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The Declaration by United Nations was a World War II document agreed to on January 1, 1942 during the Arcadia Conference by 26 governments: the Allied "Big Four" (the USA, the UK, the USSR, and China), nine American allies in Central America and the Caribbean, the four British Dominions, British India, and eight Allied governments-in-exile, for a total of twenty-six nations.

During December 1941, Roosevelt devised the name "United Nations" for the Allies of World War II, and the Declaration by United Nations, on 1 January 1942, was the basis of the modern UN. The term United Nations became synonymous during the war with the Allies and was considered to be the formal name that they were fighting under.

By the end of the war, a number of other states had acceded to the declaration, including the Philippines, France, every Latin American state besides Argentina, and the various independent states of the Middle East and Africa. Although most of the minor Axis powers had switched sides and joined the United Nations as co-belligerents against Germany by the end of the war, they were not allowed to accede to the declaration.

The original signatories were
Big Four United Statesmarker  • United Kingdommarker • Soviet Unionmarker • Chinamarker 
British Commonwealth Australia • Canadamarker • India • New Zealandmarker • South Africa
Other powers Costa Ricamarker • Cubamarker • Dominican Republicmarker • El Salvadormarker • Guatemalamarker • Haitimarker • Hondurasmarker • Nicaraguamarker • Panamamarker
In exile Belgium • Czechoslovakia • Greece • Luxembourgmarker • Netherlands • Norwaymarker • Poland • Yugoslaviamarker
Later signatories were
1942 Mexicomarker • Philippine Commonwealth • Ethiopia
1943 Iraq • Brazilmarker • Boliviamarker • Iran • Colombiamarker
1944 Liberiamarker • France
1945 Ecuadormarker • Perumarker • Chilemarker • Paraguaymarker • Venezuelamarker • Uruguaymarker • Turkeymarker • Egypt • Saudi Arabiamarker • Lebanonmarker • Syriamarker

The parties pledged to uphold the Atlantic Charter, to employ all their resources in the war against the Axis powers, and that none of the signatory nations would seek to negotiate a separate peace with Nazi Germany or Japanmarker in the same manner that the nations of the Triple Entente had agreed not to negotiate a separate peace with any or all of the Central Powers in World War I under the Unity Pact.

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