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Delta Farce is a 2007 comedy released by Lions Gate Entertainment on May 11, 2007. It is directed by C. B. Harding and stars Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, DJ Qualls and Danny Trejo. It is the first film after the Blue Collar Comedy Tour concert films to star both Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy.


Larry (Larry the Cable Guy) finds out his girlfriend Karen (Christina Moore) is pregnant and proposes to her before finding out it's not his baby. Meanwhile, Bill Little (Bill Engvall) is talking about marriage with his neighbor (Michael Papajohn). The neighbor points out that most marriages end in divorce, and Bill says that it takes a lot to make a marriage work. Everett (DJ Qualls) is living in a storage bunker after having lost his job as a cop. The three are getting ready for a trip to a deserted army base, as they are members of the National Guard. Meanwhile, a Colonel gets a request for more troops for Fallujahmarker. He sends Sgt. Kilgore (Keith David) to assess the situation at the reserve base, where he finds Bill, Larry, and Everett. He puts them through a training regimen and sends them to Fallujah. They are taken to a plane where they fall asleep in a Humvee, which falls out when the plane experiences turbulence.

After they wake up the next morning, they believe they are in Iraqmarker. Everett accidentally breaks the radio and they find Kilgore lying next to one of the supply crates, concluding he had died. They solemnly bury him and give a brief eulogy. As they drive away, they unknowingly pass a sign stating "Mexico Citymarker 500 km." They soon come to a gas station where they look at a map of Iraq. As they get ready to leave, Everett spots some "Iraqis" and asks if they're Kurds or Shi'ites. Speaking in Spanish to each other, the two "Iraqis" realize the soldiers can help their village. They see insurgents abusing the residents of La Miranda and manage to scare most of them away, while capturing one for questioning. The villagers throw a party to celebrate. Meanwhile, Kilgore is found to be alive.

Larry asks the prisoner if he is Al Qaeda, who realizes they are confused and laughs at them. Larry finds Bill, who confirms they are in Mexicomarker. They realize they are still fighting terrorism in a different form. They learns the name of the leader of the bandits is Carlos Santana (Danny Trejo). Santana is at his bar with The Amazing Ken (Jeff Dunham), a kidnapped comedian, who is performing a ventriloquism act until José Jalapeño on a Stick gets shot in the face for insulting Carlos one time too many. At this point one of the bandits comes in and tells Santana about the hundreds of US soldiers who have offered aid to the village. Meanwhile, the soldiers fix up the town, calling the mission "Operation: Sombrero." A bartender informs Bill of a nearby phone while he tries to fix the radio and Bill leaves without telling Larry or Everett. As Bill is being reprimanded for being in Mexico instead of Iraq, Santana takes him hostage.

Santana takes Bill back to the town and threatens to kill him, but Larry points out that he can kill Santana despite the number of bandits. Bill is released and Kilgore arrives to yell at Bill and Larry. He doesn't notice Santana and the others until he is held at gunpoint. Everett arrives and a fight begins. Everett fires a rocket launcher at the bandits, scaring them off, but they later find that Kilgore was captured. That night, Santana is hosting a wrestling tournament and Larry, Bill, and Everett sneak into the compound. The wrestlers need a new combatant and find Everett disguised as "Carne Asada." Larry breaks Kilgore out and goes to drop in on Santana. Meanwhile, Kilgore finds some dynamite, which he and Bill use on the trucks. Just as Everett wins his match and rips off his mask in triumph, Larry gets the drop on Santana and the dynamite goes off. They make a quick exit as Santana swears revenge on La Miranda.

The next day, Kilgore agrees to help defend La Miranda. The townspeople hide in the church when the bandits arrive and four army helicopters arrive to defeat the bandits. Larry tracks Santana down and rescues Maria. Soon, news reports are spreading across the globe about the humanitarian aid given by the army in "Operation: Sombrero" and its efforts to capture local crime lord and rock star Carlos Santana. The soldiers receive silver stars for their actions. Sergeant Kilgore moves to Miami, Floridamarker, where he opens a private exercise camp. Everett moves back to Mexico and becomes a luchador, using his persona of "Carne Asada." Bill sues the Mexican government for an injury, settles out-of-court, and lives off the payoff in Beverly Hills. Larry goes back to Mexico, marries Maria, and opens up a restaurant called "The Mess Hall" in Cabo San Lucasmarker. Santana was jailed and put into a rehab program. After being released, he became a ventriloquist to the repairedJosé.


The film received an overwhelmingly negative response from critics. The consenus is the film is not real satire of the Iraq War, but rather an unfunny mix of slapstick, gay panic, and flatulence jokes.Based on 40 reviews it received a 3% rating from Rotten Tomatoes.



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