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Eric Arthur Hammer, better known by his stage name Doc Hammer, is a multi-disciplinary artist, most notable as co-writer (with Christopher McCulloch), editor, and voice actor (Doctor Girlfriend, Henchman #21 and Master Billy Quizboy) for the animated television series The Venture Bros.. He has appeared in films such as Lisa Hammer's Not Farewell, Sweet Flesh and Pus$bucket (alongside Terrence Fleming), Ben Edlund's Crawley, and his own film Rub. He is credited for his earlier work as E.A. Hammer. He is also credited for being the inspiration of the Venture Bros. episode "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean", based on his bout with testicular torsion.

He attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to study pottery, but dropped out. His roommate was Ben Edlund of The Tick, through whom he met Christopher McCulloch. Hammer and Edlund have since collaborated on various scripts (including Crawley), and Hammer also has contributed to McCulloch's comics anthology Monkeysuit. Together, the three have collaborated on episodes of The Venture Bros. He was previously married to Lisa Hammer.

Hammer has recently formed a band called Weep and was part of the bands Mors Syphilitica and Requiem in White. He composed the soundtrack for the Cannesmarker-featured film A, B, C... Manhattan.

He is also an oil painter whose work was exhibited at the Arcadia gallery of fine arts in SoHo. Most of his portraits are of melancholic women in their underwear, and are titled "Saint" with successive numbers. He is completely self-taught, and cites Rembrandt and Whistler as two of his inspirations. One portrait, of Liz Vassey who played Captain Liberty from the live-action incarnation of The Tick, can be seen in the background of the Venture Bros. episode: "Return to Spider-Skull Island".

Hammer states that his hair naturally grows in two different colors: "I believe it's a pigmentation problem or a birthmark or something."


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