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Dave is a television channel broadcasting in the United Kingdommarker and Irelandmarker and is owned by UKTV.

The channel is available on Satellite, Cable, IPTV and Freeview platforms. A timeshift service with the name Dave ja vu (a play on the phrase déjà vu) is available on the Virgin Media, Sky Digital and Freeview platforms. It was originally called Dave+1, and launched on Freeview on 22 January 2009 under this name. However, it was renamed on 24 February 2009, to "strengthen the brand's positioning as the home of witty banter." This service launched on 1 November 2004 with the name UKTV G2 +1. At first UKTV G2+1 timeshared with UKTV Bright Ideas meaning it broadcasted from 6:00am to 6:00pm.


UK Gold Classics was launched when UK Gold began to move towards newer programmes instead of older ones. From 2 April 1999 it was renamed to UK Gold 2, and screened morning programmes from UK Gold time-shifted to the evening of the same day. It was again relaunched with a completely new programme lineup and renamed UKG² on 12 November 2003. Along with the rest of the UKTV network, the "UK" prefix was changed to "UKTV" on 8 March 2004 and therefore the channel name changed to UKTV G2. The continuity announcers had been known to make fun of the extreme length of the full name saying that "it's for watching rather than saying", "more laughs than letters in its name" or "more letters than Postman Pat".

The output of the channel is mainly comedy from the BBC with some shows produced inhouse. A fair amount is similar to the comedy output of UK Play/Play UK before that channel's closure.

Some shows available on Dave include Mock the Week, Top Gear, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Red Dwarf, Bottom, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, QI, Have I Got News for You, The Catherine Tate Show, "World Rally", Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Little Britain. Every Friday and Saturday Dave has a "Nothing but...", which is themed to only one programme running for the entire evening.

On 7 October 2005 it was announced that UKTV G2 would show sports programming. This new line-up was called UKTV Sport and included a new show by the same name. UKTV Sport also had its own logo and DOG. There was talk that this could lead to a channel but it never happened.

In February 2006, UKTV G2 picked up the rights to show highlights of the RBS Six Nations rugby union championship, with a highlights show broadcast on the evening of the games previously shown live on the BBC. On 16 March 2006, UKTV G2 announced a deal to air extensive coverage of the 2006 FIFA World Cup as a sub licensing of the BBC's rights to the tournament. UKTV G2 simulcasted the BBC's live matches, including the opening match between Germany and Costa Rica, England's game with Paraguay and the final. The channel also showed highlights of every match in the tournament.

Rebranding and Freeview launch

In September 2007, UKTV announced that they would relaunch and rename UKTV G2 to Dave on 15 October. UKTV said the name of the channel was chosen because "Everybody knows a bloke called Dave". The rebrand included the channel being available free-to-air on digital terrestrial platform, Freeview, replacing UKTV Bright Ideas which only averaged 0.1% of the audience share. The move to Freeview saw Dave launch in the bandwidth previously used by UKTV History which was moved to the time limited (07:00-18:00) bandwidth once occupied by UKTV Bright Ideas. Dave is available daily, from 7 am to 3 am, on all platforms. It uses the tagline "the home of witty banter" and uses Ralph Ineson as an announcer, along with David Flynn, Phill Jupitus, Iain Lee , and Radio 1 DJ Greg James, who announce during the prime-time schedule.

To ensure that all Freeview viewers receive the channel on number 19, UKTV briefly placed a re-tuning notice on the programme's information.

From 31 January 2008, Dave began broadcasting in widescreen, along with the other UKTV channels.

In April 2009, Dave aired 3 new installments of Red Dwarf, entitled Back To Earth. This marks the channel's first foray into scripted original programming. During the airing of the Red Dwarf miniseries the Dave DOG in the top left corner of the screen had the word 'Lister' added after it in the same font after the show's lead character; during the show it is even suggested that the station is named after him. Back to Earth brought Dave record breaking viewing figures, not just in the context of Dave's past, but for digital television in general.

In June 2009 Dave's logo was updated to incorporate the 'circle' logo branding of all the new UKTV channels (for example Blighty, and Really). (see


Within just one month of its launch, Dave had become the tenth largest television channel in the UK. The broadcaster puts daily averages at around 3 million viewers , although much of the growth may be attributed to its presence on Freeview ; nonetheless, it is performing significantly better in pay TV homes than UKTV G2 ever did. Over the month since its launch, Dave averaged a 1.32% share in multichannel homes and a 3.2% share in the 16-34 male demographic.

