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Daniela Garnero Santanchè (born 7 April 1961) is an Italianmarker entrepreneur and a politician.

Studies and personal life

Santanchè was born in Cuneomarker, Piedmont. She moved to Turinmarker to study political science, and at 21 married Paolo Santanché, a plastic surgeon. She was employed by his company in an administrative role.After studying political science, in 1983 she founded a society that focused on marketing. She later acquired shares of the Billionaire company, along with Flavio Briatore, Lele Mora, Paolo Brosio and Marcello Lippi.

In 1995 she left her husband Paolo Santanché and began a relationship with Canio Mazzaro, a pharmaceutical entrepreneur from Potenzamarker. Her previous wedding with Paolo Santanché has been declared void by the Roman Rota. She'll continue to be called, in politics, with his surname.

Local politics with Alleanza Nazionale

In the 1990s Santanchè became assistant of Ignazio La Russa, and in 1995 joined the right-wing National Alliance.

Santanchè worked as consultant for the Milanmarker Municipality Board led by Gabriele Albertini, and in June 1999 she was elected councillor of the Council of the Province of Milan.

In 2001, Santanchè unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the Italian Chamber of Deputies, but instead took up a seat vacated by her colleague Viviana Beccalossi.

From 2003 to June 2004 Santanchè served as assessor of the Municipality Ragalnamarker, a town in the province of Cataniamarker, dealing with sports and events.

National politics with Alleanza Nazionale

13 april 2006, towards a student protest
Santanchè held the position of chief of the department for equal opportunity for the National Alliance from 2005 to 2007.

In 2005, Santanché was harshly criticised when she showed her middle finger, in a gesture of insult, towards a student protest against the Moratti school reform

In 2005 Santanché was nominated to hold the discussion of the annual Financial Law, the first woman in Italian history in such role. In 2006 she is re-elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies with Alleanza Nationale in the constituency of Milanmarker.

On 22 October 2006, while she was participating in a live show, "Controcorrente", to discuss matters regarding the Islamic veil, Santanché was criticized by the Imam of Segratemarker. The prefect of Milan stated that her safety was at risk and he would consider the possibility of taking some security measures to protect her.

La Destra (2008)

More than a year later, on November 10, 2007, Daniela Santanchè resigned from the National Alliance party to join Francesco Storace's new party The Right. The same day, she is appointed as the official speaker for the partySantanché was then the Prime Minister candidate for The Right in the 2008 Italian general election. Along with Flavia D'Angeli (Critical Left) and Fabiana Stefanoni (Communist Alternative Party), she was the first woman to be a candidate for Italian prime minister.

The Right did not acquire the necessary share of votes (4% for the Chamber, 8% for the Senate) to enter the Parliament and Daniela Santanché therefore ended her parliamentary mandate. After seven years as deputy, she received 65534 as trattamento di fine rapporto, and €3605 monthly as lifetime allowance. She declared that she will donate this to charity.

Movimento per l'Italia (2008-09)

On 28 September 2008, after polemizing with party secretary Francesco Storace, Santanché left the party. Shortly aftwards, with Diego Zarneri and other former La Destra politicians, she founded the Movement for Italy (MpI) political movement, in order to come closer to Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom.

On 20 September 2009 she appears with Diego Zarneri at the Eid ul-Fitr feast in Milan, which enjoysed protection by local policemen. In the Muslims' version, Santanché tries to unveil some women, causing reaction from local men. In her version, Santanché report to have asked police to implement the Italian law forbidding to circulate with covered head, and not to have reached any contact with a Muslim woman. Afterwards, she will declare to having been assaulted and beaten, but she is denied by Muslim eye witnesses. At the hospital, she is visited and found with chest bruises, judged healing in 20 days. On 25 September on the il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper, a short video shot by peacereporter seems to deny any alleged assault to Santanché. In the video Santanché is shown trying to tresspass the barrier of policemen, while no assault to her is shown. Santanché's lawyers dismissed the video as a fabrication, releasing copy of the reports by the hospital and by the polcie.

On 9 November 2009, during the Domenica cinque live show, while discussing with the imam of the Segrate mosque, Ali Abu Schwaima on the exposition of the crucifix in public schools, she state: {{quote|Muhammad had nine wives, the last was a 9-years-old child. Muhammad was a polygamous and a pedophile


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