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En Nombre Del Amor (In the Name of Love) is a Mexican telenovela that aired in late 2008 through mid 2009. It was a remake of Cadenas de Amargura (1991). The show was produced by Carlos Moreno, and recording began on August 4, 2008. It received attention due mainly to its cast, much of which had worked on previous Mexicanmarker telenovelas. The show is airing from August 24th, 2009 in Slovakiamarker on JOJ Plus. The show will be airing from December 11th, 2009 in Sloveniamarker on POP TV. The show is airing in Lithuaniamarker from April 10th, 2009 on LNK.


First billing cast:
  • Victoria Ruffo is Macarena Espinoza de los Monteros (Sister of Javier and Carlota. Real mother of Paloma in secret. In love with Cristóbal. 'Killed by Carlota )
  • Arturo Peniche is Cristóbal Gamboa / Padre Juan (Real father of Paloma in secret, new priest of Real del Monte. In love with Macarena)
  • Allisson Lozz is Paloma Espinoza de los Monteros de Sáenz (Believed to be the daughter of Sagrario and Javier, but really the Daughter of Cristobal and Macarena in secret. In love with Inaki at first (until his death), then with Emiliano then dated Gabriel, in the end marries Emiliano)
  • Sebastian Zurita is Emiliano Sáenz (Son of Orlando and Diana. Dating Romina but in love with Paloma)

  • Leticia Calderón is Carlota Espinoza de los Monteros (Sister of Javier and Macarena, legal tutor of Paloma. Cruel and manipulative. In love with Cristóbal. 'Kills Iñaki, Arcadia, Alonso , Gabriel, and Macarena. She ends up in jail and handicapped)
  • Altair Jarabo is Romina Mondragón Ríos (Villain, later good. Daughter of Camila. Friend of Paloma, enemy of Liliana. In love with Emiliano, lover of Germán. Impregnated by Germán, but makes all think the real father is Emiliano and later leaves the baby. In the end in love with Germán.)

Also starring:
  • Laura Flores is Camila Ríos (Mother of Romina, friend of Macarena. In love with Rafael)
  • Zoraida Gómez is Liliana Martínez (Friend of Paloma, enemy of Romina. In love with Germán)
  • Ferdinando Valencia is Germán Altamirano (Young friend of Iñaki and Emiliano, with whom he also works. Lawyer of the Empresa Ferrer. In love with Romina and father of her child)
  • Pablo Magallanes is Aarón Eugenio Cortázar (Nephew of Inés. In love with Paloma. 'He leaves Real del Monte after he tries to abuse Paloma)

Special Guest stars:

Novela comeback role by
  • Alfredo Adame is Rafael Sáenz (believed to be Emiliano's father, hardworking and honest man and Diana's husband. In love with Camila, later with Luz, in the end with Camila)

Also starring:
  • Víctor Cámara is Orlando Ferrer (Businessman. Emiliano's boss and real father. In love with Camila, in the end with Angélica)

Special guest stars:
  • Magda Guzmán is Rufina Martínez "Rufi" (Paloma's nani and servant of the Espinoza de los Monteros family)
  • Queta Lavat is the Superior Mother
  • Angelina Peláez is Arcadia (Servant of the Iparraguirre family, accomplice of Carlota. 'Killed by Carlota)
  • Carmen Montejo is Madeline Gamboa (Mother of Juan Cristobal)

Special presentation in México:
  • Luis Hacha is Iñaki Iparraguirre (Intelligent man, emotional and responsible. In love with Paloma. Son of Carmen and Alonso. 'Killed by Carlota)
  • Lola Forner is Carmen (Mother of Iñaki, ex-wife of Alonso. 'She returns to Spain after Iñaki dies)
  • Manuel Navarro is Alonso Iparraguirre (Father of Iñaki, husband of Natalia. 'Killed by Carlota)

Guest star:
  • Erick Elias is Gabriel Lizarde (Son of Eugenio. In love with Paloma. Killed by Carlota at the end)

Other cast:
  • Paty Díaz is Natalia Ugarte de Iparraguirre (Friend of Sagrario. In love with Cristóbal. Stepmother of Iñaki, wife of Alonso)
  • David Ostroski is Rodolfo Bermúdez (Doctor of the Espinoza de los Monteros family. In love with Macarena)
  • Yolanda Ventura is Angélica Ciénega (Psychologist of the school of Paloma. New secretary of Orlando Ferrer. In love with Orlando. Friend of Camila)
  • Zoila Quiñonez is Meche (Emiliano's nani)
  • Hugo Macías Macotela is the Father Mateo (Priest of Real del Monte)
  • Lucero Lander is Inés (Aunt of Aarón, friend of Diana)
  • Ramon Abascal is Joel (Associate of Rafael Sáenz. In love with Mónica)
  • Eduardo Liñán is the Father Benito Farías (Priest of Mexico City)
  • Jorge Alberto Bolaños is Sq. Rojas (Lawyer of the Espinoza de los Monteros family)
  • Conrado Osorio is Roberto (Lawyer and friend of Samuel Mondragón)
  • Regina Rojas is Mónica (Friend and helper of Camila. In love with Joel)
  • Iliana de la Garza is Felipa (New servant of the Espinoza de los Monteros family)
  • Álex Perea
  • Haydee Navarra is Miriam (Angelíca's friend)
  • Olivia Bucio is Diana / Gudelia Noriega de Sáenz (Mother of Emiliano, wife of Rafael. Romina's ally. Old lover of Orlando Ferrer)

Guest stars:
  • Eduardo Capetillo is Javier Espinoza de los Monteros (Brother of Carlota and Macarena, adoptive father of Paloma. 'Died in a car crash)
  • Bibi Gaytán is Sagrario Díaz de Espinoza de los Monteros (Wife of Javier, adoptive mother of Paloma. 'Died in a car crash)
  • Manuel Capetillo Villaseñor is Edmundo (In love with Rufi)
  • Sergio Catalán is Darío Peña (Ex-boyfriend of Angélica)
  • Alfonso Iturralde is Juancho (Secret admirer of Inés)
  • Luis Couturier is Don Rodrigo Espinoza de los Monteros (Father of Carlota, Macarena and Javier. Appears only in photos)

Juvenile Roles:

Carlota's Crimes

  • Inaki Iparraguirre: Poisoned by Carlota, when she gives him five cups of belladonna at the toast, the night before he is supposed to marry Paloma.

  • Arcadia: Killed when Carlota hits her with her car. She killed her because she knew about the murder of Inaki and his investigation, and was blackmailed by a strong sum of money.

  • Macarena Espinoza De Los Monteros: Killed when Carlota throws her out of a window, upon learning of her plans to marry Cristobal and adopt Paloma. She dies afterwards at the hospital with Paloma and Cristobal at her side.

  • Alonso Iparraguirre: Killed by Carlota when he kidnaps her after finding out that she caused Inaki's death and seeks vengeance and tries to kill Carlota the same way she did to Inaki, but Carlota escapes and hits Alonso on the head with a stick, then pushes him towards a truck, killing him instantly, and thereby incriminating Cristobal and Natalia of this crime.

  • Gabriel Lizarde: Killed by Carlota, as this appears after Emiliano and Paloma's wedding, when Carlota attempts to kill Paloma. Gabriel stands in front of Paloma and Carlota shoots Gabriel three times in the chest, killing him.


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