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Divided by Night is electronic duo The Crystal Method's fourth studio album. The album was released on May 12, 2009. The first single, "Drown in the Now", which features vocals by Matisyahu, was released to the iTunes store on April 14, 2009, and the second single, "Black Rainbows" was released to the Beatport store on April 28, 2009. On October 5, 2009, they released the third single, "Come Back Clean" also exclusively to Beatport.. The album is known to be darker than any other album by The Crystal Method.

Background Information

After their album Legion of Boom was released, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland decided to move into their new, state-of-the-art recording studio, called Crystalwerks. The time taken to prepare the new studio resulted in the loss of production time on the album, which is why it has taken so long to come out. They have also taken the time to bring in many guest artists to be featured on the album.

In early August 2008, The Crystal Method released plans on the new album. Though the album was planned to release by the end of summer, the release date was pushed back to early 2009. They then released a free song on their website, which was a remix of their first single, "Now is the Time". The remix features samples of a Barack Obama speech, and is called "Now is the Time (Vote '08 Remix)". The Crystal Method was asked if "Now Is the Time (Vote '08 Remix)" would be on Divided by Night. They replied "maybe, just as a bonus track", though it has been confirmed that the song will not be on the new album according to the track listing, which was released in mid February 2009.

In October 2008, they released a series of tour dates for a DJ set tour across North America, which went further into the year, finishing on New Year's Eve, 2008. They would play some of the music off of their new album to support the tour.

In December 2008, they set up a remix contest for the song "Double Down Under" on the new album, and released the name of the lead single, "Drown in the Now", which features vocals by Matisyahu.

During an interview in early 2009, The Crystal Method were asked the release date of the album, and Ken Jordan simply stated: "Spring". The Crystal Method later stated that the album would be due in stores on May 12.

In an interview with The Boston Herald, Scott Kirkland said:

A recent album preview by Mark Shemel of indicated that the album was :

In March, 2009, The Crystal Method released the cover of the album, tour dates, a new website, and a pre-order sale on their online store, On April 14, the single, "Drown in the Now" was released onto the iTunes store along with a pre-order for Divided by Night. The pre-order on iTunes also comes with a bonus B-side, "Play for Real". This song is only available on the pre-order for iTunes, and (according to The Crystal Method's Myspace blog) will not be released anywhere else.

In late April, 2009, The Crystal Method put one song from Divided by Night onto their Myspace page, "Sine language", which features the upcoming hip hop duo, LMFAO. On the very same day that "Sine Language" was put on their Myspace page, The Crystal Method released the second single from Divided by Night, the song, "Black Rainbows" (exclusively to Beatport) which features vocals from Stefanie King Warfield, wife of Justin Warfield, who also contributes to Divided by Night himself on the track "Kling to the Wreckage".

On May 5, 2009, The Crystal Method did something that's never been done before - while flying to their first show in Bostonmarker, Massachusettsmarker via Virgin Airlines, They set up a one hour online chat room that anyone could join for free. They answered various questions from fans and talked about Divided by Night. Fans from all over the world joined the chat room. The Crystal Method said that it is probable that they will do something like this again.

On May 7, the entire album Divided by Night was put onto iLike for anyone to listen to. This includes the full versions of every song on Divided by Night (except for "Play for Real", released on iTunes only).

Divided by Night was finally officially released on May 12.

Album Cover

In mid March, 2009, The Crystal Method released the cover of the new album, which features a giant globe made up of audio speaker heads hovering in mid-air. The art work was created by Neil Ashby.

When asked about the cover, Ken Jordan said:

"On a recent plane trip to a DJ gig, we caught an amazing sight. The sun was setting in the west. There were spectacular rich colors on the horizon, but on the ground below, it was night. We both were moved by this incredible contrast."

That's when Scott Kirkland took over:

"Divided By Night immediately popped into my head, not so much as an album title but as a metaphor for our lives. As I enjoyed this beautiful view from my cramped seat, I thought of my family in California and reflected on just how different these two worlds are."


