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Bottle of carbonated tan sold in Yerevan, Armenia
Doogh ( , dūgh, also dugh , also Abdúgh, ), also called dugh, shlombay, sheneena (used by Iraqimarker Arabs), Mastaw (Used by Kurds), Do or Abdugh, or tahn (the last two mostly by Armenians)—and even dough—is a yogurt-based beverage popular in Iranmarker, Afghanistanmarker, Azerbaijanmarker, and Armeniamarker. The word Doogh is a noun form from the Persian verb دوشیدن (Dushidan) which means "to milk" thus doogh means "what comes from milking". In Kurdish Abdugh form from "ab"-water and "dugh"-yogurt which means "yogurt juice", or more literally, "water made from yogurt".

Doogh is prepared by beating unflavored yogurt until smooth, then diluting with water to a consistency similar to whole milk. Salt (and sometimes pepper) is added, and commonly dried mint is mixed in as well. Doogh is generally served chilled, or over ice. A variation includes diced cucumbers to provide "crunch".


Traditionally, doogh is left unrefrigerated for 2–3 days in order to allow the yogurt cultures to ripen and fermentation to occur- imparting a natural carbonation. The carbonation in commercially-produced doogh typically comes from carbonated water being used in the dilution of the yogurt. As a result, commercially-produced doogh generally has harsher carbonation and coarser bubbles. Some doogh lacks carbonation entirely.

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