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East Renfrewshire is a county constituency of the House of Commonsmarker of the Parliament of the United Kingdommarker (in Westminstermarker). It elects one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election.


The constituency was created by the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885 for the 1885 general election. It was abolished for the 1983 general election, when it was partially replaced by the new Eastwood constituency.

The East Renfrewshire constituency was re-established for the 2005 general election, with the same boundaries as the previous Eastwood constituency. Despite the change of name, it is the only constituency in mainland Scotlandmarker whose boundaries were unchanged by the 2005 revision of Scottish constituencies.

Boundaries and local government areas

As created in 1885 the constituency was one of four covering the area of the the county of Renfrewshiremarker (except the burgh of Renfrewmarker and the burgh of Port Glasgowmarker, which were components of Kilmarnock Burghs until 1918). The four constituencies were: East Renfrewshire, West Renfrewshire, Paisley and Greenock. Greenock was enlarged and renamed Greenock and Port Glasgow in 1974.

From 1885 the constituency consisted of the parishes of Eastwood, Cathcart, Mearns and Eaglesham, and part of the parish of Govan.

From 1918 the constituency consisted of "The Upper County District, inclusive of all burghs situated therein, except the burghs of Paisley and Johnstone, together with so much of the burgh of Renfrew as is contained within the parish of Govan in the county of Lanark."

The constituency was abolished for the 1983 general election, eight years after the creation of local government regions and districts in 1975. The new constitumecy, with revised bounbdaries, was called Eastwood.

In 1996 the area of the Eastwood constituency became, also, the East Renfrewshire unitary council area.

In 1999 a Scottish Parliament constituency was created with the name and boundaries of the Eastwood Westminster constituency.

In the widespread redistribution of Scottish seats for the 2005 general election, the name of the Eastwood Westminster constituency was changed back to East Renfrewshire.

Population and politics

The constituency is on the borders of Glasgowmarker, and is mostly middle-class residential territory for Glasgow. The area was looked on as safely Conservative before Labour gained the seat in 1997.

Members of Parliament

It is currently represented by Jim Murphy, the Secretary of State for Scotland.

MPs 1885-1983

Election Member Party
1885 James Finlayson Liberal
1886 Michael Hugh Shaw-Stewart Conservative
1906 Sir Robert Laidlaw Liberal
Jan 1910 John Gilmour Unionist
1918 Joseph Johnstone Coalition Liberal
1922 Robert Nichol Labour
1924 Alexander Munro MacRobert Unionist
1930 Marquess of Clydesdale Unionist
1940 Guy Lloyd Unionist
1959 Betty Harvie Anderson Unionist/Conservative
1979 Allan Stewart Conservative
1983 constituency abolished: see Eastwood

MPs 2005-present

Election Member Party
2005 Jim Murphy Labour

Election results

Elections in the 2000s

Elections in the 1940s

Elections in the 1930s

Elections in the 1920s

Alexander Munro MacRobert was appointed Solicitor General for Scotland on 31 December 1925 .

Elections in the 1910s

Elections in the 1900s

Elections in the 1890s

Elections in the 1880s


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