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Darr (Hindi: डर, Urdu: ڈر, translation: Fear) is a 1993 Bollywood film directed by Yash Chopra. It is the story of an obsessed lover (Shahrukh Khan) and the lengths he goes to get his true love (Juhi Chawla) who's already married to her husband (Sunny Deol). The film is considered to be one of Shahrukh Khan's best performances and earned him a Filmfare Award nomination for Best Villain.


Fear that your love may not be reciprocated, fear that you may lose the one you love, fear that your beloved could have a change of heart. In short, fear is the villain in every love story.

The valiant Naval officer Sunil Malhotra (Sunny Deol) is to marry the beautiful Kiran Awasthi (Juhi Chawla). The problem, which forms the basis for the film, is that she is being stalked by an obsessed lover Rahul Mehra (Shahrukh Khan), the son of Sunil's superior in the Navy (Dalip Tahil).

When things get unbearable, Sunil takes Kiran for a honeymoon to Switzerland. The holiday plans are kept confidential. When a drunken loser Vikram "Vicky" Oberoi (Annu Kapoor) who had a soft corner for Kiran, dies, Rahul hangs him and spreads out images of Kiran around him, making it seem like the suicide of the obsessed lover. At the news of his death, Kiran's sister-in-law (Tanvi Azmi) and brother (Anupam Kher) heave a sigh of relief. Meanwhile Rahul has already infiltrated the household and attempted to make friends with them. Upon hearing the news that the stalker is dead, they celebrate and unwittingly it is revealed that Sunil and Kiran are in Switzerlandmarker.

Rahul makes his way to Switzerlandmarker. While Sunil and Kiran are dancing at a party, Rahul stage-manages bumping 'accidentally' into him. Though they are surprised to see him here, they welcome him anyway. Sunil becomes suspicious only when Kiran's brother reveals on the telephone that Rahul had been frequenting their home in their absence. Sunil baits Rahul and beats him up but in the end Rahul manages to stab Sunil. Rahul runs to the boat and begins to make preparations for his wedding with the terrified Kiran. At the last minute, Sunil staggers on board and manages to shoot Rahul thrice in the abdomen. Rahul dies uttering the name kiran. He says his life begun with name of Kiran & dying in name of Kiran.


  • Ang se ang lagana a Holi song
  • Jaadu teri nazar love song Your eyes are like magic
  • Tu mere saamne
  • Darwaja Band karlo




The film received three nominations at the Filmfare Awards for Best Director, Best Villain and Best Comedian but ultimately won one. The film also won a National Film Award



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