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Regional definitions vary from source to source.
The states shown in dark red are usually included, while all or portions of the striped states may or may not be considered part of the East Coast.

The East Coast of the United States, also known as the "Eastern Seaboard" or "Atlantic Seaboard", refers to the easternmost coastal states in the central and northern United Statesmarker, which touch the Atlantic Oceanmarker and stretch up to Canadamarker. In a geographical sense, the term Eastern Seaboard is widely used; in popular usage, the term "East Coast" is most often used to specifically refer to the northern half of this region, which is also known as the Northeastern U.S. The southern half of this region is frequently considered to belong more strongly to the South or Southeast. Major cities include Washingtonmarker, New York Citymarker, Newarkmarker, Philadelphiamarker, Pittsburghmarker, Bostonmarker, Baltimoremarker, Richmondmarker, Norfolkmarker, Raleighmarker, Charlottemarker, Greensboromarker, Atlantamarker, Jacksonvillemarker, and Miamimarker. The population of this region, extending from Florida to Maine, is approximately 111,508,688 (about 36% of the country's total population).

Inclusion of states

The term East Coast is often associated with the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States, particularly for cultural concepts such as an "Eastern college" or "East-coast liberal" or the "I-95 Corridor" (referring to Interstate 95). The states usually included are Marylandmarker, Delawaremarker, Pennsylvaniamarker, New Jerseymarker, and New Yorkmarker, the states of New Englandmarker, and the District of Columbiamarker. The Southeastern portion of the coast from southern Virginiamarker to Georgiamarker is more typically associated culturally with the larger American South. Florida is not typically referred to as "The South" due to its large demographic of residents from the Northeastern states, most commonly New York and New Jersey, as well as its large Hispanic populations from surrounding islands, as well as Central and South America. "East Coast" also refers even more to the highly urbanized strip along the coast from Bostonmarker, to Washington, D.C.marker, which is also known as the "Northeast Corridor", a definition which excludes the less densely populated areas of Upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania and northern New England.

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