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"Divorce Party" is the seventeenth episode in the seventh season of the Americanmarker crime drama CSI: Miami. The episode aired on March 9, 2009.


Amy Lansing is celebrating her divorce from her husband Roger with a ceremony much like the one in which she was married to him. She is in for the shock of her life when his body comes tumbling out of the wood canopy and hangs, dead in front of her. The CSIs now must search the entire "divorce party" to find who hated Roger enough to kill him. As they dig deeper, they find Roger had secrets of his own - he was living a double life, complete with another wife and daughter with the alias of Trent. When his son with Amy and his daughter with his other wife, Katherine Faber, meet and fall in love, they have their own secret they would kill to keep safe. (It is revealed at the end that Katherine's daughter, Brianna, and Amy's son, Heath, are in a relationship and are having a baby, and were unaware they were blood relatives until after the baby was conceived) Horatio insists on taking care of his son, Kyle Harmon and says goodbye to Julia Winston. He asks Tara to hire Kyle as an intern in the ME's office but when a vial of prescription drugs goes missing, he comes under suspicion, as does Julia when it is revealed she visited him that day in the autopsy room (where unsupervised visitors are normally not allowed). At the end of the episode, Horatio saves Kyle from Julia, by buying Kyle his own apartment, and it is revealed that Kyle was innocent all along and Tara was the one who stole the bottle of pills. It was implied that Price took them due to the collapse of the gazebo in the episode, which narrowly missed her, aggravated an old shoulder injury Price had prior to joining the team.

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