4 24 23 47 27 27 28 32+27=59 28+27=55
Martijn & Roemjana 5 29 28 57 30 35 28 36+31=67
Bart & Kimberly 6 21 21 42 24 25 21
Aukje & Remco 7 28 29 57 31 34
Lodewijk & Charissa 8 16 20 36 18
Fabienne & Koen 9 26 30 56

New Zealand

Winners of Each Series:


The series was named Skal vi danse? (en: Shall We Dance?).

Season 1

The first Season was broadcast in Winter/Spring 2006 on TV 2. It featured: The Season Finale took place in March 2006. Winners were TV hostess Katrine Moholt and her partner Bjoern Wettre Holthe.

The professional jury in "Skal Vi Danse"s 1st Season were:

Season 2

The second Season of Skal vi danse? (en: Shall We Dance?) premiered in September 2006. It featured: The Season Finale took place on 24 November 2006. Winners were TV-producer/comedian/joke host Kristian Ødegård and his dancing partner Alexandra Kakurina.

The professional jury in "Skal Vi Danse"s 2nd Season were:


In the spring of 2007, TV 2 will air a programme called Isdans (en: Figure Skating), in which six celebrities have been paired with professional skaters. The show is similar to Dancing with the Stars, with the difference being that figure skating rather than ballroom dancing is performed. The participants are:

Season 3

The third season was aired in the autumn 2007. It featured:

Season 4

The fourth season, aired autumn 2008, features

Season 5

The fifth season, aired autumn 2009, features

The judges are Trine Dehli Cleve, Tor Fløysvik, Karianne Stensen Gulliksen and Christer Tornell.


The first season of "Taniec z Gwiazdami" ("Dancing with the Stars") aired in Poland on TVN in Spring of 2005, the second in Fall of 2005, the third edition in Spring of 2006, the fourth edition in Fall of 2006, the fifth edition in Spring of 2007, the sixth edition in Fall 2007 and the seventh edition in Spring of 2008. Since September, 7th 2008 the eighth season has been aired.

When on air, every Sunday the average of 5 - 7 million viewers tune in to watch the show. The highest rated episode was the second season finale with over 8 million people watching.

Winners of Each Series:


The show uses the name "Dansez pentru tine" (en: "Dancing for you"). Every pair of dancers is dancing for a cause. The pair is composed of a star and someone affected by the cause (if the cause is helping a person) or a supporter of the cause. The show presents the cause, the training and of course the dancing. The last two pairs in the order given by the jury, will dance next week extra dances and will be eliminated as decided by phone voters (based on the dance or the cause).

According to official Romanian website there have been 8 editions until Summer 2009.

After dancing in the 3rd edition, Andreea Bălan (music star) & Petrişor Ruge participated in Mexico at "Dancing with the Stars World Championship". They danced very well in the local show but didn't win. Instead they took a very good 2nd place in Mexico.


The Swedish version is called "Let's Dance" and is produced by MTV Mastiff.The first two seasons were hosted by Agneta Sjödin and David Hellenius, then from season three to current season have Agneta been replaced by Jessica Almenäs. One of the popular judges is the British dance teacher, Tony Irving. The series had a large audience, and with almost 2 million viewers the final gave TV4 the highest rating for that Friday evening. It was the first time since 1997 that TV4 had more viewers than the public service company SVT's perennially popular music game show "Så Ska Det Låta". In September 2006, it won the Swedish equivalent of the Emmy award, Kristallen (The Crystal), in the Entertainment category. The second season started broadcasting in January 2007 and aired every Friday.

Season 1

(January-March 2006) on TV4

Carin da Silva and Daniel da Silva are siblings. Daniel is the older of the two, having been born in 1981; Carin was born in 1984.

Season 2

(January-March 2007) on TV4

The winners Martin Ledberg and Cecilia Erling became a couple during the running of the show and participated in the Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007 where they ended in a 14th place.

Singer and entertainer Markoolio was supposed to compete in the second season, but broke his foot and was replaced by Tobbe Blom.

Actor Emil Forselius chose to leave the show before start. Mårten Andersson replaced him.

Season 3

(January-March 2008) on TV4

Even though Tina Nordström & Tobias Karlsson won Let's Dance, it was Danny Saucedo & Jeanette Carlsson who competed in Eurovision Dance Contest 2008 and finished in 12th place.

Season 4

(Airs Fridays (January 9th - March 27th) 2009) on TV4

Morgan "Mojje" Johansson had to withdraw from the competition due to a heart attack after the first episode. Niclas Wahlgren replaced him.

Magdalena Graaf had to withdraw from the competition due to a subdural hematoma.

Judges' scoring summary

The judges in Let's Dance 2009 is Maria Öhrman, Dermot Clemenger, Ann Wilson and Tony Irving.
Green numbers indicate the couples with the highest score for that week.
Red numbers indicate the couples with the lowest score for that week.
indicates the couple eliminated that week.
indicate the couple who was in the bottom two that week.

