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Dari Jean Taylor, née Jones (born 13 December 1944, in Rhonddamarker, Walesmarker) is a Labour Party politician in the United Kingdommarker; and MP for Stockton Southmarker.


She was born into a staunch Labour Party family in South Wales in December 1944. She originally attended Ynyshir Girls' School before moving to Burnley Municipal College when her father, Daniel Jones, was elected to Parliament as the Labour MP for Burnleymarker in 1959. He remained the MP for Burnley until 1983. She attained a BA from the University of Nottinghammarker and an MA from the University of Durhammarker, then lectured at a number of colleges of Further Education.

She was active in the Trade Union movement, becoming the Regional Educational Officer for the GMB Union in the Northern Region. At the same time she was an elected member of Sunderland Metropolitan Councilmarker between 1986 and the time of her election to Parliament in 1997.

She married David Taylor in July 1970 and they have one daughter. She enjoys classical music, walking and travelling. She has a particular interest in issues relating to women, health, the economy, industry, defence, international development, disabilities, drugs and crime and all aspects of child welfare, especially adoption.

Parliamentary career

Member of Parliament for Stockton Southmarker since 1997 and Chair of the North East Regional Select Committee.


Member, House of Commons Defence Select Committee from 1997-2001,

Member of the House of Commons Intelligence and Security Committee,

Treasurer of the All-Party Chemicals Group,

Vice-Chair of the All-Party Adoption Group,

Member of the All-Party All Cancers Group and the All-Party Breast Cancer Group,

Member of the All-Party Opera Group and All-Party Child Abduction Group,

Member of the GMB Group of MPs and Vice-Chair of the Labour Women’s Forum,

Secretary of the All-Party Cardiac Risk in the Young Group,

Chair of the All-Party Infertility Group.

Political career

Parliamentary Private Secretary to Hazel Blears, Home Office minister 2003-05,

Parliamentary Private Secretary to Lewis Moonie and Lord Bach (Ministry of Defence) 2001-03.

Councillor, Sunderland Metropolitan Council 1987-97.

Special political interests: Domestic violence, drugs and crime, child welfare and adoption.

Profession/Trade: FE lecturer.

Education: Ynyshir Girls School, Burnley Municipal College, University of Nottinghammarker, BA (Hons), University of Durhammarker, MA.

Affiliations: General Municipal and Boilermakers Union (GMB).

Hobbies: Choral singing, tap dancing, walking, travelling.


In early November 2008 it was revealed that Dari Taylor had misused House of Commons stationary for political purposes. The problem arose from her use of envelope with a red Commons crest with the Portcullis logo which are not allowed to be used but ones with a green crest are. Dari had also mentioned the term 'Labour government' in the letters and also said there had been an increase in funding for pupils since 1997. This was the second time that Dari Taylor had committed such as offence, having been already been forced to repay for misused stationary and postage in April 2007.

A House of Common standards and privileges committee stated:

"we are surprised that an experienced Member has repeated previous breaches of the rules and has failed to act in accordance with advice given by the House authorities.
We particularly regret the fact that Ms Taylor has continued to dispute parts of the Commissioner's findings and we are very disappointed that she has offered no apology.
We conclude that Ms Taylor should pay the House authorities the sum of £500 and submit an unequivocal written apology."

MPs are allowed a communication allowance of around £10,000 per annum to communicate with their constituents, usually in the form of writing letters to help address problems or concerns that are raised with the MP. The allowance is designed to offset the cost of postage of non-political letters. There are strict limits of the wording and content of such letters, the following terms are not allowed: Labour Government, 1997, Labour MP, at the next election, since 1997, 2010 and any other terms that could be considered as campaigning.

In May 2009, Dari Taylor attracted some criticism for her expenses claims, in particular for claiming £18,100 over four years for food - the maximum possible claim. £54,329 for mortgage interest payments over four years on her two-bedroomed London apartment, £40 per month for a cleaner to perform light housekeeping duties and £310 for tiling a bathroom She was 50th in the expenses scandal chart and was one of the 98 MPs who voted to keep MPs' expenses secret.

Dari Taylor also allowed two local newspapers access to her expenses over a month in advance of their being published so her name could be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Voting Preferences

  • 28% Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
  • 100% Ban fox hunting
  • 60% Climate Change Bill - Strengthen
  • 100% Control Orders
  • 50% Corporal punishment of children - Against
  • 100% Crossrail - In favour
  • 100% Foundation hospitals - In favour
  • 10% Freedom of Information Bill 2000 - Strengthen
  • 16% Gambling - Against permissiveness
  • 98% Homosexuality - Equal rights
  • 28% House of Lords reform - Elected
  • 89% Identity cards - For introduction
  • 99% Iraq 2003 - For the invasion
  • 3% No detention without charge or trial
  • 100% Nuclear power - For
  • 16% Recreational drugs - Against legalization
  • 74% Smoking ban - In favour
  • 0% Termination of pregnancy - against
  • 97% Terrorism laws - For
  • 29% Transexuality - Against legal recognition
  • 29% Transparency of Parliament
  • 100% Trident replacement - In favour
  • 72% Voting age - Reduce to 16


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