Divided by Night reached more charts than any other studio album by the band, the Billboard 200, the Top Electronic Albums, and Top Independent Albums. It is, so far, the only album besides Vegas which has not reached number one on the Top Electronic Albums chart, it only reached number two. It was beaten by The Fame by Lady Gaga. It also reached number four on the Top Independent Albums chart, the highest ever reached on that chart by The Crystal Method and only studio album to ever be on that chart (the only other albums by the band to hit that chart were their two mix albums, Community Service and Community Service II). It also reached thirty-eighth place on the Billboard 200 on its opening week.

Many fans are disappointed with Divided by Night, according to the iTunes reviews; many of them think that The Crystal Method is "going mainstream" by having many pop singers as guest vocalists - saying that it's not a real album by the band because many of the songs do not incorporate The Crystal Method's signature breakbeat sound.


"Drown In the Now"

In December 2008, The Crystal Method released the name of their first single off of Divided by Night, "Drown in the Now". During the same interview, they said that the song would feature Jewish reggae rapper Matisyahu, whom they had met earlier.

In a more recent interview, The Crystal Method talked about how they had met Matisyahu. Apparently, before playing a show in British Columbiamarker, Matisyahu's tour manager approached The Crystal Method and asked if they would be willing to play a show onstage with him. Ken and Scott thought it was a cool idea. Matisyahu came by The Crystal Method's trailer and they (The Crystal Method) played the song "High Roller", off of Vegas for Matisyahu. Matisyahu thought it was great, and performed a show with The Crystal Method onstage an hour later. This performance can be found on YouTube. After this performance, The Crystal Method knew that they had wanted to work with him on the new album. Scott Kirkland states: "He [Matisyahu] delivered something unique that helped create a great vibe for the rest of the album."

During the December interview, The Crystal Method said that the new new single would be released in mid to late April.

In a 2009 interview, Scott Kirkland stated that the song was "very dark and galvanizing" and that he thinks that fans will like it..

On March 21, 2009, DJ Demko played the entire song, "Drown In the Now" on his nightly radio show on Z-104.5, a radio station in Tulsa, Oklahomamarker. Two days later, the segment of the radio show when "Drown In the Now" was played was made into a video and uploaded onto Youtube. The "Drown In the Now" Youtube video can be seen here:

April 14, 2009 was the official release date of "Drown in the Now". Released on iTunes, the single only contains one track, "Drown in the Now", which runs for 5:49.

On April 22, the music video for the song was premiered on Yahoo. The video has a shortened version of the song, and is in black and white and partially animated. The video includes Matisyahu, who is walking through the snowy abandoned streets of New York Citymarker.

"Black Rainbows"

In an interview in early 2009, The Crystal Method said that they would feature vocals from Justin Warfield. During the same interview, they said that Warfield's wife, Stefanie King Warfield, would also be on the album.

Apparently, The Crystal Method, Justin, and Stefanie all though that a song featuring vocals from Stefanie was a cool idea. The Crystal Method heard her singing background vocals for a song, and they thought that her voice was really good. The Crystal Method were impressed by the track that she sang on.

Not much information about the song was released prior to the release of the song itself. About all the information released before April 28, 2009 was that the song was track 10, was preceded by "Slipstream" and is succeeded by "Blunts & Robots", and that the song features vocals from Justin Warfield's wife, Stefanie King Warfield.

On April 28, 2009, "Black Rainbows" was released as a single exclusively to to be downloaded for $1.99. It is unknown as to whether the song will be released off of iTunes as well, like "Drown in the Now" was.

"Come Back Clean"

Like the song, "Black Rainbows", not much information about the song "Come Back Clean" has been released. The song features vocals by Emily Haines, and is track 8 on Divided by Night, preceded by "Double Down Under" and succeeded by "Slipstream". In an interview with the directors involving the "Drown in the Now" music video, "Come Back Clean" was mentioned briefly:

Flavorwire: "What are your thoughts on the rest of The Crystal Method album? (I really like the Emily Haines track a lot.)"