Dave's positive reception is proven by an attraction of 4 million viewers throughout 18 November 2007 for its coverage of "Car of the Year", pushing it to second place in multichannel behind ITV2.

The shows with the highest ratings are Mock the Week (over 420,000 viewers), QI (over 400,000), Top Gear (350,000) and Dragons' Den (about 300,000).

The first episode of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth attracted 2,060,000 viewers. The highest rating original commission before this had been Red Bull X-Fighters (about 185,000).


As a commercial television channel, Dave raises revenue through advertising and sponsorship. For example, Halfords sponsors motoring programmes and Old Speckled Hen ale sponsors prime time programming after 9PM.


Current programming

Name of TV Show Original Channel Original Run
A Bit of Fry & Laurie BBC Two/BBC One 1989-1995
A Question of Sport BBC One 1970-present
Airport BBC Two/BBC One 1996-2005
Amazing Adventures of a Nobody Sky Real Lives 2006-present
The Apprentice BBC Two/BBC One 2005-present
Argumental Dave 2008-present
Banzai E4 2001-2004
Batteries Not Included Dave 2008-present
Best Places To... BBC ????
Big Train BBC Two 1998-2002
Bottom BBC Two 1991-1995
Car Of The Year Dave 2007-present
Car Stereo BBC ????
The Catherine Tate Show BBC Two 2004-2007
Chandon Pictures Movie Extra (Australia) 2007-present
Clarkson's Car Years BBC Two 2000
Crash Addicts ? ????
Coupling BBC Two 2000-2004
Dead Ringers BBC Two 2002-2007
Dragons' Den BBC Two 2004-present
Factory Spike (United Statesmarker) 2008-present
The Fast Show BBC Two 1994-2000
Fifth Gear Five 2002-present
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross BBC One 2001-present
Full Metal Challenge Channel 4 2003
Game On BBC Two 1995-1998
The Graham Norton Show BBC Two 2007-present
GT Racer Treasure HD (United States) 2008-present
Harry Enfield's Television Programme BBC Two 1990-1992
Harry Enfield and Chums BBC One 1994-1997
Have I Got News For You BBC One/BBC Two 1990-present
HeadJam BBC Three 2004
Ideal BBC Three 2005-present
I'm Alan Partridge BBC Two 1997-2002
Is It Bill Bailey? BBC Two 1998
James May's 20th Century BBC Two 2007
Jeremy Clarkson's Extreme Machines BBC Two 1998
Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld BBC Two 1995-1996
The Keith Barret Show BBC 2004-2005
Lead Balloon BBC Four/BBC Two 2006-present
Life After Birth ? ????
Live at the Apollo BBC One 2004-present
Little Britain BBC Three/BBC One 2003-2006
Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends BBC Two 1998-2000
The Mighty Boosh BBC Three 2004-present
Mock the Week BBC Two 2005-present
Never Mind The Buzzcocks BBC Two 1996-present
Pulling BBC Three 2006-2009
Nighty Night BBC Three 2004-2005
QI BBC Two/BBC One 2003-present
Race Car Driver Dave 2007
Radical Highs BBC ????
Ray Mears' Wild Food BBC Two 2007
Ray Mears' World of Survival BBC Two 1997-1998
Ray Mears' Extreme Survival BBC Two 1999-2002
Ray Mears' Bushcraft BBC Two 2004-2005
Red Bull X Fighters Dave 2008
Red Dwarf BBC Two/Dave 1988-1999, 2009
Shooting Stars BBC Two 1995-2002, 2008-2009
Should I Worry About...? BBC 2004-2005
The Smoking Room BBC Three 2004-2005
Spaced Channel 4 1999-2001
Speeders truTV (USAmarker) 2007-present
Stars In Fast Cars BBC Three 2005
Street-Cred Sudoku UKTV G2 2005-2007
That Mitchell and Webb Look BBC Two 2006-present
They Think It's All Over BBC One 1995-2006
Top Gear BBC Two 2002-present
Totally Viral Dave ????
Top of the Pops 2 BBC Two 1994-present
Toyboize YouTube 2008-present
Tribe BBC Two 2005-2007
Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps BBC Two/BBC Three 2001-present
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK Version) Channel 4 1988-1998
World's Most Stupid Criminals Five 2003
World Rally Championship Dave 2007-present
Would I Lie To You? BBC One 2007-present
The Young Ones BBC Two 1982-1984

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Former programming


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