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The two major and three minor NERC Interconnections, and the nine NERC Regional Reliability Councils.

The Eastern Interconnection is one of the two major alternating current power grids in North America. The other major interconnection is the Western Interconnection. The three minor interconnections are the Québec Interconnection, Alaska Interconnection and the Texas Interconnection.

All of the electric utilities in the Eastern Interconnection are electrically tied together during normal system conditions and operate at a synchronized frequency operating at an average of 60Hz. The Eastern Interconnection reaches from Central Canadamarker Eastward to the Atlantic coast (excluding Québecmarker), South to Floridamarker, and back West to the foot of the Rockies (excluding most of Texasmarker).

Interconnections can be tied to each other via high-voltage direct current power transmission lines (DC ties), or with variable frequency transformers (VFTs), which permit a controlled flow of energy while also functionally isolating the independent AC frequencies of each side. The Eastern Interconnection is tied to the Western Interconnection with six DC ties, to the Texas Interconnection with two DC ties, and to the Québec Interconnection with four DC ties and a VFT.

On October 13, 2009, the Tres Amigas Project was announced to connect the Eastern, Western and Texas Interconnections via three 5 GW superconductor links.

Electricity Demand

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) reported the following actual and projected consumption for the regions of the Eastern Interconnection:
Electricity Demand Projections
for Eastern Connection (GW)'
Summer Winter
Region 2007 2017 Growth 2007 2017 Growth
FRCC 47 57 21.3% 42 60 42.9%
MRO (US) 42 52 23.8% 35 42 20.0%
NPCC (US) 61 69 13.1% 48 53 10.4%
RFC 180 209 16.1% 141 164 16.3%
SERC 209 243 16.3% 179 209 16.8%
SPP 43 51 18.6% 31 38 22.6%
US- East Interconnection 582 681 17.0% 476 566 18.9%
MRO (CAN) 6.2 6.9 11.3% 7.3 8.2 12.3%
NPCC (CAN) 50.3 50.7 0.8% 65.0 66.7 2.6%
CAN- East Interconnection 56.5 57.6 2.0% 72.3 74.9 3.6%
Eastern Interconnection 638.5 738.6 15.7% 548.3 640.9 16.9%


  1. High-Temp Superconductors To Connect Power Grids

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