Alexandre Moors [co-director]: "Me too. We're hoping to make a video for that track."

Jessica Brillhart [co-director]: "Ditto. Haines can do no wrong..."

This brief mentioning of a "Come Back Clean" is evidence that it might eventually be released as a single, though no word or plans on a single for the song have been released.

More recently, Ken Jordan announced via The Crystal Method's Twitter account that "Come Back Clean" had multiple remixes by at least one artist, Kaskade, and that he can't wait for fans to hear them, more evidence that a single for the song might still be released containing the remixes.

Finally, on October 5, 2009, The Crystal Method released "Come Back Clean" as their third single, and like "Black Rainbows", it was exclusively to Beatport. It was released on Beatport as both a single, and The Crystal Method's fifth extended play.

Potential Singles

"Double Down Under"

In late 2008, The Crystal Method set up a remix contest for a song off of their new album, called "Double Down Under". The song was available to be downloaded for a single day for anyone who wanted to remix it. Several remixes for the song have been made.

In an interview in early 2009, The Crystal Method commented on "Double Down Under". They were asked which songs on the new album had the possibility of becoming a single, and they said that it was probable that "Double Down Under" would become a single.The track was confirmed number 7 on the track listing released in mid February.

In early April, the song was released onto Youtube, similar to "Drown in the Now". Though "Drown in the Now" has been confirmed to be a single, "Double Down Under" has not. The "Double Down Under" video can be viewed by clicking on this link:

"Falling Hard"

Prior to its release on the album, The Crystal Method did not talk about the song "Falling Hard" in particular, they had mostly discussed in interviews the songs "Drown in the Now", "Double Down Under", and "Black Rainbows". It was unknown by the public until February of 2009 that Meiko would actually be the one performing the vocals in the song.

The Crystal Method have discussed other potential singles like "Double Down Under", and out of all of the times that they had been talking about possible singles, "Falling Hard" had not been mentioned.

Upon the release of Divided by Night, "Falling Hard" instantly had become popular on iTunes, becoming The Crystal Method's second most purchased song (behind "Drown in the Now"), and the electronic genre's fifth most purchased song - evidence that "Falling Hard" might become a single.

Major tour

In early 2009, The Crystal Method said that they would go on a major national tour, their first in 5 years since Legion of Boom.A sort of preview of the tour was on April 17, 2009 at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This concert has been said to be the first of the entire tour, though, according to the tour dates (which were released in late March), the first official concert is not until May 6. Supposedly, the new tour will bring in new elements that have never been seen from The Crystal Method live. Ken Jordan comments about the new tour: "This tour is going to be a completely new look. It's like tearing down your house and rebuilding it."

Tour dates and locations

The Divided by Night tour spans across the United Statesmarker and part of Canadamarker, from early May to mid June. Here is a full list of tour dates and locations:

