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Drava or Drave ( ; Italian, Croatian, and Slovene: Drava;  ) is a river in southern Central Europe, a tributary of the Danube. It begins in Toblachmarker, Italymarker, and flows east through East Tirolmarker and Carinthiamarker in Austriamarker, into Sloveniamarker (145 km), and then southeast, passing through Croatiamarker and forming most of the border between Croatia and Hungarymarker, before it joins the Danube near Osijekmarker.
River Drava at Villach, Austria
The Drava at Maribor, Slovenia
The Drava flows through Innichenmarker in Italy, Lienzmarker, Spittal an der Draumarker, Villachmarker, and Ferlachmarker in Austria, Dravogradmarker, Vuzenicamarker, Mutamarker, Rušemarker, Maribormarker, Ptujmarker, and Ormožmarker in Slovenia, Varaždinmarker and Osijekmarker in Croatia, and Barcsmarker in Hungary. The Drava is navigable for about 90 km from Čađavica in Croatia to its outfall.

The main tributaries of the Drava are: the Gailmarker in Austria, the Mežamarker and Dravinjamarker in Slovenia, and the Bednja in Croatia from the right; the Gurkmarker and the Lavantmarker in Austria, and the Mura (near Legradmarker) in Croatia from the left.

In the ancient times the river was called Dravus. The name is most likely Celtic or pre-Celtic in origin (see Old European hydronymy).

The Drava and Spölmarker are the only two rivers that originate in Italy and drain into the Danube drainage basin.

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