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Doctor Detroit is a 1983 comedy film, written by Bruce Jay Friedman, Robert Boris and Carl Gottlieb. The film stars Dan Aykroyd, Howard Hesseman, Lynn Whitfield, Fran Drescher, and Donna Dixon, with a special appearance by James Brown. The film was directed by Michael Pressman.

Plot summary

A shy, gentle man named Clifford Skridlow is a professor of comparative literature at the financially strapped (fictional) Monroe College in Chicagomarker. A chance encounter with four beautiful women at a restaurant changes his life forever.

The women are high-class prostitutes. Smooth Walker, their pimp, is in danger due to his enormous debt to the gruff "Mom," a Chicago mob boss. Smooth invents a fictitious business partner, the flamboyant "Doctor Detroit," in an attempt to save himself from Mom's wrath.

Through a series of comical misunderstandings, Cliff is conned into becoming Smooth Walker's patsy. He transforms himself into Doctor Detroit, embarking on a dangerous mission to protect the girls from Mom. He also must keep this secret from his straight-laced parents while simultaneously attempting to secure a large endowment for the struggling university.

Cliff becomes a hero to the four women, but puts his life at grave risk.

James Brown performed the theme song: "Get Up Offa That Thing/Dr. Detroit". Devo performed the "Theme From Doctor Detroit" and had another track in the film, "Luv-Luv". There was an EP with the "Theme from Doctor Detroit," "Luv-Luv" and a remix of the theme released, as well as a music video incorporating footage from the film.


  1. Theme from Doctor Detroit - Devo 3:10
  2. Hold Him - Pattie Brooks, Dan Aykroyd 3:22
  3. King of Soul - James Brown 2:40
  4. Yo Skridlow - T.K. Carter, Dan Aykroyd 4:40
  5. Working Girls - Pattie Brooks, Dan Aykroyd 4:48
  6. Get Up Offa That Thing/Doctor Detroit - James Brown 3:23
  7. Luv-Luv - Devo 3:36
  8. You Are the One - Pattie Brooks 4:05
  9. Get It on and Have a Party - Pattie Brooks 6:09



In her autobiography, "Enter Whining", Fran Drescher comments that this film was expected to be a major hit but that it fell short of that expectation; by the time the film ended its run in theatres, it had only managed to make US$10.8 Million, on a budget of US$8 Million.

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