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Estevan is the eighth largest city in Saskatchewanmarker, Canadamarker. It is located at , which is near the southeastern corner of the province. The Souris River runs by the city.


The first settlers in what was to become Estevan arrived in 1892, along with the expansion of the Canadian Pacific Railway. It was incorporated as a village in 1899, and later became a town in 1906. On March 1, 1957, Estevan acquired the status of a city, which, in Saskatchewan terms, is any community of 5,000 or more.

The name origin is attributed to George Stephen's Registered Telegraphic Address, Estevan. George Stephen was the first President of the Canadian Pacific Railway from 1881 to 1888.

The major industries in Estevan are coal mining, power generation and oil and gas. Estevan's current population is 11,242.

It is also the city with the clearest skies year round in Canadamarker.


Civic government

  • Mayor: Gary St. Onge
  • City Manager: James Puffalt
  • Councillor: Rodney Beatty
  • Councillor: Lynn Chipley
  • Councillor: Chris Istace
  • Councillor: Brian Johnson
  • Councillor: Roy Ludwig
  • Councillor: Dennis Moore

Coal miners' strike

Estevan was the site of the notorious Estevan Riot in 1931. Although most of the strikers were from nearby Bienfaitmarker, the strike is associated with Estevan because it was in this city that the demonstrators were met by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Policemarker. After the subsequent riot, which lasted 45 minutes, three strikers lay dead. It was later proven that the three miners had been killed by the RCMP. The miners had been organized by the Workers' Unity League.

Notable people linked to Estevan


Estevan has a semi-arid continental climate, characterized by cold, long and dry winters and warm, short and relatively humid summers. The mean temperature in January, the coldest month, is -14.8°C (5.4°F). The precipitation in winter is most in form of snow, being in total 55.2 mm (2.17 inches). The spring is a short transitional season, with a mean temperature of 11.3°C (52.3°F) and 160.6 mm (6.32 inches) of precipitation, with significant snowfall in April. The summer is usually warm (the mean average high temperature is 23.9°C (75.1°F) (average high in July, the warmest month, is 26.5°C (79.7°F)) and humid (158.4 mm (6.24 inches) of total precipitation). Autumn, as spring, is transitional, being cool in October, but cold in November and severely cold in December. At this time of the year, the average temperature is -3.5°C (25.7°F) and the total precipitation is 59.2 mm (2.33 inches), being snowfall more common than rainfall considering the whole season. The extreme low and high temperatures are, respectively, -42.2°C (-44°F), recorded on January 20, 1954, and 41.1°C (106°F), recorded on August 8, 1958. Estevan is the second sunniest city year-round in Canada, after Medicine Hat, Alberta.


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