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DigitAlb is an Albanianmarker digital satellite and digital terrestrial TV platform part of Top Media Company, where Top Channelmarker also belongs. The digital platform was launched in July 2004 with experimental digital terrestrial transmissions beginning in March 2004. DigitAlb started satellite broadcasts in December 2004. The platform has a variety of channels in different genres. When AlbaniaSat opted out of the market, DigitAlb was able to begin transmitting some of the channels which had previously broadcast in Europe Via AlbaniaSat's satellite platform, SAT +.

Domestic Popularity

DigitAlb has been running since 2004 it already has amassed more than 100,000 subscribers in Albania alone. A variety of channels, content and price have domestically made DigitAlb the most popular platform in Albania.

Foreign Popularity

Due to a variety of content being offered in original languages (mostly English) DigitAlb has become popular with foreigners as well as Albanians. Unlike many national packages which have royalty restrictions in their respective countries, DigitALB has broadcasting rights throughout Europe.
This has made DigitAlb become one of the most popular TV packages in Europe for foreigners, particularly English speakers residing in the EU.

However, popularity with some foreigners has waned due to the unavailability of a program guide for DigitAlb in English or any language other than Albanian. Currently, the official website provides a program guide in Albanian only. There is a website where customers can get the listings for the "DigiFilm" channels and the live "SuperSport" events, that website is called

Technical Information

DigitALB broadcasts in standard definition and high definition DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-H compliant MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, in Europe through Eurobird 16A and Eutelsat W2 satellites on these frequencies :10719/V/27500, 10975/H/22500, 11055/V/27900, 11094/V/27900 and 11449/H/27500. The service is encrypted with Conax conditional access.


On 1 October 2008, Tring communications began transmitting terrestrially and via satellite. Tring is the first official competitor of DigitAlb since AlbaniaSat ceased broadcasting. Tring broadcasts 20 channels and offers no HD content; however, the broadcaster plans to increase its package with the addition of further Albanian channels and themed channels. Tring is also exploring its high definition options.


DigitAlb satellite standard definition decoders are: Opentech ODS 3000C and Opentech ODS 2000C.

DigitAlb satellite high definition decoders are: Kaon KSF-S660 HD and Opentech ODS 3000H.

DigitAlb terrestrial standard definition decoders are: Opentech ODT 1000C and Kaon KTF-270CO.

All DigitAlb decoders are Conax Conditional access Embedded.

DigitALB Opentech ODS 3000C

DigitALB Kaon KSF-S660 HDCO

DigitALB Opentech ODT 1000C

Channel List

Television Channels

Radio Channels

  • 100. Top Albania Radio
  • 101. My Music Radio
  • 102. Top Gold

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