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Deuce, derived from French, refers to the number two.

Deuce may also refer to:

Sports and games

  • A playing card with the number two; in most games the lowest-ranked card, but in Tien len it is the highest-ranked card
  • Deuce-to-seven low, a method for evaluating low hands in poker
  • In tennis scoring, when two players both have a score of 40. Two consecutive points would need to be scored to win the game.
  • ESPN 2, a sports television network nicknamed "the deuce"
  • In baseball, a curveball is often referred to as "a deuce"




Other uses

  • English Electric DEUCE (Digital Electronic Universal Computing Engine), a British commercial computer built by English Electric in the 1950s
  • The Deuce, double-decker buses serving the Las Vegas Strip
  • "Deuce coupe", a slang term for the Ford Model B
  • The 'common name' for the Harley-Davidson FXSTD/FXSTDI model motorcycle (Softail Deuce)
  • Deuce, a character from the webcomic Jerkcity
  • Ann Arbor, Michiganmarker, nicknamed "The Deuce" or "Ace Deuce"
  • A slang term for feces, related to the euphemism "Number 2" "Dropping A Deuce"
  • A name for the devil, usually used as a mild oath, for example, "What the deuce is going on here?" and "What the Deuce?" (for instance, used by Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre and Stewie Griffin in Family Guy).
  • "Deuce", used to denote the two-finger peace sign used as a valediction
  • Deuce , a common term for a driving under the influence case or suspect in California
  • Double Deuce, the name of a bar in the movie Roadhouse
  • The Deuce - former Red Light District near Times Square in New York Citymarker. Comprises West 42nd Street between 6th and 8th Avenues.

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