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Eight years after the Turkish Federative State of North Cyprus was proclaimed (in 1975), the UDI of North Cyprusmarker was presented to the Northern Cypriot Parliament in North Nicosia by Turkish Cypriot Leader/Northern Cypriot State President Rauf DenktaƟ on November 15 1983. Containing text espousing human rights and a desire to live side-by-side with the Greek Cypriot population, it ended with a declaration that Northern Cyprus was an independent and sovereign state, naming the entity the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprusmarker. The Turkish Cypriot Parliament passed a unanimous resolution later that day ratifying the declaration.

International reaction

The United Nations Security Council issued two resolutions (541 and 550) proclaiming that the Turkish Cypriot UDI was illegal and requesting that no other sovereign state should recognize the legality of the declaration and asked for its withdrawal. Every year with each new resolution the UN Security Council reaffirms its previous resolutions, requesting all states to recognize the Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of the island nation Republic of Cyprusmarker. To date, only Turkeymarker has given formal recognition, though the Organisation of the Islamic Conference recognizes the TRNCmarker as a constituent state of the Republic of Cyprusmarker. (Note: The parliament of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republicmarker, which is a self-governing exclave of Azerbaijanmarker, has issued a resolution recognizing the TRNC as a sovereign nation, but this recognition is not shared by Azerbaijan's central government and is not regarded as official by the world at large).

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