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A doomsday event is a specific plausibly verifiable or hypothetical occurrence which has an exceptionally destructive effect on the human race. The final outcomes of doomsday events may range from a major disruption of human civilization, to the extinction of human life, to the destruction of the planet Earth, to the annihilation of the entire universe.

A 2006 poll by revealed that virtually all Americansmarker believed that some sort of doomsday scenario could realistically impact the human race, and that many feel that such a scenario is likely to be man-made.


Doomsday events may include, but are not limited to:

Natural occurrences

These include:

Man-made events

These include:

Supernatural events

See also eschatology.

These include:
  • An act of divine retribution or the Last Judgment. Many religions, such as Christianity and Islam, include beliefs pertaining to the end of time.
  • The Norsemen believed that the world would end in a tremendous battle of the gods known as Ragnarök.
  • In Hindu mythology, it is believed the Lord Vishnu will assume his tenth incarnation called Kalki Avatar to destroy the evil and eventually all souls are forgiven and will be given salvation and a new world will be recreated for the bad souls for repurification.
  • According to Strabo, the druids, priests of the Celts, believed that while the universe itself was indestructible, "both fire and water will at some time or other prevail over them."
  • Some people who have New Age or apocalyptic beliefs interpret the end of the current Mesoamerican Long Count calendar cycle as a sign that a doomsday event, the so-called 2012 phenomenon, will occur sometime around the 2012 winter solstice.
  • Extra-terrestrial attack.


Some precautions that people are already taking for this event include:

  • The Svalbard Global Seed Vaultmarker is a vault buried 400 feet inside a mountain in the Arctic with over ten tonnes of seeds from all over the world. 100 million seeds from more than 100 countries were placed inside as a precaution to preserve all the world’s crops. A prepared box of rice originating from 104 countries was the first to be deposited in the vault, where it will be kept at minus 18C (minus 0.4F). Thousands more plant species will be added as organizers in attempt to get specimens of every agricultural plant in the world. Cary Fowler, executive director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust said that by preserving as many varieties as possible, the options open to farmers, scientists and governments were maximised. “The opening of the seed vault marks a historic turning point in safeguarding the world’s crop diversity,” he said. Even in conditions of global warming, where the permafrost starts to melt, the seeds will be safe for up to 200 years. Some of the seeds will even be viable for a millennium or more, including barley, which can last 2,000 years, wheat 1,700 years, and sorghum almost 20,000 years.

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  1. See the Wiktionary entry for "doomsday event" for information about the range of senses and usage history for this term.

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