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For the party that existed in Imperial Germanymarker, see Free Conservative Party.

The Deutsche Reichspartei (German Reich Party, German Imperial Party or German Empire Party) was a nationalist political party in West Germanymarker. It was founded in 1950 from the German Right Party (Deutsche Rechtspartei), which had been set up in Lower Saxonymarker in 1946 and had five members in the first Bundestagmarker.

The initial founders of the party were among others: Alexander Andrae, Oskar Lutz, Hans Bernd von Grünberg, Wilhelm Meinberg, Otto Heß, Hans Schikora, Heinrich Kunstmann, Adolf von Thadden.

In 1949 the Socialist Reich Party split away from it, as the Empire Party was not at that point neo-Nazi, and preferred to distance itself from Adolf Hitler. Instead it preferred to exalt Imperial Germanymarker (1870-1919) The party, however, moved more or less towards a national socialist way in 1952, when the SRP was declared anti-constitutional and disbanded by the Federal Constitutional Court of Germanymarker and much of its membership re-joined the Empire Party. The membership of Hans-Ulrich Rudel in 1953 was seen as marking out the party as the new force of neo-Nazism.

Despite this the party suffered through a lean period in the 1950s, which continued until a revival in the regional elections of 1959. By then, however the Empire party was already in the process of going out of existence, as its chairman Adolf von Thadden wanted to form a broader-based political force of socialists, nationalists and non-reactionary, non-religious conservatives. The party held its final conference in 1964 when it was symbolically dissolved. It was quickly replaced by the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands.

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