Team Place 1 2 1+2 3 4 5 4+5 6 7
Morgan & Helena 22 17 39 25 40 34 74 38 39
Magnus & Annika 15 19 34 29 21 26 47 31 33
Laila & Tobias 18 28 46 25 30 27 57 27 28
Niclas & Jeanette 16 17 33 23 26 16 42 24 28
George & Maria 9 12 21 8 20 11 31 17 15
Elisabet & Tobias 13 10 23 16 16 23 39 14 17
Carl-Jan & Maria 4 7 11 6 14 10 24 8 14
Kitty & Anders 8th 5 4 9 10 16 15 31 21
Hasse & Charlotte 9th 8 8 16 16 15 14 29
Magdalena & Daniel 10th 21 12 33 19 WD
Isabella & Jonathan 11th 8 13 21 11
Linda & Martin 12th 14 8 22


In Ukraine show started at September 2006 on television channel 1+1 under name "Танці з зірками" ("Tantsi z zirkamy") which stands for "Dances With The Stars". The show was hosted by Yuriy Horbunov and Tina Karol. The star contestants were paired with famous Ukrainian dancers, who had won major international competitions. The winners of the show were awarded with the tour to the Rio Carnival, while the runners-up went to the Carnival on Cuba. The show was extremely popular with Ukrainian viewers. The show finale held on the November 26, 2006 had the TV rating of 26.83% with the share of 54.64%, meaning that the quarter of Ukrainian population and more than half of all TV viewers at that moment watched the finale. The show overall was watched by nearly 16 million Ukrainians. The pair of Volodymyr Zelenskyy (leader of a famous Ukrainian comic troupe) and Olena Shoptenko won the main prize.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, where the show originated, it is known as Strictly Come Dancing.

United States

Judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, and Len Goodman.

The American version of Dancing with the Stars premiered in the summer of 2005. Its 9th season began on September 21, 2009.

Winners: (by season)
Season Celebrity Professional
1 Kelly Monaco Alec Mazo
2 Drew Lachey Cheryl Burke
3 Emmitt Smith Cheryl Burke
4 Apolo Anton Ohno Julianne Hough
5 Hélio Castroneves Julianne Hough
6 Kristi Yamaguchi Mark Ballas
7 Brooke Burke Derek Hough
8 Shawn Johnson Mark Ballas
9 Donny Osmond Kym Johnson

Other countries

The Russian TV show is called "Танцы со звездами" ("Tantsi so zvezdami", transliterated). The first season, which began in 2005, became extremely popular. Its second season is in progress after a long delay. The format of the show is identical to that of other countries. Each pair is composed of a famous celebrity and a professional dancer.

The German show is called Let's Dance in English. ("Lass uns tanzen" in German).

The Danish show is called Vild Med Dans. Its fourth season ended November 16, 2007.

The Indian version is called Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. It was first broadcast in September 2006 on Sony Entertainment Television (SET). A lot of people confuse Dancing With The Stars with Nach Baliye which airs on StarPlus. Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa have similar content and presentation but there are minor differences in the concept. The celebrity dancers on Nach Baliye are real life couples, and work with an assigned choreographer. The dancers on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa has one celebrity paired with a trained dancer/choreographer. A notice at the end of the show verifies that the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is indeed a version of Dancing With The Stars.

The Japanese version is called Shall We Dance? It has the same title as the 1996 movie by the same name, but it has no relation to the movie beyond the shared name. Due to the fact that there was already a season-special dancing program, and that and many cast members from it also appeared in the new program, the Japanese version was confused with a regularly-scheduled version of the season-special, rather than its own version of the TV series. This one ran from April 8, 2006, to March 17, 2007.

A Slovakian version of the dancing program is called Let's Dance (in English), and it was broadcasted by TV Markiza in the autumn of 2006, hosted by Adela Banasova and Martin Rausch (both of them also hosted the program Slovensko hľadá SuperStar on STV in 2005 and 2006). The winners were Zuzana Fialová (a noted Slovakian actress) and Peter Modrovský (a professional dancer).

In March 2010 the show will be in Greece for the first time.

World Championship

In 2007, the first edition of the Dancing with the Stars World Championship took place. Countries which took part in the event, staged in Mexicomarker, included teams Romaniamarker, Argentinamarker, Colombiamarker, Costa Ricamarker, Mexicomarker, Slovakiamarker, Panamamarker, Paraguaymarker and Ecuadormarker. The winner of the event was the host nation, Mexicomarker.


  1. TV ratings for Australian Dancing with the Stars
  2. Hunan TV press release on the launch of Strictly Come Dancing
  3. Isdans (en: Figure Skating) Norwegian

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