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Jan Wolski ( ; May 29, 1907 – January 8, 1990) was a farmer who claimed to have been the subject of an alien abduction in 1978. There was little media attention at the time.


Jan Wolski was out driving a horse-drawn cart early on May 10, 1978 when he says he was jumped by two "short, green-faced humanoid entities" about tall. The two beings jumped onto Wolski's cart and, according to Wolski, sat next to him and started to speak in an unearthly language. Originally he had mistaken them for foreigners because of their "slanted eyes and prominent cheekbones." Wolski drove his cart, with the two beings aboard, to a clearing where he says a large UFO was hovering.


Wolski says it was purely white, about – in height and "as long as a bus." It hovered in the air at an altitude of about . There were no notable external features of the craft (i.e. lights, joints, etc). Wolski mentioned that there were four objects on the craft made of a black material that appeared to be drill-like in appearance, which generated a humming sound. There was an elevator-like platform attached to the hovering craft that led to the ground. ( Artist's Rendition 1 2 3)

Aboard the Craft

Wolski then claims that he was taken aboard the ship and found two additional humanoids on the craft already. He was then gestured to "dress down" (take off his clothes). Wolski recalls there were from eight to ten benches situated around the craft, the size for one person to sit in. Wolski claims that he was then examined with a tool that resembled two dishes or "saucers." After this, he was ordered to redress, and it was then that he noticed there were no lights or windows on the craft, only the daylight coming through the craft's door. The craft's interior was described as black with a greyish tint, similar to that of the creatures' outfits.


Following the abduction, Wolski returned home to his family and notified them of what had just happened, urging them to come see the floating craft. He notified his sons who called to other neighbours, and together they went to investigate the site. The grass where the craft had been had signs of usage in it, being "trodden down covered with dew and paths coming in all directions." Wolski returned home, leaving the rest of the neighbours and family at the site. Wolski's sons claim that there were footprints left behind by the beings, though they did not detail whether the footprints were larger or smaller than their own.

A six-year-old boy claims to have witnessed a bus-like craft hover over a barn, then climb high into the sky and vanish.

Wolski explained these memories in an interview with Henryk Pomorski and Krystyna Adamczyk in July 1978 (two months following the incident). The audio tape of the interview was kept in a private archive for a long time before being released to the public.


Emilcin UFO Memorial
In 2005, a memorial was constructed in Emilcinmarker, Polandmarker, to commemorate the alien abduction of Jan Wolski.

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