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Delaware Valley College is a small private, comprehensive college on 571 acres in Doylestownmarker, Bucks Countymarker, Pennsylvaniamarker. It features individualized attention, small class sizes and an applied as well as a theoretical approach to learning. Most students receive 4 credits for working 500 hours in their major field of study. The college offers over 43 programs and specializes in the life sciences. DelVal tends to attract pre-veterinary students and among its most popular majors are Small Animal Science, Equine Science and Conservation and Wildlife Management. It also offers degrees in Business, Criminal Justice, Counseling Psychology and Media & Communications, among others, and has an MBA program.

Mission Statement

Delaware Valley College provides students with an opportunity to reach their highest potential and to acquire, in an intellectually stimulating environment, a quality education emphasizing hands-on experiential learning in agriculture, arts and sciences, business, and graduate studies. The college prepares students for meaningful personal and professional lives and leadership roles in service to the community, the state, the nation and the world by emphasizing scholarship with good citizenship, and appreciation of our cultural heritage and the importance and necessity of lifelong learning. Students are selected without regard to race, color, creed, ethnic origin, gender, age, disability, or economic status.


The school occupies , and is divided by the rail line passing through it into the east "urban" side and the west "rural" side. Located on the urban side are most of the classrooms, including two fully equipped animal teaching labs, several biology and chemistry labs, and a newly built luxury dormitory. The rural side, also known as Farm 3, is dedicated to the practical work of agriculture. Farm 3 contains extensive equine facilities on campus which include the breeding facility and the training facility, a dairy barn, a swine barn, beef cattle herd, and an apiary, among other animal facilities. There also are a variety of crop fields including peach, apple, and corn. The entire campus is also the Henry Schmieder Arboretum. DelVal, as it is widely known, also owns approximately in Montgomery County, Pennsylvaniamarker; a farm at the intersection of Routes 202 and 63.


The school currently enrolls about 1600 full-time undergraduates and more than 300 part-time students in the college's evening college, weekend college, and graduate programs. Approximately 1000 of these students live in residence halls on campus.


College Mascot: Aggie
The college was originally founded in 1896 by Rabbi Dr. Joseph Krauskopf[197878] to educate young Jewish men into becoming scientific and practical agriculturists. The National Farm School, as it was then called, initially occupied , with only a small classroom building for instruction. After WWII, the college expanded and began offering bachelor degrees in 1948, also becoming known as the National Agricultural College. Then, in 1960, the institution changed its name to Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture to reflect its incorporation of new programs such as Food Industry (1951), Biology and Chemistry (1958), and Business Administration (1965). In the late 1960’s the college became co-educational, admitting its first female students. In 1989 the college’s trustees approved an abbreviated name, finally deeming the institution Delaware Valley College. In 1998 the college offered its first Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership. In 2001, DelVal added a Master of Business Administration, (MBA).In 1969, DelVal become a co-educational institution.

The Creed of Rabbi Krauskopf

I believe in the love of man and the love of God.

I believe in service human and service divine.

I believe in labor as manly, and in duty as godly.

While proudly acknowledging my Israelitish descent, and my and the world’s indebtedness to Judaism, and while eager to maintain my personal identity with that people and faith, still I believe that all people are my brethren, and that my God is all people’s God.

I believe in extending the hand of religious fellowship to all who believe as I believe, no matter what their descent or what their prior creed; and the hand of social fellowship to all who think and act as I do, not matter what their creed or condition.

I believe in doing as I would be done by.

I believe in obedience to the laws of God as written in our hearts, to the laws of nature as inscribed in the universe, to the laws of man as inscribed in the codes and Scriptures.

I believe in a weekly Sabbath for rest, recreation, and worship.

I believe that all men have a right to social and intellectual and moral and religious freedom.

I believe that it is all men’s duty to acquire knowledge, and to foster it, to love progress and to further it.

I believe in the inviolability of life and property, in the sanctity of the home and family ties.

I believe that all the good of all Bibles may be accepted, and that the evil of all Scriptures may be rejected.

I believe that the good example and precepts of all religious teachers may be followed, no matter what their race or nationality, and that their evil example and precepts must be shunned, even if they are of our own faith or folk.

I believe that virtue and sin will ultimately meet with their reward.

I believe in the supremacy of reason over faith, of inquiry over credulity.

I believe in forms and ceremonies when they are accessories to awe and reverence, when they stimulate the mind to right thinking, the heart to right feeling, and the hand to right doing.

I believe that ignorance is a curse and should be extirpated, that tyranny is a crime and should be eradicated, that fanaticism is a vice and should be uprooted, that war is a mortal sin and should be expunged.

I believe that happiness is the highest good, and that peace and good will are the best means for its attainment.

Tersely expressed, I find I believe in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, in the Golden Rule, in Universal Peace and Good Will, in the supremacy of the spirit over the letter, of reason over faith.

I recognize nothing new in this creed. I find that it is an old, old creed, as old as Christianity; more ancient still, as old as Judaism. What better still, expressed in this form, I recognize it as the very essence of both Christianity and Judaism,

As printed in Apostle of Reason, a Biography of Joseph Krauskopf, by William W. Blood,Dorrance & Company, 1973


The College publishes Horizons, a magazine for alumni and friends of the College family.

The Executive Committee of the Alumni Association meets three times a year to develop and discuss alumni programs. Each year the annual business meeting is held during Homecoming Weekend.

Delaware Valley College has a variety of sports teams, including football, basketball (girls and boys), soccer, cheerleading, etc.

Delaware Valley College offers equestrians the opportunity to compete on collegiate riding teams. The school is a member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA), where members can compete in both Hunt Seat and Western shows. In addition, dressage riders can compete in Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) shows. The school is also home to a vaulting team.

Delaware Valley College is currently ranked as the 22nd best school to earn a Bachelors degree in the North according to US News and World Report, the most recognized ranking organization.

Points of interest

  • Henry Schmieder Arboretum
  • Farm Market - located on Lower State Road
  • M. Night Shyamalan's Signs was filmed on the college's campus. Stars Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Cherry Jones, Abigail Breslin, and Rory Culkin along with producer Frank Marshall and Sam Mercer spent six months in the summer and fall of 2001 shooting the film.

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