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Delamare-Deboutteville was a Frenchmarker car designed in 1884.

Many people argue incorrectly that Delamare-Deboutteville and his assistant, Leon Malandin had invented the first car. Mr. Édouard Delamare-Deboutteville described how he had built and driven his car in early 1884. On 12 February 1884, he registered his design under patent number 160267. However, the car was an isolated experiment, did not influence anyone, and was not successful, as the chassis broke in two during the first test run. Although this pre-dated Benz and Daimler's first vehicles, some think it can't be considered the first car, because of these reasons. In addition, earlier experiments were made with IC-engined vehicles in Switzerlandmarker (de Rivaz), Francemarker (Lenoir), and Austriamarker (Marcus).

Several replicas were made of the Delamare-Deboutteville design and have been entered in all kinds of different events.

The Frenchmarker have also claimed that Panhard & Levassor and Peugeot had laid the foundation for the automobile and not Daimler and Benz. Benz was probably the first to go into car production in 1888, after experimental cars from 1885-1887. Daimler, who also built early experimental cars from 1886-1889, began to slowly turn out some production cars starting around 1890. Also, both Peugeot and Panhard began car production by using Daimler engines, and were inspired to produced cars due to Daimler's exhibition of his 1889 steel-wheeled car in Parismarker. Benz's car was built by Émile Roger in Parismarker, garnering more sales than Benz himself, and Benz's designs were copied by many French makers for their first cars.

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