City Venue Date
Bostonmarker, MAmarker House of Blues May 6, 2009
Montrealmarker, QCmarker Metropolis May 7, 2009
Torontomarker, ONmarker The Guvernmentmarker May 8, 2009
New Yorkmarker, NYmarker Webster Hallmarker May 9, 2009
Bala Cynwydmarker, PAmarker The Theater of Living Arts May 10, 2009
Clevelandmarker, OHmarker House of Blues May 11, 2009
Baltimoremarker, MDmarker Rams Head Live! May 12, 2009
Ft.marker Lauderdalemarker, FLmarker Revolution Live May 14, 2009
Lake Buena Vistamarker, FLmarker House of Blues May 15, 2009
Atlantamarker, GAmarker The Tabernaclemarker May 16, 2009
New Orleansmarker, LAmarker House of Blues May 17, 2009
Houstonmarker, TXmarker House of Blues May 18, 2009
Austinmarker, TXmarker La Zona Rosa May 19, 2009
Dallasmarker, TXmarker House of Blues May 20, 2009
Las Vegasmarker, NVmarker House of Blues May 22, 2009
Tempemarker, AZmarker Marquee Theatre May 23, 2009
Tucsonmarker, AZmarker Rialto Theatermarker May 24, 2009
San Diegomarker, CAmarker House of Blues May 26, 2009
San Franciscomarker, CAmarker The Warfield Theatermarker May 28, 2009
Portlandmarker, ORmarker Roseland Theater May 29, 2009
Seattlemarker, WAmarker WaMu Theater May 30, 2009
Vancouvermarker, BCmarker Commodore Ballroommarker June 1, 2009
Calgarymarker, ABmarker The Whiskey June 3, 2009
Milwaukeemarker, WImarker Rave at The Eagles Clubmarker June 6, 2009
Minneapolismarker, MNmarker First Avenuemarker June 7, 2009
Chicagomarker, ILmarker House of Blues June 8, 2009
St. Louismarker, MOmarker The Pageant June 9, 2009
Kansas Citymarker, MOmarker Beaumont Club June 10, 2009
Aspen, COmarker Belly Up Aspen June 12, 2009
Salt Lake Citymarker, UTmarker The Murray Theater June 14, 2009

Songs played

The Divided by Night Tour had the same tracks and track order for each show:

  1. "Why So Serious? (The Crystal Method Remix)" originally composed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, from the film, "The Dark Knight"
  2. "Divided by Night", from the album, Divided by Night
  3. "Roll it Up", from the album, Tweekend
  4. "Vapor Trail", from the album, Vegas
  5. "Badass", from the EP, CSII Exclusives
  6. "Bound Too Long", from the album, Legion of Boom
  7. "Double Down Under", from the album, Divided by Night
  8. "Come Back Clean", from the album, Divided by Night
  9. "Blowout", from the album, Tweekend
  10. "Cherry Twist", from the album, Vegas
  11. "High Roller", from the album, Vegas
  12. "Wild, Sweet and Cool", from the album, Tweekend
  13. "Born Too Slow", from the album, Legion of Boom
  14. "Now Is the Time", from the album, Vegas
  15. "Keep Hope Alive", from the album, Vegas
  16. "Busy Child", from the album, Vegas
  17. "Trip Like I Do", from the album, Vegas

"Second Leg" of the Divided by Night tour

After the original tour was over, The Crystal Method decided to add several more tour dates to their list - and most of them span across Europe. The Crystal Method has played at the Reading and Leeds Festivals, and will continue to tour Europe until early November 2009.

Track listing

Normal Version

iTunes Deluxe Edition

Featured Guests

Divided by Night has come to be known for having more featured guests than any other album by The Crystal Method - and most of these guest artists do not specialize in the electronic music genre.

  • "Divided by Night" features additional synths by Jon Brion.
  • "Dirty Thirty" features bass by Peter Hook.
  • "Drown in the Now" features vocals by Matisyahu.
  • "Kling to the Wreckage" features vocals by Justin Warfield and Stefanie King Warfield.
  • "Sine Language" features vocals by LMFAO and marxophone by Jon Brion.
  • "Come Back Clean" features vocals by Emily Haines and percussion by Samantha Maloney.
  • "Slipstream" features vocals by Jason Lytle.
  • "Black Rainbows" features vocals by Stefanie King Warfield.
  • "Blunts & Robots" features bass by Peter Hook and a sample from the song "Gangsta Rap (Acapella)" by Ill Bill.
  • "Falling Hard" features vocals by Meiko.
  • "Play for Real" features the band The Heavy's guitarist Dan Taylor and vocals by Kelvin Swaby, trombone by Dave Hodge, saxophone by Robert Marshall, trumpet by Stewart Cole, and percussion by Samantha Maloney.


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