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Location of Essex within England.
The Essex dialect is rapidly disappearing variation of East Anglian English and is now almost wholly confined to the north and the east of Essex. It shares vast similarities with both Suffolk and Norfolk dialects, with its own parculiarities. With rapid urbanisation in the 20th century as well as the impact of the London overspill onto the county, Estuary English has overwhelmed parts and the usage of the dialect is now normally confined to older generations and the dialect itself stands in an extremely vulnerable state. Many of the unique patterns of speech, as well as vocabulary were recorded in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

An Essex Dialect Handbook has been published , however recently, the Essex County Records office have recorded a CD of the sounds of Essex Dialect speakers in an effort to preserve the dialect.


  • The diphthong of which is common ammongst East Anglian English and other predominantly English rural dialects e.g Right > Roight
  • The Shortening of certain elongated vowel sounds from to e.g Been > Bin, Seen > Sin
  • Yod-dropping is common, like the Norfolk and Suffolk dialects
  • Dropping of Ls e.g Old > Owd


Frequently letters are dispossessed to allow the easy flow of speech
e.g Wonderful > Wunnerful,

Correctly > Creckly,

St Osythmarker > Tozy


Varying use of 'Do' which is a common trait in Norfolk and Suffolk are exhibited in the Essex dialect.


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