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Dimitrovgrad ( ) is a town and a municipality in Haskovo Provincemarker of southern Bulgariamarker. Dimitrovgrad is located northwest of Svilengradmarker and the Greekmarker and Turkishmarker border, east of Plovdivmarker and the capital Sofiamarker and west of Burgasmarker. The motorway A1 is north of Dimitrovgrad.

The city was built in 1947 by the Communist government of the time and the brigades organized with that purpose. On the 2 September 1947 the town's establishment was officially announced, but its construction and expansion continued intensively for several more years, as the three villages (Rakovski, Mariyno and Chernokonyovo) that existed at the place were merged to form Dimitrovgrad. The main practical reason behind the new city was to create a modern industrial centre. Of course, there was also an ideological foundation for building it. The population in Dimitrovgrad has increased in recent years to above 43,000 inhabitants as of 2009.

The city was named after Georgi Dimitrov, as were the other cities named Dimitrovgrad.

In 1970 the celebration of the national poetry feast named Penio Penev was set and that tradition continues up to the present. Since 1980 the beginning of biennial of Bulgarian theatrical poster were laid. In 1987 the museum – house Penio Penev was opened


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